Monday, 2 September 2013

Barry M Blueberry and Blue Grape Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints Review

Morning folks,

So, I popped in to Boots last week to pick up a few essentials (read: three packs of cleansing wipes and a face scrub), and couldn't walk past the Barry M display without having a quick peek at the nail polishes. To be honest, I never can; Barry M has such a great range of nail products and the bold colours never fail to lure me in. 

I was actually looking to replace two dried up old bottles, but those particular colours weren't in stock, so I came home with two of their Gelly Nail Paints I'd never tried before, instead. 

I chose two different shades of blue; a bold cobalt blue called Blue Grape, and a a paler blue somewhere in between baby and cornflower blue called Blueberry... Do I get an award for how many times I said blue in that sentence? I'm not sure I said it enough times. Blue.

So, why did I choose these two nail polishes? Quite simply, because they were the first two colours that caught my eye, and I'd been previously impressed with other colours in the range. I was pretty confident that they'd be just as good as the others I'd tried... but, was I right?

 Just before the weekend, I took these nail polishes for a test drive, and created this simple nail look.

And... I wasn't disappointed! These polishes were just as good as the others in my collection. 

Firstly, these nail polishes glide on to the nail so easily, with no stickiness from the brush as it paints the nail. Very little effort is needed! The brushes are long and easy to handle, and the nail polish is fast drying. Each coat was dry in less than two minutes. I applied three coats to achieve optimum opaqueness, but in all honesty, two coats would have been more than sufficient as the consistency is reasonably thick. 

These Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paints are just how they sound: highly shiny. I love how glossy they are; they have the look of a professional gel manicure without the price tag, commitment, and upkeep- and that, ladies, is fine by me!

I painted my nails an hour or two before bed, and when I woke up, the nails were still as smooth as a pane of glass! That rarely ever happens; I often wake up with horrible tacky, textured nails when I paint them before bed. Probably as I tend to slip a hand under the pillows as I sleep...

This manicure lasted four days without chipping or dulling, which I personally think  is a decent length of time compared to most nail polishes. Not bad for a £3.99 nail polish. Even better considering they were bought on a buy one, get one half price offer! 

So, all in all, I'm very impressed with both these nail paints. I can't actually find a single fault in them. I love the two colours equally; they paint and set beautifully; they last well; and the price points are very purse friendly. Fantastic! Once again, Barry M has got it so right!

I now have six Gelly nail paints in my collection, and I love all six colours, as different as they all are. My favourite is still probably the lilac 'Pricky Pear'. I'm very tempted to give some of the deeper, darker Autumnal shades a try for A/W, and knowing me, I probably will!

Have you tried Barry M Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paints yet? Which shade is your favourite?



  1. you have lovely almond shaped nails, and lovely blue's to complement them - I don't do nail varnish at all, I am an utter impatient clod who paints then decides to do something and ruins them, so I gave up, bah! x

    1. Well, they were getting there, but I broke one and now they're all short and square again. Haha! You do need patience for nail polish. I tend to do mine in the middle of the night so they've ages to set or I'd ruin them, too! xx

  2. I love the cobalt blue, it would go perfectly with the blue dress I've just bought from Pink Clove! Not that I need an excuse to buy more nail varnish :)

    1. Ooh yeah, it would match that dress so well. Or the red ASOS one you recently bought! It's not so bad when they only cost a couple of pounds each! xx

  3. i love the pale blue its perfect xx


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