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The Liebster Blog Award

In recent weeks I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award twice by two lovely bloggers; Char of T*rexes and Tiaras, and the lady behind the blog A Touch of Sparkle. I feel awful that I've forgotten her name, and I suspect her blog has been deleted or changed because the link no longer works and I can't find the blog via Google. Regardless, I'm very grateful and humbled by both of the nominations, and it's only right that I take some time to answer the questions both ladies set for me. There are more stages to the award, but as I've been nominated a few times before, I'm just going to reply to the questions.

Char's Questions:

1. What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? 

I love to go for walks when it's raining (with or without an umbrella); get soaked, and come home to a hot shower or a hot bath. And you can't beat curling up with a good book and listening to the rain drum against the windows, can you? I guess it's a good thing I like rain since it's barely stopped raining here since November.

2. Skirts or shorts? 

Skirts. I've never really felt fully comfortable in shorts; I feel they draw too much attention to my thighs, and they make me feel self-conscious about my legs and big bum. I feel much more comfortable in skirts that flare over my hips and thighs; they make me feel more feminine.

3. If you found £10 on the pavement, what would you do with it?

If I saw somebody drop it, I would pick it up and make sure they got it back. If nobody was around to claim it, I would probably put it in my pocket and buy something nice for everyone (the family) for dinner, or treat myself to something on my wishlist. If I was feeling especially generous (or guilty!) I'd donate it to an animal charity.

4. Favourite colour? 

I love various shades of green, teal, and purple. Although I also have such a thing for mint right now!

5. Best advice someone has ever given you?

Don't be scared of other people; nobody is worth more or less than anybody else.

6. Where would you most like to go in the world? 

Right now, I'm still dying to return to New York and Perranporth in Cornwall, but if we're talking somewhere new... I think my heart is most set on Italy. I blame the film 'Letters to Juliet'!

7. What super-power would you most like to have and why?

I would like to have the power of not feeling physical pain. It wouldn't make me a hero to anybody, but boy it would be nice not to be in pain every day!

8. Who is the last person you sent a text to?

My best friend, Angela. She was recommending a band to me, and it turned out that I had just downloaded their new album the night before! (You Me At Six).

9. How many times per day do you brush your teeth (randomly this was a question on a survey I recently was paid to take part in!)? 

Usually just twice- when I wake up and before bed, but if I've got an appointment or something, I'll usually brush them again before I go.

10. What is the last blog you followed?

I believe it was the blog Votre Grande Soeur.

11. Do you prefer to read e-books or regular books? Library or shop-bought?

I never thought I would ever say this, but right now I actually prefer to read from my Kindle! As a book lover, I was so against ereaders for years, but I had to eat my words when I realised how great they were a couple of years ago. I seem to read so much more from my Kindle, and I love the ease of downloading a new book no matter the time of the day or night. I do love reading regular books, too, though, and often switch between the two.

I haven't used a library for years. With the Kindle, I get my books from Amazon, and find free and cheap books through Kind of Book. With paper books, I usually buy cheap titles from the supermarket or borrow off my sisters or friends. I do miss spending a small fortune on novels from Borders or Waterstones, though. I could get lost in bookstores for hours.

A Touch of Sparkle's Questions:

1. Three things you want to achieve / do during your life?

I hope to:

-Recover from my disc injuries and regain a normal life.
-See the Northern lights.
-Go whale watching.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging for a few reasons. I wanted something to keep me occupied while being house bound with disc injuries. (I sure found it!) I was inspired by other plus size blogs and wanted to give it a go myself in the hope of working my way towards self-acceptance; something which I still hadn't gained back then at age 26. (I'm getting there now!) And I wanted to have somewhere to share my outfits with like-minded people, and show the world that fat girls can wear bright, colourful and patterned clothes!

3. The beauty essential you cannot be without?

I couldn't live without waterproof black mascara. 

4. If you could be anyone, who would you be?

Oh, that's a tricky one! I really have no idea. Half an hour or pondering later... I wouldn't mind being Dita Von Teese; she always looks fabulous!

5. Favourite Christmas colour theme?

I'm a fan of classic colour schemes like red, gold, and green... I like to keep the decorations tasteful, but on the Christmas tree, pretty much anything goes. It's full of memories instead of used as a fashionable decoration to impress the neighbours with.

6. Are you a morning or evening person?

I've always been more of a morning person, even if I am currently nocturnal at the moment! I've always preferred the day light and getting up early to make the most of it.

7. Favourite place to buy clothes/shoes?

I'd say my favourite place to shop is probably ASOS. They have one of the best, cutting edge plus size ranges out there, and offer such a wide range of accessories, shoes, bags, and beauty products by a variety of fantastic brands. You can buy your whole outfit in one place, without having to dress head-to-toe in one brand. It also helps that they offer free delivery- that's always a winner in my eyes. For shoes, I also turn to New Look and Simply Be who do some great wide fit shoes.

8. Do you have a Christmas tradition, if so what is it?

We have a few Christmas traditions, one being that we always have a family get-to-gether at my Auntie's house a day or two before Christmas each year. It's very informal, and the house is filled with family on my Dad's side, including some of my Auntie's friends and neighbours. It's basically an occasion to catch up with family, eat, drink, and spread a little Christmas cheer.

9. What is your favourite film?

My favourite film is Titanic, and it has been since I first saw it aged eleven. I never tire of watching it.

10. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

I would like to change society's obsession with body size and weight, and the unrealistic 'rules' and expectations that go with it.

11. If you could make one law, what would it be?

I would make it illegal for people to discriminate and body-shame fat people. It seems to be the last acceptable form of discrimination, and it's not okay that people are treated badly and often unfairly because of the size stitched in their clothes.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Well done on your double Liebster awards! well deserved too! and the scene in Titanic with the older couple on the bed......oh Dear God! just heartbreaking, I haven't seen it since! x x x

    1. Aw, thanks, Sandra! Oh, that scene is so sad. Sadder knowing it was based on a real couple- the couple who owned Macy's- who perished that night. I always bawl at that film, though. xx


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