Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Prints and patterns feature heavily in my every day style; I wear them at least ninety-nine percent of the time, and I still can't get enough of them.They're definitely a defining characteristic of my personal style, and one of my favourite vices in life. 

I own a plethora of patterned clothes and accessories- foxes, penny farthings, daschunds, cats, raccoons, and flamingos to name a few; but I'm always on the look out for more to add to the collection. This week, I've stumbled up on about a gazillion gorgeous printed dresses and tops that I've gone crazy for, and want need to add to my wardrobe. And today I've got ten of my favourites to show you.

Horse prints have been circulating in the fashion world for the last few years, but I still don't own a single piece covered in those four-legged galloping stallions. I'm tempted to change that with this gorgeous day dress. The style is so wearable, and there's not a pink pony in sight. 

This monochrome skater dress mixes my signature print (polka dots, obviously), with the pooch all the cool kids are currently going crazy for: the French bulldog. I personally think the little gremlins are adorable, too, and the print on this dress is amazing. Aside from the fantastic print, the reason I love the look of this dress is because it has sleeves (which can be adjusted) and pockets! More dresses need those features. I need to get me this dress!

I have a couple of heart print items of clothing in my collection, but none with cupid's arrow entwined within them like this lovely dress by ASOS Curve. I've not seen many heart prints like this one, either, but more should be like it. I love the relaxed, grunge feel to this skater dress, and you know the sleeves are a winner in my eyes.

Ah, cardigans. A girl can never have too many. I wear them over almost anything for warmth, or admittedly, to hide the upper arms I'm still not confident with baring in public. (I'm working on it). I got quite excited when I saw this black and white daisy print crew neck cardi by New Look, since daisies are one of my most favourite flowers, and it's so pretty. I could wear in with so many of my dresses.

If you asked me, I would always tell you I'm more of a dog person than a cat person, but I love cats, too, and I'm going crazy for this cat print top. To me, the print looks like Siamese kitties (it's the shape!), and in between the cats are ditsy little hearts. Adorable. I really like the unusual shaped collar, too.

The fifties has always been one of my favourite decades for fashion, and I know so many of you ladies enjoy the mid-century styles, too. This top gives a nod to those days, with a retro cat-eye glasses print all across it. It's such a quirky pattern and one which I'm certain will gain lots of attention (and compliments!) It's very well priced, too.

A girl can never have too many polka dots in her wardrobe, and this long sleeved number is a great classic piece. It could be dressed up or down in a wide variety of different ways, and for less than £20, it wouldn't even break the bank. You just can't go wrong with black and white polka dots.

Ditsy polka dots are my favourite kind of spots, and even more so when the fabric is red. I love this fit and flare dress; the shape is classic, and one that never dates. I know if I manage to add this to my collection, I would be bringing it out year after year until it fell apart.

Joe Browns have some beautiful frocks in this season's collection, and one of my favourites has to be the Twit Twoo Retro Tunic. It's a pretty shade of powder blue (although they're calling it 'duck egg', which it doesn't appear to be in this image), and as the name suggests, it features an owl print. The owls are different colours and patterns, and although the owl trend has been so over-done that I'm getting tired of it, I'm in love with this print. I'm in love with this tunic!

Tartan has been one of the biggest trends this Autumn and Winter, and I've been embracing. I can't get enough of it. This dress features one of the best tartan patterns I've seen all season, and combined with the grunge-feel, and relaxed style of the dress, it's one fabulous dress. Can it magically appear in my wardrobe, please? I've been ever so good!

So, those were ten of my favourite patterned garments of the week. I could've shared more, but I made sure to restrain myself. 

Which one was your favourite? What quirky prints are lurking in your own wardrobes?



  1. I seem to be drawn to quirky prints all the time when I'm shopping, I'd really be better off going for plain items but I do seem to like to wear patterns together.

  2. I love the glasses print, the spotty dress and the tartan ones best. You are so good at doing these posts - so many needful things! x x

  3. Not just saying it, but we honestly have the same taste in fashion and prints. My name is also Louise! Must be the name xx

  4. Love these esp all the animal print ones the owl tunic is soo cute xx


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