Friday, 6 September 2013

Stripes, Dots, and Bunting OOTD

Hello lovelies,

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll probably be aware that two things feature prominently in my wardrobe and style: dresses and prints. (The third is colour). I have dresses in all kinds of prints: polka dots, flamingos, birds, cats, daschunds, foxes, bird cages, florals, fish... the list goes on, but until this summer I didn't have any stripes in my dress collection.

"... but, you're fat! You shouldn't wear stripes- EVER! They'll make you look BIGGER! Only skinny girls should wear stripes. Wear this black sack, instead." Says Society.

This is the message which I've heard ten thousand times since my childhood, from media, and from my peers; something which I'm sure most of you have been subjected to on numerous occasions, too... but have I ever listened to that 'rule'? Like hell, have I! It's a ridiculous rule. And anyway, rules are made for breaking!

I've worn striped items often in the past, and own my fair share of striped tops and cardigans at present. My body shape hasn't once grown miraculously before my eyes because it was clothed in stripes... and neither will yours. I never avoid wearing stripes, I enjoy wearing them. And I actually made it my mission to buy a striped navy and white dress this summer that I could wear for a nautical look with red, white, and anchors. I managed to find one, but it's taken me until now to share it. My bad.

Well, I never did manage to find a red cardigan to create the look I'd first envisioned, nor have I added lashings of white or anchors, but I am wearing a striped dress. And a double dose of stripes. And breaking another style rule by clashing patterns. Oh, and there's bunting!

I bought the dress from Dorothy Perkins back in May or June, and I've taken outfit shots of it twice before but I was never happy with the photos. These aren't great, either, but you get the idea. The dress is a lovely thick cotton, with a fitted but stretchy waist, a v-neck, and thick shoulder straps. The stripes are horizontal from the waist up, and in chevrons below it.  While I sized up so it wouldn't be figure-hugging, I don't think this dress makes me look wider at all (if anything it makes me feel smaller). Even with a loose cardi hiding my shape.

Lacking a red cardigan in my wardrobe, I thought I'd try the cardigan my sister gave me for my birthday with the dress instead, clashing the stripes with more stripes and polka dots. It's a little big on me unbuttoned, and I wish it was a little more fitted, but I like how the two pieces look together. 

The cardigan is by Per Una at Marks and Spencers, and it was on my wishlist for quite some time as it was quite pricey for a cardigan at £35. Although, now I own it, I think it was priced fairly as the quality of it is fantastic. It's the softest piece of knitwear I've probably ever owned, and it's so thick and warm. It's like wearing a giant hug. The best part of all about this dress is that it's embroidered with bunting! Bunting, of all things! It's very me, and I can't wait to wear it again, now that we're heading in to cooler weather.

I originally tried this outfit with a blue manicure, which I loved.

I dug out a couple of my most nautical inspired accessories; an anchor ASOS ring, and a seaside themed charm bracelet by Abilu Creations. It was bought from their stall in the Camden Lock Market a few years ago, and is one of a few pieces of their gorgeous eclectic jewellery I own. I tend to buy something from them each time I visit Camden, (they have a website now which often tempts me), because I just love their funky, fun accessories. The jewellery is all made by hand by a small independent business, who use a lot of vintage charms and signature guitar plectrums to create unique one-off pieces, and you can check their eclectic designs out here.

I then completely mismatched my accessories by wearing this beaded parrot Accessorize necklace. It's a few years old now, but I still love wearing it during the summer months.

Outfit Details

Dress-Dorothy Perkins // Cardigan-Per Una for Marks and Spencers (similar) // Leggings-Evans // Ring-ASOS // Necklace-Accessorize // Bracelet-Abilu Creations (similar)

I kept my make up simple with black eyeliner and one of my new red Inglot lipsticks that arrived earlier this week. I'll be reviewing them soon, but I'll tell you now- they're amazing!

What are your thoughts on wearing stripes?



  1. Such a cute dress! (But then, I'm moderately addicted to stripes!)

    1. Thanks, Laura! Can't go wrong with a dose of stripes!

  2. I once followed that rule, absolutely ridiculous isn't it? I stopped all that 'rule' stuff a couple of years ago - the dress is really pretty and looks good on you and paired with a bunting cardigan! fabulous!

    1. I think it's ridiculous that these 'rules' are actually thrown around at us! Stripes can look great on everyone! Thanks, Sandra! xx

  3. Loving the dress and cardi. The bracelet is about the best thing I've ever seen! Rules are made to be broken! x x

    1. Thanks, Leah. You should check Abilu Creations out; there jewellery is amazing! There are so many different designs and themes. I completely agree! xx

  4. I love stripes I hate the whole fatties shouldn't wear this or that I'll wear whatever I want :) you look foxy lady and I love the lips xx

    1. I hate that stupid rule, too! It's ridiculous, and everyone should wear what they want. Aw thank you lovely xx


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