Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Favourites #68

It's Sunday again already? How did that happen?? It never feels like a whole week has passed when I come to put these posts together, but no matter,  I have some fantastic images and links ready for you this week. 

I've decided to test the Serendipity Sunday feature out with larger sized photos; the size I use for every other post I write. I can't decide if I like the way the post  looks like this; whether it makes the images harder to see and enjoy, so I'd appreciate your opinions! In the mean time, please enjoy!

I discovered yet another batch of Sasha Unisex's tattoos this week; I really love the style of her work. These wolves are amazing.

Her lion is also a stunner. I'd love to have a tattoo done by her one day.

I'm in love with this lady's hair.

Elegant purple and gold eye make up.

I love this manicure.

A beautiful manicure that would be perfect for Valentine's Day.

How to make a pretty DIY pin board.

Somebody please get me a bat-eared fox cub! They're adorable.

Fabulous living room decor. The wallpaper is so funky!


I'd love to decorate my walls like this!

Stunning green eye make up.

So many lovely colours.

All that blossom is making me excited for Spring.

This tiny dolphin was found abandoned with it's umbilical cord still attached, but thankfully a rescue organization saved the day and took him in. This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! More photos at the source!

Spot the difference? This shows just how much the current storms have affected the coastline at Perranporth Beach in Cornwall. While it's a different angle and the tide is in further in the second photo, a wall of sand has formed around the pub, and it looks like so much sand has disappeared... I've been visiting the beach since I was a baby, and I've never seen it like this in my life. I sure hope there's a beach left when these storms stop battering the country.

An iguana and a marmoset have become the unlikeliest of friends! How cute?

A lovely letter Johnny Cash wrote to his wife June. They don't make romance like they used to!

So true.

What a heartless women! Somebody give this man a medal!

I want to take these two fox cubs home!

Love this! Different medium, same means of travel!

I think this kid has found her soul mate! 

For some reason, this really makes me laugh!

♥ The Dainty Squid shows us how to create a fun and funky manicure using sellotape! Yes, really! The idea is ingenious!

♥ Fat Girls and Rape Culture. "Fat girls can't say no, and when they do it still means 'yes''. It will shock you to hear that's a slogan from a t-shirt!

♥ I was inspired by a few 'random acts of kindness' posts last night; they're just so heart-warming to read! So here are 19, 20, another 20, and 21 Heart-Warming Random Acts of Kindness to brighten your day.

♥ 22 Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better About Life. The Snow White story tugged at the heart strings, and the very last GIF is hilarious!

♥ The hilarious Art of Tipping.

I need to visit Rice's Parisian show home! I adore their designs and used to work with a lot of their beautiful stock for years, but dear God this is amazing!

♥ No eighties or nineties childhood was complete without a set of these!

♥ Looking for some new books to read this year? I've stumbled up on a bunch of most-popular lists and book recommendations this week. I'm looking forward to having a proper read through them and adding some to my to-read list on Goodreads.  Amazon's 100 Best Books of 2013; The Listener's 100 Best Books of 2013; and 100 Books You Can't Put Down. 25 Books To Try If You Loved Divergent; 14 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen; and 14 Books To Read in 2014.

and finally,

♥ Leah of Just Me Leah has been spreading the word about the Big Boogie Prom; a body positive, trans and queer positive prom. Head on over to her blog or to @bigboogieprom on Twitter for all the details!



  1. lovely as always, but i prefer the smaller pictures.x

    1. Thanks, Becky. I think I do for this feature, too x

  2. I love the post as always, love the tattoos. I read on my iPhone and the pictures look fabulous xx

    1. Thanks hun! I thought those tattoos would be right up your street; I love them! xx

  3. I'm late! no flaming internet for 24 hours gah! Snow White and the little girl! is that the sweetest story (I was in bits, and it continued with all the heartwarming stories!) the pic of the beach is a shocker, the weather is relentless x x x great post! x x x

    1. ps I like the bigger pics too x x x

    2. Oh no! I would have been having internet withdrawal symptoms! The Snow White story had me in tears; such a cute reunion story and a magical way to keep that childhood innocence alive. I honestly can't believe what the storms have done to our coastlines! It's beginning to feel like we're living in a disaster movie. Thanks Sandra xx

    3. Thanks. I think I've decided I like them better the old way! They seem easier to enjoy a little smaller xx

  4. Argh those wolf tattoos!! <33

    1. I know! Aren't they stunning?! xx

  5. Great collection, I am in love with those tattoos, so beautiful x.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I am, too! Her tattoos are incredible and I want them all! xx


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