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Fashion World Shapewear Challenge

A few weeks ago, an exciting email from Fashion World appeared in my inbox inviting me to participate in a shapewear challenge just in time for the party season. Intrigued, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to try out a few pieces. You see, I had never worn shapewear before, but I had always intended to find out if shapewear was for me, so it was perfect timing.

I was asked to choose a party dress and a pair of shoes, and was provided with three different styles of shapewear to review.

Let's start with the dress...

I was asked to choose a dress, but when my favourites all sold out in my size, Fashion World suggested a few of their little black dresses. Now, while black is the go-to shade for the majority, I rarely wear it; I usually favour colour. So, I decided that was a great opportunity to try something I wouldn't usually pick, and went with the stunning Embossed Design Prom Dress. 

The dress is a beautiful leather-look number with a gorgeous floral embossed print, capped sleeves, a fit and flare shape, and a lace insert to the v-neckline. The colour and shape are classic, but the overall design of the dress has a real edgy feel; something different to your average party dress! It will really set you apart from the other ladies in the room. The fabric is so soft and smooth to the touch, and has a lot of stretch. I sized up because I thought the waist was fitted, but it's actually elasticated and comfortable. Being a D cup, I had plenty of room left in the chest area, and I think that it should accommodate much larger bra sizes. I really like this frock, except for the capped sleeves which make me feel very broad shouldered, but that is easily solved with a shrug, jacket or cardigan.

The dress is £50 and can be bought from Fashion World in sizes 12-32 here.

Now let's talk shapewear!

Worn With: Magisculpt Multiway Body Shaper

The first piece of shapewear I tried on under the dress, was the Magisculpt Multiway Bodyshaper; a one piece body, with a similar shape and fit to a good supportive swimsuit. My first thought was it has quite a pretty look for shapewear, with lace panels to the sides, and trimming the cups. It's far different to the frumpy giant pants Bridget Jones infamously introduced us to back in the noughties, that's for sure!

It found it comfortable to wear, and with medium, all-round control, it didn't feel at all restrictive; ideal for shapewear novices like myself! I felt it worked well at smoothing down my shape, and it would be perfect for creating a smooth silhouette under everything from body-con dresses to skinny jeans. With the multi-wear detachable bra straps, it really can be worn under almost anything. It has the standard hook and eye fastening at the back, and it conveniently has a similar feature at the crotch, meaning dashing to the bathroom after one too many drinks doesn't have to involve stripping off your entire outfit in a toilet cubicle. Unless you want to, that is; I'm not here to judge!

I'm really impressed with the item of shapewear, and I think it's excellent value for money. The only negatives I have to report, are that the cup size was too big for me (I only realised at the last moment I was sent a DD instead of my usual D), but since it's padded, I made it work! The cups also show through the fabric of this dress. Find it on Fashion World here, for £34.

Worn With: Magisculpt High Waist Briefs

My least favourite item from this challenge, was the Magisculpt High Waist Thigh Shaper, which are simply like high-waisted cycling shorts with good support. Now, they fit me well, and miraculously smoothed down my thighs and stomach. However, I don't get along well with anything that comes up to my waist without continuing up further as a dress. I've never felt comfortable with high-waist garments, as, like with the thigh shaper, I'm left with a mini muffin top which shows through the clothes and makes me feel super self-conscious. A couple of inches lower, perhaps, and I think I would rate this product quite highly!

For those of you who are comfortable with high-waists and are looking for something to smooth down your stomach, hips, and thighs, this may be the piece of shapewear for you! It's very supportive. You can find it on Fashion World here, currently on sale for £21 catering to sizes 12/14- 32-34.

Worn With: Magisculpt Control Briefs

The Magisculpt Pack of 3 Control Briefs I was sent were a little different to those in the scorecard above; sitting closer to my navel. I was given these Firm Control Briefs to review, but you can find the ones on the scorecard here. They come in a set of three, with a black, white, and nude pair, which should in theory cater to most outfit colours. I, of course, wore the black pair under this dress.

The knickers are plain in colour, with a lace panel on either side. I won't lie to you; they are quite plain in appearance, and dare I say the nude and white pairs look quite frumpy, but they were designed for function, and simplicity creates that sleek silhouette. Nobody has to see them! These briefs have firm control, and I'm impressed with how well they held in my stomach and smoothed out my hips, which are two of my least favourite body parts. Perfect for wearing underneath outfits that cling to these areas. The pack of three is £24, which is very well priced, and you can buy them from Fashion World here, in sizes 12 to 32.

The Shoes

The shoes which I chose are the Simply Be Studded Block Heel Shoe in black. I disregarded dozens of pretty high heels to spare my back further injury, and I'm so very glad I did. I love these shoes! They're the perfect mix of edgy and feminine; putting a spin on the classic ballerina flats. I love the studs to the toes, and the quilted design. 

These heels are wide fitting shoes, available in both E and EEE widths. I have quite wide feet, and went with a EEE pair in my regular size 6, and I have to say, I don't think I've ever had such a perfect fitting pair of shoes! They're so comfortable, and they even came with a pair of leopard print insoles for added comfort! They come in black and navy, and can be bought from Fashion World in sizes 4-9 here. I may be going back for the navy pair after Christmas!

I had a lot of fun experimenting with these pieces and putting this post together. Thanks to Fashion World for allowing me to take part. I can now understand how the right shapewear can really make a difference to an outfit, and the extra confidence it can give you under your party wear. 

Why not pop on over to and take a look at their fantastic selection of party dresses, shoes, and shapewear to find your outfits for the party season!

P.S. Can you notice anything different about me?

*This was a sponsored post with I was provided with a dress, shoes, and shapewear for review in exchange for this post. However, all words and thoughts are as always honest and my own.



  1. I LOVE your hair, forgive me, but I looked at all the pics first and marveled at your fabulous new hair, you did it! it's very va-va voom with the black frock too, I really like it on you, it's a very sexy look! shapewear is my foundation! I'm generally strapped down before I'm dressed haha! great reviews and great shoes (groan, why am I rhyming! haha!) x x x

  2. Think it looks best without the shape wear (sorry ^^). But if I had to choose one, I would choose the first. The 2nd and 3rd looks a bit odd between breast and waist.
    But I have to say, that your new haircut and colour is absolute gorgeous!!! I was like "Oh my god, what happened, this is stunning" when I saw the first photo. Love it!!!

  3. Your hair looks AMAZING! I love the dress too. You look fabulous. x x

  4. Holy crap - did I miss that haircut? Because it looks so beautiful on you! I love the dress and I think it looks fantastic without the shapewear, I have weird feelings about shapewear - I'd rather just embrace my own body without trying to squish it into shapewear., but then each to their own. I love the shoes too - I am not one to wear high heels either, so I always love seeing pretty flats or shoes with small heels. Those are really lovely and I think they look smashing with the frock :)

  5. Love the dress and your haircut!

  6. Beautiful new haircut it really suits you and the dress and shoes are lovely :)

  7. Such a beautiful dress and outfit, I love it! I've not given much thought to shapewear before (though I'd love something to wear under bodycon skirts/dresses so I can breathe out after a cider too many over Christmas) I think the first one is probably the most effective with that dress but I'm sure each have their benefits according to what outfit you're wearing. Also, cuuute shoes! xxx

  8. i love the dress on you it looks fab :) I'm not a shape wear fan myself you'd look perfect with or without it xx

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  10. The dress looks good on you. 

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