Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cath Kidston Haul / Messenger Bag Review

Hey guys,

On Sunday I went to Oxfordshire's outlet village, Bicester Village, with my older sister to browse for bargains, potential Christmas presents, and new handbags.

Most of the shops in the outlet village are designer fashion retailers, and unsurprisingly, are way out of my budget (not to mention dress size), but it's always fun to gaze adoringly at all the beautiful bags, shoes, and outfits as we drift in and out of the more affordable shops. This time it was a quick visit as I was struggling with the pain and feeling nauseated, but we conquered L'Occitane, Guess, Zatchels, and Cath Kidston. 

The sister bought the most gorgeous purple and yellow Zatchels satchel, which I would've bought had she not beaten me to it, but I did come home with a few things from Cath Kidston. If there's one thing I love more than Cath Kidston, it's Cath Kidston things at discounted prices!

So, this is my mini Cath Kidston haul. I bought a new polka dot messenger bag, a pack of four floral folders, a set of four strawberry hair clips, and a strawberry brooch. Oh, and also the most adorable retro wooden stamp set for my best friend's little boy for Christmas.

I loved the strawberry collection Cath Kidston had for Spring / Summer 13, and had coveted most of the range, including these adorable hair clips and brooch. They featured in one of my Wednesday Wish List posts many moons ago, although I never made a purchase... until now. 

The hair clips are actually from the kids department, but they were far too cute to resist and I had to buy them for myself. Why let the kids have all the fun? There are two for each side of the head,and they are made from a mixture of metal and plastic. These were £2.50 down from £5.00, I think.

The brooch is equally cute, and I think it'll look lovely pinned on to a cardigan or dress. It's made from plastic, but it's also quite solid and sturdy. It was £3.00 down from £6.00.

Messenger Bag Review

I couldn't leave the store without bringing this bag home with me. I was lured in by the gorgeous deep red polka dotted fabric... Yep, I never change! This was another piece I'd been admiring for months, but since I already have the same bag in blue, I couldn't justify the purchase. However, with it being on sale at £26.50 instead of £40.00, and with hospital appointments, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy in mind, I decided it would come in handy and justified it to myself!

Cath Kidston's messenger bags may look quite casual, but I can't deny how practical they really are. I used to use my blue one for work, and for travelling by bus, train, or plane. It's got so much room for all those essentials, and even when it's heavy it's comfortable worn over the shoulder with the cross-body strap, leaving your hands free for other things.

The bag is made from a very thick, good quality cotton. The outer front and back is a beautiful deep red with white polka dots, and the inside features a print of hunters, horses, and hounds on a white background. I'm completely against hunting animals for sport, but the print does look lovely, and is very quintessentially English.

There are two inner pockets which could be used for storing a mobile phone or keys; those essentials you like to be able to grab in a split second without emptying the contents of the entire bag on to the tarmac to find them. While these pockets are handy, I personally think the bag could do with a zipped inner pocket for keeping certain things concealed.

As you can see, the bag has so much room. You'd be surprised by how much you can really cram in these bags.

There are also two pockets at the front of the bag.

The brand name is present on the front, but it's a modest size and not overbearing.

I love the colour and all the polka dots.

The strap is made of thick canvas in denim blue, red and white.

It's adjustable, and can be shortened to wear on the shoulder, or extended to the desired length to wear over the body. I often find straps are too short for my taste, but this strap is generous and can sit lower than the hip!

This shows the strap extended fully.

I'm really pleased with my new bag. It will be perfect for hospital appointments, and for future travels. I also think it's the perfect casual day bag for Autumn, as the deep red is the perfect fall colour. It'll look great with most outfits layered up for Autumn / Winter; from jeans and a sweater, to dresses with opaque tights, and a cardigan. Just add a pair of boots, a scarf, and a cosy beanie hat and you're ready for Autumn adventures!

These items are no longer available on Cath Kidston's website, but it's worth popping in to your nearest branch or outlet Cath Kidston shop because you may still be able to find them. They're highly recommended!

Have you bought anything from Cath Kidston recently? What bargains have you been buying?



  1. the lining on the bag is so cute i love it xx

    1. Cath Kidston do the best linings and patterns, don't they? xx

  2. Love the bag, and the strawberry brooch is so cute!
    I have recently treated myself to the new mushroom and bird print dresses, but think the bird jumper will be my next CK purchase.

    1. They're adorable, aren't they! Oh, I love all their new mushroom and bird print clothes and fabrics. Their prints this season are gorgeous. I can see you in all of them!

  3. I love the bag and brooch. I often lust after Cath Kidston items so it's good to see so many details up close. x x

    1. Thanks. I can't resist Cath Kidston things, so you'll often see them popping up on this blog to have at nosey at! xx


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