Monday, 2 December 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

If you follow me on Instagram, or happened to see my latest outfit post, you may have noticed that there's a little something different about my appearance... A whole twelve or thirteen inches worth to be exact...

No, I haven't been in for a sex change; I'm talking about my hair! 

I finally did what I've been threatening for the last year and a half and made it to the hair dresser's for the chop last Wednesday. And it's quite the transformation, if I do say so myself.

That's right, I took the plunge!

Farewell, almost waist-length hair; hello, layered bob!

Hair today... (well, back in October)...

 Gone tomorrow! 

I sure don't do things by halves, do I?! 

My hair was about an inch above my waist this time last week, and now it's over an entire foot shorter! Thankfully at my request, and not by accident.

Although it's about an inch shorter than I wanted, I'm pleased with the result, and think my hair dresser did a great job of transforming my hair in to this layered bob. It's slightly shorter at the back and longer at the front; and my fringe no longer hangs down past my nose! Always a bonus. It's so much lighter and healthier, and the best part for me is that it takes just fifteen minutes to wash and dry.

In recent months, my hair had been very high maintenance, taking a half hour to wash and the same again to dry, which is no easy feat with spinal injuries, let me tell you! The pain of getting through that routine was taxing and exhausting, and the longer I went without washing my hair (due to bad days of pain), the longer it would take to wash. It was a vicious circle. So, what I needed was a low maintenance do to make my life easier. 

Thankfully it's so much more practical and easier for me now, although I'm still getting used to how short it is. (I've not had my hair this short since I was a toddler!) Having some of my neck exposed and my shoulders not curtained with hair is still odd, as is not being able to put it in even the teeny tiniest pony tail! I need to get used to styling it, too, but I've got plenty of time to figure that one out.

I still can't believe my hair hadn't been cut in a full two years, which is the longest I'd left between hair cuts since I was ten or eleven. That's was hard, I can tell you! I'd become accustomed to regular trips to the hair dressers every two to four months- or I was spoilt, if you prefer. But, for the last two years, I had to leave my hair to do it's natural thing (if you exclude dyeing it), because getting out and about, and sitting up for more than a few minutes have been and are no easy feat with an injured spine. Regular trips to the hair dressers have been a no-no. It's funny how much you miss the little things in life.

I learnt to live with my hair not quite looking its best, but I can't deny I've hated how it's looked for a year and a half. And when I feel crap about the way my hair looks, I feel crap about my appearance as a whole.

Not now, though.

Now I hate my hair no longer!

I love it!

Well, apart from those very obvious brown roots...but I shall be seeing to those in the next day or two.


  1. It's a fabulous cut! 12 inches is a lot of hair, and I think you were incredibly brave, but what a transformation! you looked gorgeous with your long hair (and I loved it, I know, I know!) but I LOVE your shorter hair, it frames your face beautifully and it must be quite liberating going from an hour to 15 mins to do your hair! I can't help it, I'm going to say it again! I love it!!! x x x

  2. You look amazing, it really suits you.x

  3. It looks lovely and it suits you SO much! x x

  4. Pahahah 'no I haven't been in for a sex change!'
    Honestly though Louise, that hair suits you so, so much! You're bloody brave to take the plunge though, there's no way I could go from such long hair to such a short style in one step, but it's definitely worked for you, and was well executed by your hairdresser! xxx

  5. It looks so fabulous! I always wanted to get my hair cut like that. It really really suits you!

    Also the sex change joke really made me laugh xxx

  6. I really love it on you too!!

  7. omg i love your hair it looks amazing !!! and you totally rock this dress xx


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