Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday Wish List

Over the last week or so I've been noticing dark Autumnal colours filtering back in to shops across the web, and I don't know if this is just me, but it seems to be uncharacteristically early, even for the fashion world. Amongst all the bright and cheerful summer shades, the luxurious burgundys, forest greens, teals, and dark navys look so out of place; and even though we've barely had a Summer yet, I can't help being drawn to clothes in these colours, and thinking ahead to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I must be crazy!

Dorothy Perkins has some simple but lovely skater dresses in a range of these darker tones (1), and New Look / New Look Inspire have the most beautiful dark and dreamy maxi skirts (4, 5) and sleeveless shirts (3) that I would love to add to my wardrobe. I'm particularly crazy about that blue floral maxi skirt; it looks like the perfect all-year staple. It may have to be purchased really soon...

Away from those enticing dark colours, I can't get the polka dot jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins (2) out of my head. If there was ever a jumpsuit that screamed 'Pretty Woman', this is it. I know you all know what dress I'm comparing it to here, girls! I actually ordered it a couple of days ago, and am currently waiting for it's arrival; I'm praying it will fit and suit me because through a laptop screen it seems nothing short of perfection and I have my hopes up!

Oh, and I must say that Forever 21 have some really cute accessories online right now. I've mentally claimed a gold harmonica necklace (8), and the set of dinosaur necklaces (9), and that's just for starters! I mean, why there are harmonica and dinosaur necklaces I cannot say, all I know is I need them! And that's basically how I justify all my purchases.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!



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    1. It's beautiful, but sadly didn't look right on me. xx

  2. I received 2 dresses today perfect for the autumn transition (yep, one teal/blue and black/white polka dot 50's as ever), I think it's good practise to think ahead (ahem!...)cannot wait to see you in your pretty woman jumpsuit, I think you will look fabulous in it, it is gorgeous x

    1. Wow, you're sure organised! They both sound so gorgeous. I think we need to be prepared for cooler weather in this country, but now it looks like this heat wave is set to stay for weeks! Sadly the jumpsuit wasn't meant to be. I tried on two sizes but neither looked quite right, so back they went xx

  3. I agree, I walked in to the inspire section in New Look and there was so much black! I mean that could just be because they want bigger people to wear black as they think it's more 'slimming'... but oh well. I love bright colours, and still want to get my hands on a neon handbag before the summer is over! Lovely picks :) Really like the green skater dress!
    Charlotte xxx Something Special To Say

    1. I'm actually amazed you managed to find an Inspire section in store; they seem to be removing them from all my local branches! The A/W clothes are definitely filtering in everywhere now, and it all looks so dark this time! I hope we're not going backwards with plus size fashion and they're not still trying to make us dress in black! I love colour, too, and I think you could add in a neon pink bag during the winter months; it would look amazing with lots of dark colours! I'm in love with the green skater dress, too!


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