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Christmas Gift Ideas: Goody Boxes

With less than two weeks to go until Christmas, and just eleven shopping days left before the twenty-fifth, there's no better time to get started on your Christmas shopping. Apart from maybe yesterday, but hey, there's still plenty of time left to shop, so why bring that up?

I'm here to help today, with a few ideas for putting together a box of goodies for the girlie girls in your life this Christmas. It's a bit of a long one today, but I hope you'll bare with me!

First, imagine it's Christmas morning... 

Your best friend or perhaps your sister wishes you a merry Christmas, and hands you a gift box. You excitedly untie the ribbon, and open the box; inside are lots of little gifts, wrapped beautifully in festive paper and tissue. You spend some time unwrapping each present, slowly savouring the Christmas magic, and marvelling at all the little things you've been treated to... She sure does spoil you!

Wouldn't you be thrilled to receive something which has been put together with so much care, love, and effort? Something filled with frivolous, but lovely things you've always wanted to try but haven't because money only stretches so far? I know I would.

I love putting goody boxes together for friends and family and although they require a little bit more effort than a pre-packaged set, they always go down a storm! It's worth it to see the smiles on their faces on Christmas morning, believe me!

Sounds perfect, but I have no idea where to start! What should I put in it?

Well, that's really up to you! There are millions of items to choose from out there, and no shortage of possibilities; it really depends on your budget, what's available to you, how creative you can be, and of course, what the recipient likes. (Remember to think about any allergies, too!) The better you know the person you're shopping for, the easier it should be to put something fantastic together.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

Bath and body products- Bath and shower gels. Face masks. Bath bombs. Skin care products. Body lotions. Body scrubs. Lip balms. Shampoos and conditioners. Lovely scented and novelty soaps.

Make Up- Eyeshadows and eyeliners. Lipsticks and lip glosses. Blushers. Nail polishes. Manicure sets. Nail wraps and other nail art items. Samples from magazines and beauty counters.

Entertainment- A book, CD, or film; perhaps one special to them or you. Gig or theatre tickets. Cinema tickets. Mix CDs. Bookmarks. iTunes gift cards.

Fashion- Hair accessories such as hair clips, and hair bands. Costume jewellery, such as earrings, rings, brooches, pins, bracelets, and necklaces. Cheap scarves.

Something Edible- Little boxes of chocolates. Fancy chocolates or truffles. Favourite sweets. Foreign treats- particularly great for sending to friends in a different country. Christmas themed sweets. Christmas cake, yule log, stollen, panettone. Unusual teas. Something homemade.

Make it Yourself- Edible treats like cookies, cupcakes, or truffles etc. Mix CDs. Hand written letters on pretty stationery. Photos. Postcards. Art.

Other- Pretty letter sets. Postcards. Cards. Notebooks. Stickers. Cute post it notes. Candles. Seeds (for the gardeners). Prints. Keyrings. Shot glasses. Mini bottles of alcohol (for those of legal drinking age). Random souvenirs. Something to add to their collection.

I hope that little lot has given you a few ideas to work with! How about something a little more visual?

Here's a few examples of gift boxes I've put together over the last year...

I packaged these up in pretty tissue paper for my family and friends in the last twelve months for birthdays and Christmas...

 Based around red-berry scented bath and body products.

A Paris Survival Kit comprised of mini toiletries to take on holiday.

A birthday parcel full of goodies for under £30. The make up were bargains from Fragrance Direct and Amazon!

Some goodies to spoil my best friend with this Christmas. I shall also be adding a bunch of mini beauty products in which I have stored away, unused.

And a big care package for the bestie last year.

That looks expensive. How can I do this on a budget?

It's true that putting a box of goodies together can quickly become costly, but with a bit of creativity, it's also possible to put one together on a tight budget.

Here are a few of my tried and tested tips for sourcing low priced trinkets for a goody boxes.

Shop at outlet shops and during sales- these days sales aren't just made up of the junk nobody wants. You can snag some amazing bargains on everything from cosmetics to stationery.

Take advantage of promotions and deals like 3 for 2 and buy one get one free- this one's a no-brainer, really. Take advantage of these offers throughout the year. Only need a new mascara? Buy the extra product or two in the deal, and add it to a present stash ready for Christmas! It'll add up in no time.

Shop at the supermarket- You can usually find everything from books and DVDs to toiletries and sweet treats much cheaper in the supermarket than elsewhere.

Shop on the high street- The high street is your oyster. 

Split multi-packs of the same or similar items between gift boxes if you're filling more than one.

Make things from scratch if you already have the tools or ingredients- It will save you money and show your loved ones you care.

Shop throughout the year to spread the cost- A bit here, a bit there... and you'll barely even feel the pinch.

Shop through cash-back sites like Quidco- It may not save you money straight away, but if you shop via them, you'll be given a percentage in cash back at a later date. The percentage given back varies from brand to brand, but it all adds up! You can often find discount codes through them, too.

Compare prices online before you buy- Whatever it is you're planning to buy, do a quick search of the web before hitting checkout. Can you find it cheaper elsewhere? Check eBay, check Amazon... check, check, check!

Always look for a discount code when shopping online- The bonus of online shopping, is the regular stream of discount codes you aren't offered on the high street. Before you buy anything, always do a quick search for a discount code. Just type in '[insert shop or brand name here] discount codes' in to a search engine and you'll find dozens of sites that will list all the latest codes, if there are any to share. I always do this, and more often than not, I find one. If you don't, perhaps leave the purchase a day or two as one is bound to pop up!

Shop with Fragrance Direct- If you're looking to add make up or beauty products, go check out Fragrance Direct, who sell thousands up on thousands of products at bargain prices. I swear by this website. It's a great place to source Opi, Sally Hansen, Essie, Dainty Doll, and Jemma Kidd pieces from as little as 99p!

Shop with Amazon- Oh Amazon, how I love thee! A website where you can buy almost anything for less than the RRP is always a winner in my eyes. It's a great place for everything from make up to stationery.

Keep an eye out on ASOS's sales, and promotions- ASOS have regular promotions and fantastic sales, and they stock a gazillion brands, and offer free delivery worldwide! It's a bargain hunter's dream. Just this week I bought some Barry M nail polishes for £1.60 each!

Take advantage of free delivery days- As any online shopper will know, delivery charges rarely come cheap, so keep an eye out for free delivery offers to save you a few bucks! 

Then all you need to do is collect all the goodies together, wrap them up, and give them to your loved one! I guarantee you'll make her day!

And those are my tips for putting a box of goodies together for your loved ones this Christmas! 

If you want a little more inspiration, why don't you check out a similar post I wrote last Christmas "How to Create Christmas Beauty Boxes for Family and Friends" and another I wrote in the summer "How to Create Beauty Boxes For Family and Friends".

Will you be giving your loved ones a big box of goodies this Christmas?


  1. Great ideas! such a useful post, thanks for sharing x

  2. I'm making my little sister a goodie box for Christmas. She's making one for me. We have a budget and we are going to see how much stuff we can pack into the boxes at a time!
    You've given me some good ideas! Great post! Thanks
    Molly x

  3. These are fab ideas. I also save up free samples I get given to give to people. I've had stuff like Lynx shower gel! I will never use it so someone else might, like my younger brothers so I add it to piles of little things to give them! xx

  4. great ideas! I have been lucky this year, my Eldest's friend works at Body Shop and she got us 50% discount woop! and Amazon have great prices, I have been so impressed with them x x x

  5. I did a couple of these boxes for friends for Christmas. I put in 50ml bottles of cleanser & toner, body wash, body lotion, lip balm, mini batiste, mini nail polishes and hot chocolate sachets because who doesn't love marshmallows?! x x

    1. Erm, Freudian slip - you can tell I was thinking about marshmallows!! I meant to say who doesn't love hot chocolate. Hahahaha. x x

  6. I so love the look of your goody boxes! xxx

  7. I would LOVE to receive a goodie box from you - these all look amazing.

  8. I only bought 3 presents this year for parents I'm going to have a very in Christmassy Christmas I'm far to excited about my new year tattoo xx


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