Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Goals 2014

I don't often make big resolutions at the turn of each new year, because past experience has taught me I rarely see them through. Instead, I like to make lots of little resolutions in the form of lists like my 101 Things in 1001 Days list. I'm a few months in to my current list, and hope to cross off many of the goals over the course of the year. I'll be posting my December progress any day now, and will continue to post monthly updates to monitor my progress.

So, although I don't make resolutions as such, there are a few things which I'd like to work on in 2014. I suppose they are all resolutions, really, but I haven't waited for the new year to propose these goals, nor am I putting pressure on myself to follow each of them through. They're just on my to-do list, and I aim to give them all my best shot.

In 2014 I...

♥ I want to work on tolerating my pain better; both when I'm out of bed at home, and out of the house. I still struggle with sitting, standing, walking and travelling, but I would love to get out of the house more often. I would love a little more excitement in my life than the occasional trip to the supermarket. I would love to go on more walks and explore nearby places that are interesting to photograph; go to the cinema; and go out for the occasional meal or shopping trip.

♥ I think I need to surrender my stubborn refusals, and allow my parents to book me a consultation with a private doctor. I've point-blank refused so far as I think it'll cost more than we can afford, but I do wonder if they'd be able to offer a solution that the NHS aren't willing to try.

♥ I want to become less frivolous with my spending, especially when it comes to nail polish. I have a whole drawer full of nail polish, and certainly don't need any more, but if I see one I like, I often come home with it. It's so easy to justify small purchases like drug store make up, but they soon add up. I want to be more sensible, buys things I actually need, and only buy new clothes and accessories that I'm head over heels for and will most likely wear for years. I need to be more appreciative of what I already have and stop spending money just because I find myself with some to spare.

♥ I need to stop dipping in to my overdraft for non-essential items. I may want that new dress or another pretty nail polish, but I shouldn't be using money I don't have to buy it. It's a bad habit I don't want to have, and I intend to keep myself in line as much as possible in 2014.

♥  I also aim to refrain from using store cards, unless I have the money to pay the bill off straight away, or an emergency arises. (For example, there's a funeral and I have nothing suitable to wear)..

♥ I want to spend less time on the laptop,  and make more time reading and doing other tasks such as crafting. I'd like to learn how to make jewellery, dig out my art supplies, and perhaps challenge myself with some creative writing.

♥ I want to read more books than I did in 2013 because I enjoy reading, but don't dedicate enough time to doing so off of a laptop screen. I only read 13 books in 2013 (I began a handful more I didn't stick with), and isn't that pitiful! I can do better.

♥ I need to finish my blog design, work on a new header, and possibly give the blog a name change. I've been considering changing the name for quite a while because I think it sounds a little childish, but I haven't reached a decision yet. The name I have in mind isn't all that different, but we shall see.

♥ I need to become better organised, and reply to blog comments and emails within a day or two. I've fallen so behind over Christmas, and it's not okay. I don't want to leave comments and questions unacknowledged for weeks and months, and I'm intending to catch up on the backlog this week.

♥ I also must give in and get my laptop fixed or replaced. I've been procrastinating the inevitable for over a year, putting up with it sounding like a washing machine on the spin cycle because the cooling system and battery are buggered. Again. It's not safe and makes blogging a nightmare, so I must do this soon. I'm currently working on cleaning up my files so I can back them up and get my laptop seen to.

♥ I'm planning to pick up birthday and Christmas presents throughout the year to spread the cost and so come December I'll be organised instead of bankrupt! I have a couple of things put aside already! I did this in 2013 and it made such a difference.

♥ And finally, I must get my jewellery hooks up on the wall, because I've been waiting over a year to do so!

I don't know how many of these goals I will actually stick to, but I do hope I manage to work on them all!

Have you made any new goals or resolutions this New Year? Or do you just go with the flow?



  1. Great goals, I have been working a similar post with my 2014 goals, I don't really do resolutions anymore. The private consultation sounds like a good idea, my sister had to do that a few years ago as the NHS wasn't really helping. I really don't think they are helpful enough when it comes to back problems which is crazy when you think how debilitating it can be. I also included read more on my list, as I spend too much time on the laptop, I have loads of books downloaded on my kindle I just need to make the time to read them :). I hope you have a great new year with hopefully less pain xx

  2. it's a good idea to try a private doctor, this could change so much for you and I wish you loads of luck with it! the financial restrictions are also a great idea, I did that this year and it made huge differences, every purchase is something I really think about now (and there are seriously less of them) these are great goals and I hope you achieve them all x x x

  3. These are a really great set of goals! Its so great to hear you are looking to get out and about more. Too bad we don't live closer - we could have a movie date. Happy 2014!!

  4. All good goals Louise. I wish you lots of luck with them all, especially #1. x x

  5. I have been the same with blog comments too I replied to over a months worth yesterday xx


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