Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Favourites #46

Another Sunday, another Serendipity Sunday...

I've got lots to show you today, so let's dive straight in. Enjoy.


Beautiful bird tattoo.

I've never thought of creating a smokey eye look with turquoise eye shadow before. I now want to!

This lady's outfit is so pretty. Love the colour combinations.

Daisy nails!

Love this lady's gorgeous dress, and her Tumblr blog is fab, too.

This makes my inner colour junkie happy.

Just be yourself.

This is amazing! I wonder how many windows were broken...

This bedroom is so pretty.

These map nails are such a great idea. The pin wasn't linked to a tutorial, but if you click the source it gives you a few simple steps to follow.

Button fruit! This idea is so simple, but yet I'm in love with it.

A Harry Potter themed party included these gifts 'delivered' by owls! It's the best idea I've heard in my life! Guess who's thinking of recreating this... (just the presents, not the party).

After I followed the pin to the source, I learnt it was from a Harry Potter party held by Make A Wish Foundation for a young teenager called Milla, who, at the time of the article, was six months in to recovery from leukaemia. The Harry Potter books had helped her through her illness. The party was held to reveal to her that her dream of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios was coming true, and it was heart warming to read how much effort people had put in to the party for her. It looked magical.

Can my hair look like this, please?

This makes me excited for Winter fashion.


This is The Alnwick Poison Garden in Alnwick Castle in Northumberland (England). It's a garden which grows some of the world' most dangerous plants, including around 100 illegal narcotics, and was inspired by a poison garden in Padua, Italy, that the Medici's once used in order to find better ways to kill their enemies. There's something fascinating about this, especially considering this one was created by a Duchess!


This photo (of a tornado) is amazing.

How cute is this little guy?!

Lovely Autumnal colours.

I need this t-shirt!

These Sweet Acorns are an amazing idea! Also loving the sound of this coconut cheesecake and this nutella buttercream frosting recipe.

Adorable critters. The dog looks quite like one my sister used to have.


How about making a game of Guess Who with photos of people you know? Hours of entertainment.

Feminism is being free to decide who I want to be and how to act. Demand respect.


This is so important, and something I try to live by. It makes me sad to hear people hating their bodies and putting themselves down.

This bull was rescued from slaughter by a sanctuary and given a new home as a calf. The calf, called Linus, liked to sit on his owner's lap, and still likes to try today even though he's seven and weighs 1500 pounds... Isn't this photo adorable?

Whether life after death exists or not, it's pretty cool knowing you could help create new life after you're gone.

Stegosaurus Tortoise!

This little corner of a camper is so nicely dressed. I'd camp if my van looked like that!

And lots of other posts you might enjoy

// 10 Novels That Are Scarier Than Most Horror Movies. I agree with the first two, and need to read the other eight... I haven't made it past the 'Guts' story in Chuck Palahnuick's 'Haunted', yet- it was so grotesque and revolting, I felt sick!

// I read a heart-warming post entitled That Time I Accidentally Live Instagrammed My Marriage Proposal by Leonora of Yellow Heart Art, who was sent on a scavenger hunt by her boyfriend, and accidentally ended up live Instagramming her marriage proposal! The story made me cry.

// Becky of Becky Bedbug posted two very helpful blog posts with tips for offering sponsorship and advertisements on your blog. Definitely gave me a lot to think about.

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  1. Another lovely post. I've spent most of the afternoon off exploring the links. Those posts by Becky are very apt for me. x x

    1. Aw thanks, leah. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought of you when I saw Becky's posts, after reading your post. xx

  2. Wahhh daisy nails, need! So much love for this post xxx

    1. Daisy nails are the best! Thanks Hannah xx

  3. Replies
    1. :) Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy it! xx


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