Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Favourites #64

Welcome to another Serendipity Sunday post of weird and wonderful photos, and wondrous links.

I hope this week's selection will help to banish those January blues, even if just for a little while... 

I'm already looking forward to breaking out the pastel nail polish this Spring.

These hair colours look amazing together.

I really like the way these lanterns and paper decorations have been grouped together to make one big feature.

I LOVE the idea of adding patterned raindrops to the wall to make a quirky focal point.

I've fallen in love with the above colour palette. 

I love love LOVE Kate's wall of photographs (on fabric) in embroidery hoops. Naturally, I now want to do the same with all my photos.

Dita looks fabulous in this coral dress.

All things purple.

Another eye make up look I need to try.

These mermaid nails look like fun.

I love all the colour in this pretty tattoo.

Rainbow cake!

What happens when a New Zealand TV show decided to prank its co-host? Click through the source to find out.

Such fantastic colours.

Beautiful fox tattoo.

In fact, it's recommended!

I recently heard about Japan's first plus-size magazine called La Farfa, in which they refer to plus size ladies as 'marshmallow girls'. (How cute?!) It's hoped that the sweet name will help combat fat-shaming, by using cuteness instead of names like 'fatty' that have such negativity and shame attached to them. You can read more about it via the links.

I love this manicure. I may have to give the tutorial a try at some point.

This lighthouse in Michigan, USA has transformed in to a frozen sculpture resembling something from The Day After Tomorrow. I feel cold just looking at it! How on earth are you guys in America coping with the plummeting temperatures??

This entire building in Nebraska, USA was frozen after fire fighters sprayed it with water to tackle a fire!

While in Newquay, UK the wreck of an old boat was discovered in the sand at Newquay Harbour, unearthed because the violent storms of late have stripped so much sand from the beach!

While I disagree with the way the photographer placed the toad on its back to see what would happen, as if it were a play-thing, I can't deny loving this photo. 

The swan tattoo piece is beautiful.

I can't stop laughing at this poor pug!

♥  Plus size style blogger Vicky of The Curved Opinion is now taking questions for an upcoming Q&A, so if there's anything you've ever wanted to ask her, now's your chance! Perhaps you have a question about plus size fashion, body confidence, or body image that you've always wanted to ask. If you have a question for Vicky, hop on over to her blog where you can find out more information including how to submit. Also, I recommend checking out her article about fashion policing and those so called fashion 'rules'.

♥ I was shocked to read this post: Police Contact Mother About Her Son's Death Through Facebook. The lady found out about her son's death only after being contacted by Police via Facebook. From an unofficial account. 20 days after he died.

♥ Carrying on with the shock factor, If You Get Pregnant in the State of Texas, You're Having The Baby- Even if You're Dead! I was horrified to learn that in Texas, there's a law that prohibits pregnant ladies from being taken off life support machines- even when they're officially brain dead.

♥ I was extremely dismayed to read about the mother who discovered a diet list written by her seven year old daughter. Seven years old! The little girl had written a diet plan and exercise regime to follow. How did we get here? Children should be spending their time playing, not worrying about their bodies!

The Top 10 Pictures / Videos of the Polar Vortex that's engulfed the U.S. The Day After Tomorrow springs to mind!

♥ While back in England, the recent storms have created 15ft walls of sand around a pub on my favourite beach, (Perranporth Beach), near Newquay in Cornwall.

♥ This teenager bought £600 worth of food for 4p using vouchers he scoured the Internet for, and donated it all to disadvantaged families!

♥ Will we ever live in a world without all this disgusting ignorance towards rape?

♥ This is just another reason why dogs are awesome: Dog Warns Parents That Babysitter Was Abusing Child. Thanks to Killian the dog, the child is now safe, and the lady is behind bars.

♥ And a reason why I'm glad the health care in England is free... even if I am hugely frustrated by the system, and the lack of help I've been given these past two years and four months.

♥ What 1939 Thought Fashion in 2000 Would Look Like.

♥ Some outfits I'm loving this week: The Soubrette Brunette in a selection of gorgeous dresses; Fuller Figure Fuller Bust is a stunning Collectif frock; Nancy of Sugar, Darling looks fabulous in Pink, Peepers and Peplums; and A Curious Fancy looks incredible in red and yellow.

♥ And finally, if you want to feel ancient, as I now do, this list will probably do it: 36 Things That Are Going to Make You Feel Ancient. The Lion King is 20, the film version of Casper is 19, Kenan and Kel are both 36, and Tommy Pickles would be 25! What?! When did that happen? I feel so old!



  1. I really do love these posts, thank you for keeping up with them! xx

  2. Omg the tattoos in today's post I love them ! Xx

  3. Thanks so much for the mention of my posts Louise! I love all your images as ever today, the ones from the US are amazing! x

  4. Love it Louise, I do feel like your stalker on a Sunday though haha! x x x

  5. Ummmm so I totally just clicked on more than half of those links!
    That hair is amazing- I've tried and it and bombed so many time! I want it!! xx

  6. Marshmallow girl? YES! Let's all use that term from now on. Also how totally amazing is that bird tattoo? I can't deal with it! It's incredible.


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