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101 Things in 1001 Days: November 2013

Hey guys,

I'm a few days late in writing this post, but this is the first chance I've had to write it. 

So, as some of you will know, I'm currently challenging myself with a 101 Things in 1001 Days list, and vowed to post monthly updates on my progress to keep myself motivated. Today I'm focusing on what I achieved during November. You can also see the full list of 101 Things here.

Goals in Progress

Watch 50 New Films 1 / 50  and  Watch at least 5 films at the cinema 1 / 5

In November I made my second cinema trip of the year to see 'Catching Fire', the second film in The Hunger Games saga.  My little sister and I went on the day it was released, and what can I say? The film was AMAZING! It was even better than the first Hunger Games movie, and very true to the book, which I was pleased about. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, marvelling at how right they got it. The entire film was perfect down to the last detail, and I urge you all to go see it if you haven't already. I'm dying to see it again, but that's probably a bad idea since I couldn't move for a few days after I went to see it! It was worth it, though! It's the best film I've seen in quite a while.

Can I have Gale aka Liam Hemsworth under my tree on Christmas morning, please?

Watch Every DVD I Own 29 / ?

I crossed ten more movies off the list last month. It was a month of Christmas movies and The Hunger Games (again)! I watched The Holiday, Love Actually, While You Were Sleeping, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, Santa Claus the Movie, Sex and the City 2, New Year's Eve, and the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special.

Anybody would think I'm getting excited for Christmas...

Discover 30 New Albums 3 / 30

Last week I bought Boyzone's new album 'BZ20', an album marking their twentieth anniversary as a band! I can't believe I've been hooked on them for nineteen of those years! I was just nine when I got in to them... I feel old. Their sound has matured a lot since 1993, and I'm loving their new tunes. I'm not much of a pop  fan, but this album is great!

Read 50 Books 6 / 50

I got through three more novels last month. Once I finished Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, I tried getting in to three or four new books, reading a few chapters of each, but I was still in the Hunger Games bubble and couldn't get in to anything. Am I the only one who sometimes mourns a good book once the last word has been devoured?

Eventually, I moved on to How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff; a book I read years ago and enjoyed. It's aimed at a younger audience, to be completely honest, but I enjoyed reading it again and flew through it in two days. I then moved on to Divergent by Veronica Roth , which I absolutely loved. It's another dystopian world type saga, and if you like The Hunger Games, I think you'll enjoy it, too. I've just started the second book in the series: 'Insurgent', (which is fantastic so far), and I'll do a full review of the series when I've read all three books. I hear Divergent is being turned in to a film due out around spring time, so it's a great time to check the books out, before it hits the big screen.

Complete A Cross-Stitch Project

I didn't do much cross-stitching in November, but I've almost finished my Christmas picture now. I probably would've been done by now, if I hadn't made a slight placement error with two turkeys. It took me over an hour to unpick them last night, but I should have it finished and framed in no time.

Listen to Every Song in My iTunes Library.

I've been listening to dozens of the Christmas tunes I have in my library, along with a bit of Boyzone. Perfect winter music! 100% Christmas is my favourite Christmas album; we've played it every year since 1994.

Make It to a Boyzone Concert.

Providing I don't collapse in transit, I should be ticking this one off the list later today! Right now I'm unsure how I'm going to manage the two hour journey and being out and about, but I'm hoping the pain will get masked by adrenaline. Wish my luck!

Goals Completed

Find the Perfect Winter Coat.

Check! I purchased this gorgeous berry coloured fit and flare coat a couple of weeks ago from Evans. It's beautiful and the shape is absolutely perfect for wearing over all my dresses. I'm planning on reviewing it properly soon. 

Get My Hair Cut Shorter Again.

And another one to check off the list! Last week I took the plunge and got an entire foot of hair amputated! I'm still getting used to it, but I'm enjoying the change.

Reread The Hunger Games Trilogy

Check! I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in October, and finished re-reading Mockingjay at the beginning of November. I want to read them all over again!


Goals Completed This Month: 3 / 101
Goals in Progress This Month: 8 / 101

Goals Completed So Far: 5 / 101
Goals in Progress So Far: 15 / 101
Goals to Start: 81 / 101

Days to Go: 912 / 1001

I still don't feel like I achieved an awful lot in November, but I crossed three goals off the list, which isn't bad. I wonder how well I'll do this month!

Do you have a 101 in 1001 Days / Mission 101 list? Leave me your links; I'd love to see them!



  1. I love your dress and your hair looks FAB!! I am like that with books too, if I have read a particularly good one or a series where I have been completely emmersed, I find it really hard to move on to another book.

  2. That coat is just awesome.


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