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Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks and Concealer Palette

When it comes to make up, I almost always make my eyes the focal point with lashings of black mascara and brightly coloured shadows, but I rarely give my lips any attention. In fact, I haven't worn lipstick or gloss religiously since my mid-teens.

It's not that I've not wanted to paint my lips, but I'm prone to badly chapped, dry and sticky lips which are hardly the ideal canvas for bold and eye catching lip colour. Still, I've been aspiring to buy a perfect red lipstick for a while now; one that even I could wear. I've always loved how classic red lips can look, and how effortlessly they can complete an outfit.

So, when I found out about Inglot's Freedom System sale, I couldn't resist treating myself to a few pieces. Inglot is one of my all time favourite make up brands, and I was interested in finding out if their lipsticks and concealers were as fantastic as their wonderful eyeshadows and nail polishes.

I treated myself to a concealer, four lipsticks, and a palette to put them in. They were all half off their original prices. The refills were just £1.75 each, and I think the palette was £3.50 or £3.75. Delivery was a little steep at a fiver, but my order arrived after just a few days, and I was impressed by the efficiency.

The palettes and the make up refills are sold separately, which gives you the complete freedom to personalise a set to your own tastes, which is something I really love about Inglot's Freedom System. It's so much more appealing to me than buying a ready made make up set that always has several shades I'll never use. By choosing every shade yourself, you'll have a better chance of loving every colour. And they don't cost any more than a ready made set, either.

The palettes are extremely sturdy and thick, and you can see the make up at a glance through the transparent lid, which makes it easier to find the right palette if you have more than one in your collection. The lid is secured by a magnet on each corner, which keeps it firmly in place. It's easy to open, and shuts with a satisfying snap. 

Each make up pan came in a little plastic packet, inside a little plastic bag. Thankfully, they all arrived in pristine condition as they were packaged well for delivery.

With each pan out of its wrapper, I organised them in the order I wanted them, ready to pop in to the palette.

And they all fitted in perfectly. The pans are held in the palette magnetically, and they all fit in snugly and securely. There should be no danger of any of them coming loose and getting damaged.

I bought a concealer in 'Y', which was the palest shade as far as I could tell from the online swatches, and four lipsticks in, from left to right, 81, 64, 09, and 56. I was so excited to give each of them a try.

So, here we have the lipstick swatches. I swatched them from my wrist down, so they've ended up in reverse order to the palette in these photos; I hope that's not too confusing.

Let me skip all the nonsense and say now that these lipsticks are fantastic! I can honestly say that I've never been so impressed with a lipstick in my life. Three of them glided on as smoothly as butter, and not only did they keep my lips soft and nourished whilst wearing them, but my lips have become much softer in general since I started using them. A miracle with my lips! They're all highly pigmented in gorgeous shades that suit my colouring, and they're long lasting, too. I found that the lipsticks stayed  in place for about four hours without reapplying, and little transferred when eating and drinking. (Although it didn't stand a chance on fajita night!) I'm extremely impressed.

The exception here is shade 81. Unlike the other three, it's a pearl lipstick, and although it's a beautiful colour, I found it incredibly drying on my lips and difficult to get a smooth application. I'm going to go back and give it another chance, perhaps mix it with some lip balm, but it hasn't made me disappointed with my order at all.

Please excuse the state of the application; I didn't have lip liners at the time to prevent them from bleeding.

My favourite is shade 09 which is a classic blue-toned red or 'tomato red', as I would describe it. It's so beautiful and vibrant, and I love the way it looks against my very fair skin. It's the perfect red lipstick I've been searching for for years.

56 is lovely for something a little more toned down. I'm finding it difficult to describe the colour, I think it looks like a dark salmon colour, perhaps with a slight hint of coral, but I don't know what it would officially be classed as. Answers on a post card...

64 is not as fuchsia as it appears on my lips above. It's a deep red with a hint of pink, and it's another winner in my eyes. It's beautiful.

81, however... it's a deep brick red in the palette and on my arm, but it doesn't translate well on to my lips.... oh, well, you can't win them all!

Now quickly on to the concealer. I purchased 'Y' which is the palest shade available. I wasn't sure if it would be right for my skin tone, but I took a chance. It's quite yellow based and appears to be the wrong colour for my skin, but once I start blending it in, it matches my skin perfectly. It's a smooth and wonderfully thick concealer. I usually just use a light under eye concealer pen for my concealing, so it's a little alien to me, but- it's amazing! It covers blemishes and  red patches, and even works to even out my skin tone. And if that wasn't good enough, it does it's job for hours without needing a touch up.

So, with those conclusions, I really couldn't love this little palette more. I'm so impressed with four out of five of the products, and I can't believe this set cost me just £12.50, before shipping costs! I got myself a bargain without compromising on quality, and I found my perfect red lipstick. Happy days!

There's a huge selection of lipsticks, concealers, eyebrow powders and wax still on sale for just £1.75, and palettes starting from £5.00 for a ten-pan. You can find it all here. I highly recommend them, the quality of Inglot's products is far superior to anything I've ever tried before. I'm tempted to go back for another purchase and snap up some other colours before they all sell out and are gone for good.

Have you used Inglot make up yet? Which products are your favourite?



  1. The colors look so vibrant! Need those!

    1. You should definitely try some; they're fantastic!


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