Saturday, 14 September 2013

Just a Dash of Hound

Hey guys,

I've got an outfit post for you today.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, last Sunday marked the anniversary of the day I first woke up in pain and was aware something wasn't quite right with my back. (I still don't know when I actually did the damage to it, but I think it started a few weeks earlier). Anyway, I didn't actually manage to take a photo of myself on the day, but this outfit was worn the afternoon before, which I'm counting as a record of the two year milestone.

I bought this lovely Peter Pan dress from Rachel's blog sale a month or two ago. When I saw it up for grabs, I just had to have it because of the amazing print. It has little daschund dogs all over it! I love daschunds, but didn't have a single dog-print anything in my wardrobe, so it had to be mine. It was originally from Primark, and it's only a polyester number, but I love it! I've not actually stepped foot in Primark in two or three years, so buying this dress was a real novelty. Thanks, Rachel!

I kept this look very simple with black leggings, black studded slippers, and a bold coral coloured cardigan from Matalan. I have this cardigan in four colours, and they're the softest things ever!

Isn't the print adorable?

I really love the beautiful Mother-of-Pearl buttons these cardigans have.

These are the mismatched accessories I was wearing. I wore my new strawberry brooch and my cute fox pin, both from Cath Kidston (where else!?), and a jewel coloured ring from Evans.

Outfit Details

Dress-Primark // Leggings-New Look // Slippers-New Look // Cardigan-Matalan // Fox Pin-Cath Kidston // Strawberry Brooch-Cath Kidston // Ring-Evans //



  1. You look beautiful! I'm so glad you love it ! If you ever need anything from there tweet me I'm happy to get it and post it for you xx

    1. Aw thanks so much! I do, it's so lovely. And thanks for the offer hun. You're a sweetheart xx

  2. What a lovely pattern! Looking lovely Louise xx

    1. It's adorable, isn't it! Thanks so much, Vicky! xx

  3. I love this look :) the lipstick is lush too and forever jealous of your awesome accessories collection! xxx

    1. Thanks, Hannah! I'm in love with the lipstick and glad you like my accessories xx

  4. You look amazing! The dress is super cute. Xx


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