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101 Things in 1001 Days

Hey guys,

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember that several months ago, I shared a 101 Things in 1001 Days / Mission 101 List here on the blog... and then never mentioned it again.

Being adventurous, I had well over 200 goals on that list, which I had first created a year or two ago when I didn't expect my disc injuries to still be with me so far in to the 1001 days of the challenge. I began to realise that most of the goals were unrealistic and unachievable for me with my disc injuries. I can't travel up and down the country, or around the globe. I can't do some dare devil sports or move out of home or go to a festival, just yet. So... I decided to scrap that list, added a bunch of goals to my Bucket list and Things I'll Do When I'm Better list and started again.

I've started afresh with a new list of 101 goals which I feel are much more achievable for me in my current condition. There are a lot of creative and entertainment oriented goals which can be achieved from the comfort of my bed, and I've substituted my worldwide travel goals with local places I'd like to work towards visiting. I hope to actually stick to my list now it's much more invalid-friendly, and providing you guys are interested, I'm thinking of blogging my progress every month or so to keep myself motivated. Let me know what you think! 

In any case, I give you my new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days...

 101 Things in 1001 Days List


Start Date: 7th September 2013
Half Way Point: 20th January 2015
End Date: 4th June 2016


Goals in progress: 9 / 101
Goals Completed: 0 / 101

Goals in bold are currently in progress.


These are the things which I want to make, create, and do; from creating an inspiration notebook for my disc injury journey to learning how to make jewellery and finding time for creative writing and painting. I genuinely enjoy being creative, and most of these goals are things which I can attempt while I'm stuck in bed.

1. Learn how to make my own jewellery.
2. Create an injury inspiration journal.
3. Fill up a notebook with song lyrics and quotes I love.
4. Fill up a notebook with lists.
5. Finish a cross stitch project.
6. Learn how to crochet something.
7. Customize a piece or two of clothing with the toucan buttons.
8. Repair my studded jumper.
9. Complete the book '642 Things to Write About'. (/642)
10. Complete the four 'Listography' books I own. (0/4).
11. Fill up a sketch book.
12. Fill up a book with paintings and drawings (using paints, pastels etc... IE. colourful mediums).
13. Draw or paint a self portrait.
14. Make tea cup candles.
15. Try my hand at card making.
16. Learn how to knit something.
17. Write a short story using a prompt from 'The Writer's Block.'
18. Modernize a classic fairy tale as a short story.
19. Complete the 5000 Question Survey. (25/5000).
20. Send a secret to Postsecret.
21. Design the tattoo I'll get to symbolise my disc injuries and new found freedom when I'm better.
22. Put the photos of my (late) pets in to photo albums or a scrapbook.
23. Put the photos of the dogs on to a disc (slide show/movie) creatively for my sister and brother-in-law.
24. Take photos with rainbow sprinkles used in the shots like confetti.
25. Make / fill Christmas crackers for Christmas Day lunch.


I'm a self-confessed entertainment junkie, and love nothing more than listening to music, going to shows, reading, and watching movies. Most of these goals should be a piece of cake... she says. A few of the goals require better mobility, and are ones I want to work towards.

26. Read 50 new books. (0/50)
27. Read all the unread books on my bookshelf. (0/?)
28. Read a book in one day.
29. Reread The Stand by Stephen King.
30. Reread The Hunger Games trilogy. (0/3)
31. Discover 50 great new songs. (0/50)
32. Discover 30 great new albums. (0/30)
33. Listen to every song in my iTunes library. (0/4266)
34. Watch 50 new films. (0/50)
35. Watch every DVD I own. (0/?)
36. Watch at least 5 new films at the cinema. (0/5)
37. Make it to the Boyzone concert I have tickets to in December.
38. Try to attend at least 3 concerts. (0/3)
39. See a musical at the theatre.
40. See a popular comedian live.

Trips Out / Travel

Usually my travel goals are much more adventurous and further afield (visit this country, spend  a day in London,  hop on a plane to Dublin for the day...), but right now I can't manage more than an hour or two out of bed. So, I've compiled a list of trips out I want to attempt locally, to add variety to my attempts to work on my mobility and pain tolerance out of bed. I feel that these kind of goals are important for strengthening my body, and for trying to get some sort of life back.

41. Go to the Wildlife Park.
42. Visit Christchurch in Oxford.
43. Visit The Old Prison in Oxford.
44. Visit The Ashmolean Museum.
45. Visit Pitt Rivers Museum.
46. Dawdle around the Covered Market... ideally at Christmas.
47. Visit Bourton-on-the-Water.
48. Visit Blenheim Palace.
49. Visit Broadway (in The Cotswolds, not NYC).
50. Visit at least 3 Cotswold villages / towns I've never visited before. (0/3)
51. Go for a walk along the river.
52. Go for a walk down the Water Meadow.
53. Go for a walk around The Dell.
54. Go on a picnic.
55. Manage a walk down town and back again.
56. Go to a Christmas market. (One of the European ones that pop up at Christmas time).


These are goals of foods and drinks I'd like to try, recipes I'd like to make, and places I'd like to eat out at. I've kept the baking and cooking goals very simple, as I find it difficult to stand long enough to do so, but I'd still like to prove to myself that I can manage a couple of recipes through the pain.

57. Go out for breakfast.
58. Go out for lunch or dinner.
59. Go out for cocktails.
60. Go out for cocktails at Raoul's.
61. Sit in at Patisserie Valerie.
62. Go for afternoon tea at Maison Blanc.
63. Try coffee.
64. Try sushi.
65. Try a burrito.
66. Try a new cocktail.
67. Learn how to make a cocktail at home.
68. Bake something from my Serendipity desert cookbook.
69. Make a new sweet recipe.
70. Make a new savoury recipe.
71. Bake chocolate peanut butter cookies.
72. Bake a rainbow cake.
73. Go strawberry picking.

Body and Soul

These are fashion, beauty, and health goals, including a bit of pampering, and some things I'd like to try.

74. Get my hair cut shorter again.
75. Go for a manicure.
76. Go for a pedicure.
77. Go for optician check up so I can get contacts regularly again.
78. Learn how to French-plait my hair.
79. Learn how to do perfect 'Milkmaid braids'.
80. Buy a curling wand and start curling my hair again.
81. Try 10 new nail art designs worth sharing. (0/10).
82. Find the perfect red lipstick.
83. Get something pierced.
84. Get at least one new tattoo.

For Living Things

Animals, plants, and people, oh my!

85. Adopt an animal.
86. Get a new pet.
87. Buy a house plant and keep it alive.
88. Grow sunflowers.
89. Donate 1 million grains of rice on (0/1,000,000)

To Do List

A few boring but essential goals.

90. Get my jewellery hooks up on the wall. (Looking at you, Dad)!
91. Clean up and back up all my music, photos, and other important files.
92. Keep a spending diary for a month.


And this is a list of things I want and need to buy, including a few pieces for my capsule wardrobe, a few things for overhauling my bedroom, and a couple of creative books.

93. Buy the book: 'How to Make Jewellery With Tatty Devine.'
94. Buy the three '642 Things To Draw' Books. (0/3).
95. Buy a new iPod dock.
96. Buy new bedding.
97. Buy a new chest of drawers or a new wardrobe.
98. Buy a new bedside lamp(s).
99. Buy the perfect winter coat.
100. Buy the perfect (p)leather biker jacket.
101. Buy the perfect versatile blazer.

So, if you're wondering what this list is all about, let me tell you! A 101 in 1001 Days or Mission 101 list is quite simply, a list of 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days. The goals are entirely up to you- they can be anything you want to achieve from seeing your favourite band live, to trying 50 new recipes, writing a novel, or just drinking water every day. Anything at all. And then you have 1001 days to cross them all off.

Check out Day Zero Project, and Mission 101 on Livejournal, where you'll find out more information and inspiration; and can sign up to track your progress, if you want to. They're both worth joining, but you could just as easily keep track using a notebook offline.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and if you'd like me to blog my progress, tell me what you think in the comments! Have a great weekend!



  1. you have great goals to achieve there, cocktails cake and crochet, that's 3 in one go! and a great afternoon/evening...or morning if you are hardcore hehe, brave girl over piercings too, I am a wuss x x

    1. It doesn't matter if I fail at crochet, I can't go wrong with cake and cocktails! Haha. Or weekend... I've only ever had my ears pierced once, and that's when I was 12, so I'm not sure how brave I'd be now... but I do want more done! xx


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