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My Favourite Fit and Flare Coats A/W 2013

With Winter on the horizon, and the weather beginning to give us a little prologue of the bracing cold to come, I've been on an eager quest to find myself the perfect winter coat.

The perfect winter coat no doubt differs for everyone; perhaps to many there isn't such a thing as a perfect coat. For me, there is. My favourite style of coat is a wool-style fit and flare coat that reaches the knee or just below it; a coat that can be worn over dresses of a similar length, as well as jeans and skirts. Bonus points if it has pockets, a belt to define the waist, cute buttons, and a friendly price tag.

Finding a coat to live up to those standards has not been easy, but after a couple of months of hunting high and low across the web, I managed to find a few options, and took a chance on one just this week and made what turned out to be the right purchase. (More on that later). I love fit and flare coats because they give such a lovely retro hourglass shape and look stylish over everything. They're perfect for girls with curves, but also for those without curves as they provide the curvy shape for you!

I thought I'd share the ten fit and flare coats that made it on to my short-list, which all cater to plus sizes of various degrees, plus some straight sizes, too.

// 1 // 2 // 3 //

The most reasonably priced coats I've been drooling over are these three by George at ASDA which are a purse-friendly £36! A winter coat for £36? How fantastic is that?! I know a big purchase such as a winter coat often leaves us scraping the pennies together for the rest of the month, but these coats would keep you warm without alarming your bank manager.

They appear to be roughly knee-length, and have a zip fastening for convenience, plus a tie to define the waist.

They come in black, red, beige, and my personal favourite, herringbone. Sadly the latter is out of stock online, as I'm certain I would've purchased that little beauty!

// 4 // //

The skater skirt trend is still bang on trend for Autumn / Winter, but I must admit, these are probably the first skater-skirted coats I've laid eyes on! They're perfect for wearing over skater skirts and jeans, and for giving yourself an hour glass shape- even if in reality you're straight up and down. The coats are by F & F at Tesco for just £50, and for that price I couldn't find many reasons to pass the black design up... but in the end I went with another coat.

// 6 // 7 //

The coats that have been at the very top of my wish list for quite some time are these two classics from Next. They are longer in length than others I've seen, making them perfect for wearing over knee to midi length skirts. The design is simple, but it's a classic style that should never date, and provides a perfect base for accessorising. They're a little out of my budget at £85, but still reasonably priced for a winter coat, I think, and the fit and flare shape is absolutely perfect. They come in three different lengths, too, but unfortunately aren't made above a size 20.

// 8 // 9 //

These two elegant looking coats are by South for Very. I was drawn to the lady-like design which is a little different to the others with its peplum waist and luxurious looking faux-fur collar. I particularly love the teal version. Isn't the colour beautiful? I do love a colourful winter coat, especially when it's one as lovely in shape as these. They're a little pricier at £75 each, which would be reasonable if they weren't just polyester... but I'll admit I seriously considered buying one anyway.

F & F at Tesco have definitely nailed the tartan trend on the head with this stunning checked skater skirted coat. It's a real beauty, and the removable faux fur collar gives me the impression that it would be super cosy to wrap up in on a frosty winter morning. It's made of 42% wool, which isn't bad at all for a £60 coat! Most sizes are sold out online now, but it's definitely one to watch out for in store. I would've loved to take this one home.

So, that's ten, but I'll give you one more coat, since I'm generous like that! 

I chose to adopt this little beauty...

And finally, we have the berry fit and flare coat by Evans. A coat that wasn't my favourite on screen,at all, but it was the first one I took a chance on. And... it turns out to be the perfect coat! This image really doesn't do it any justice, so you'll have to trust me on this one until I get around to reviewing it in an outfit post.

The coat is a beautiful burgundy in colour, and is so warm and cosy; it's made from 57% wool, and has pockets, and the softest faux fur collar to snuggle in to. The length and flare are perfect, and I saved over £30 on the original price by taking advantage of a promo and two discount codes! It was a real bargain and I'm looking forward to wearing it when it gets a little colder.

Do you think I made the right choice? Which one is your favourite?



  1. I love the one you chose and I bet it looks great on you - it can be so hard to tell from the screen. I have that F+_F checked one and it's lovely. I reeeeally shouldn't be considering more coats, but there may be one more which I have to get my hands on.

    1. Thank you! I hope it does! I remember seeing you in the F&F coat on your blog earlier this week and it looks stunning on you. I would definitely have bought one if my size had been in stock online. One more coat won't hurt... at least you can justify buying another coat because it'll get a lot of wear, and the price per wear will be practically free!

  2. Your coat is perfect! I do like the others too, for some reason I always bypass a warm coat despite having good intentions, honestly! so silly! I flashed too many people last week with the high winds! x x x

    1. Thanks, Sandra! Haha! I'm sure they all loved that! I barely wore a coat last winter; I get too hot in coats enless it's literally freezing outside. I'm still happy going outside with just a cropped cardigan over my dresses! xx

  3. oh you have such good taste! love the one you chose but they are all gorgeous. <3

    1. Aw, thank you, Cara! I think they're all gorgeous, too. :)

  4. Absolutely love the George at Asda coats, I would buy all three colours if I had the room!

    1. Oh, so would I! Could totally justify doing that at those prices, too. Maybe... Aren't they gorgeous? xx

  5. Love the coat you picked it's lovely and the collar is perfect xx

    1. Thanks lovely. It's so beautiful xx


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