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L'Occitane Petals Eye Quartet Eyeshadow Make Up Review

A few weeks back, I popped over to outlet village Bicester Village with my older sister and brother-in-law, and couldn't resist having a peek in L'Occitane while we were there. I only allowed myself one tiny little purchase, and came away with a beautiful eyeshadow palette for just £6.60 which was originally £22.00! I do love a bargain!

I bought the L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Petals Eye Quartet.

The outer packaging has a water colour design, which if you turn it on it's side, you will see is made up of the bodies of four dress-wearing ladies. It's a little grubby above the logo, but in general it looks very pretty and high-end.

Isn't this the most beautiful, feminine design for a make up product you've ever seen? Four ladies in dresses  in the shades of the eyeshadows! I like to think they're ballerinas.

The packaging is, as best as I can tell, made from thick card and covered with some type of paper or tape. (I'm useless at working these things out). It has a corrugated, masking-tape like texture, but it's also very sturdy, like a hardback book.

The palette is easy to open as it's simply magnetised. And voila! Inside it holds four really lovely eyeshadows, a mirror, and a double ended applicator brush.

These four eyeshadow shades are much more subtle, soft, and feminine then I generally wear, but sometimes a sweet, girlie look is necessary or even craved. These are the sort of colours I might wear to a wedding, or christening, or just when I want a sweet romantic look. The set includes a pale pink, a beige, a hot pink, and a dark purple, which could be worn alone, together, or in various combinations for day and night.

As the back of the packaging's blurb reveals, the eyeshadows have been enriched with a softening peony extract in shades which gracefully highlight the eyes. I have to agree; these powder eyeshadows are so delicate and soft on my skin. They glide on like silk, and create such lovely graceful looks. The make up is also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, and made in Italy.

 I've tried each of the colours out, and found they stay well in place for at least seven hours (longest I've worn them so far) without dulling / disappearing away. I'm very impressed!

These are the swatches on the back of my arm in natural daylight. I've not altered these two photos in any way, so you can see the real colours. I've very pale white skin, but I think these colours would work on most skin tones and colours. The pale pink is definitely best as a highlighter than a lone colour on very pale skin, though!

The palette's little mirror can be removed from the palette if required by pulling on the handy ribbon.

The back of the mirror is printed with the item's design.

It's quite a decent size mirror for a small eyeshadow palette, which makes it much easier to work with when applying the make up, or checking your face later on.

The eyeshadow brush provided is double ended with a different applicator at each end. It actually surprised me when I tried it out and realised how great the quality was. The sponge applicator is very soft and well attached, whilst the brush side is silky soft with no loose or sharp bristles. The make up glides on like a dream with both brushes, so I don't feel the need to use a different make up brush.

And finally, the back of the palette provides a few tips on how to use the different colours, which is helpful if you're unsure of how to wear these colours.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this truly beautiful eyeshadow palette, and I'm so glad I stumbled up on such a great bargain. I think it just goes to show, you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to buy up- market make up. I haven't bought a full price make up product in ages!

 I'd definitely recommend checking out outlet villages, and can tell you both Bicester Village in Oxfordshire, and Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth have great L'Occitane shops. I recently bought make up from both, so it's worth popping in to see if they still have some if you're nearby. The make up is gorgeous, and so worth the money because the quality is fantastic!

I should note, this WASN'T a sponsored post, I just genuinely wanted to talk about a product I'm impressed with, and thought you might like, too.

Have you used L'Occitane make up before?



  1. I'm not one for fancy make up, but it sounds like you got a real bargain here! I love the packaging, especially the mirror :)

    1. I love fancy make up, but I can't afford the price tag right now so outlet villages are a haven! I can't believe how cheap it was for such a lovely set. The packaging was impossible to resist!


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