Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Green Eyed

I was going through my make up drawer the other day, choosing which bits to take with me on my mini trip to Bournemouth, when I reached one of life's extremely challenging and completely life-altering dilemmas: which green eyeshadow(s) do I pack for eighteen hours away from home?

I know, absolutely important, nail-biting stuff, right?! How I made that decision, I will never know.

I hadn't quite realised just how much green eye make up I owned, so I collected every eyeshadow and every eye liner together and laid them out so that I could decide between them. I wasn't quite prepared to learn I had twenty-two different eye colours! 

Twenty-two! That was a surprise, even for me!

I mean, I knew I had quite a collection brooding in the make up shrine, due to a slight addiction to green eye make up that goes back at least a decade, but regardless, it still came as a shock. Twenty-two does sound rather excessive, doesn't it, but in my defence, no two shades are alike. Some I've had for several years, some were bought recently. Two were purchased last week for the festive season. And each one is loved and used.

Hello, my name is Louise and I'm addicted to green make up!

My favourite shadow of all time was a stunning light olive green called Beatrix (in the trinket pot) that was by a company called B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. They were the sister company to Lush who sold the most beautiful vegan beauty products and cosmetics, but who sadly went in to administration a few years ago. That eyeshadow was the main reason I was heart broken when they closed their doors; I went through several pans in my early-mid twenties and I adored it. I still have a tiny bit left which I'm trying to make last as long as possible. 

I've been searching for a replacement ever since, but so far I've had zero luck finding a near-identical shadow. However, I purchased a similar, but slightly darker shade called Kush by Urban Decay last week (the silver pot), which is the closest match I've found. I've fallen in love with the colour, and it's so perfect in colour and performance that I think I've found a new favourite! I adore it already.

I also really love my Inglot shadows, and the liquid liners by Lush and Jemma Kidd.

I don't know what it is about green eye colours that I love exactly, but I've always liked the way they look with my pale, freckled skin, brown eyes, and dark, or, currently, red hair. I think green compliments those features perfectly, whether it's a bold lime, or a rich emerald. They bring out the brown of my eyes and are a great contrast against both red and brown hair colours, and most importantly, I feel good wearing them. Dare I say, green eye make up even gives me a little confidence boost every time I wear it- which is often! I wear green more than any other colour, and probably more than all the other colours combined.

I think that everybody should give green eye make up a chance, as it's the most beautiful, varied colour palette, and there's a shade out there to suit everybody. 

Have you got a particular make up colour or product that you can't stop collecting? Do you own more green eye make up than me?



  1. I always tend to stick to black eyeliner but I might give green a go! x

  2. you have an amazing collection of green eyeshadow! and it does suit you beautifully, there are some fab shades there! my make up collection is tiny but I have daughters, so I have access to fancy stuff if I needed to hehe! x x x

  3. I have lots of neutrals and quite a bit of purple, but I do love green too as I'm a freckle-face too, and pale like you. You have a lovely collection of greens in many shades!

    Up until a few years ago I used to wear really bright eyeshadow all the time, but I don't now and I don't know why. x x

  4. I recognise a few of those greens from my own collection. At the moment though I seem to be working the eyeliner and no eyeshadow look. Great collection you have there. xx

  5. Impressive collection, so many pretty shades :). Green is one of my favourite colours but I have never really worn much colour on my eyes. I used to just do mascara. I now have some MUA eye shadow palettes which I am trying out to find out what suits me. I really like greens, browns and purples so far.

  6. wow that is quite a collection! maybe i should try green more often as i have red hair :) x

  7. I loooove green eyeshadow! What a collection!

    Charlotte - xx

  8. I've never worn much eyeshadow - but when I do I tend to stick to blues and purples. Perhaps I should step out of my comfort zone and try green?


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