Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wednesday Wish List

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I can't say that my wish list this week is the most exciting or interesting wish list I've shared on this blog to date, but these thirteen pieces are on my wish list all the same.

As much as I adore bold summery colours (and you all know I do!), I've been finding myself going all gooey-eyed over dreamy dark wintry colours, which have started to filter in to my favourite shops. I'm drawn to forest green, teal, navy, and burgundy shades like a bargain shopper to a flash sale! These colours are so beautiful, and elegant.

This Autumn, I could definitely do with some new knitwear, since I really don't own a lot of winter knits. I've been searching for a red cardigan for a couple of years, and I want a couple of thick boyfriend cardigans like the New Look ones above. I actually purchased the forest green one last winter, but it was too big for me and I never got around to reordering a smaller size, which was stupid as it was such a perfect winter cardi. Hopefully this year I won't make that mistake again. 

I'm also lusting after a few Dorothy Perkins dresses, and two very beautiful polka dot midi dresses from Yours Clothing, although I can't decide if I prefer the black or navy best... Maybe I'll just have to buy both!

I know we don't want to admit that Autumn will soon be here, but realistically it'll probably be with most of us in the Northern Hemisphere in less than two months, so we'll be reaching for the chunky knits and darker colours before we know it! I plan to enjoy my summer outfits while I can!



  1. I have been looking at winter coats haha! I can see you in all of those pieces and I am eye-ing up the knitwear x ps I am posting as Sandra, my google comment name was Maria, which I liked but actually inherited it of google, I didn't mean to be deceptive but as a total techo-idiot i didn't know how to change it btw I have started a blog! totally out of my comfort zone! x

    1. You have to be prepared for cold days in this country! Haha! Aw thank you, Sandra! I would happily wear them all. Welcome to blogger, I'm so excited you've started a blog! I'll pop over and give you a follow. I'll have to get used to calling you Sandra now! Don't worry about it. Technology is confusing, and I think most people start off using different names when they start branching out on the internet. I sure did. You'll be surprised how quickly a blog can increase your confidence! x

  2. I'm feeling the autumnal colours already as well. This always happens - a couple of months before a season is over I'm ready for the next. I'm loving dark green right now and I've always HATED it because that colour was my school uniform colour. Weird! x x

    1. I usually get excited by new season clothes, but not the promise of winter and the long dark nights / short days. It's funny you say that as I always hated burgundy as it was the colour of my school uniform, but now I love it! xx

  3. I really love the asos star print dress it's fab xx


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