Friday, 26 July 2013

All the Colours of the Rainbow

Hey guys,

I can't deny it any longer; I must purge this confession: I think I have a nail polish addiction! 

Okay, I know I do...

 I was organising my nail polish drawer (yes, I have a nail polish drawer; a whole drawer) a couple of days ago, and as I grouped the bottles by colour on my bed I decided to count; sixty, seventy, eighty... the number continued to rise, and when I'd finished, I must admit even I was shocked by the total. It turns out I own 107 nail polishes, and 3 nail art pens! One hundred and ten bottles of nail polish! How in the name of Jebus did that happen?!

Well, I know how that happened; I bought most of them. I can't walk past a nail polish display without at 
least skimming over the selection of colours available, and if a nail colour I like is just a couple of pounds (or less), I can usually justify the purchase. Let's face it, a small purchase here and there never hurt anybody, and it will rarely leave a dent in the bank account. I mostly buy drug store branded polishes which cost between ninety nine pence and four pounds; I have no desire to pay luxury prices for a single polish, so I see my collection as harmless... Albeit, ever so ridiculous in size. 

I mean, who really needs one hundred and ten nail polishes? Want, maybe, but need? Not many of us. I enjoy painting my nails and wearing every colour imaginable, and even though I know my collection is vast, I can never seem to restrain from buying new shades to try. What can I say? I get bored of wearing the same colours, and find nail painting a therapeutic, relaxing pastime which I'm able to do even when I'm confined to bed.

I've decided I need to curb spending money on nail polish for a while, and concentrate on revisiting colours I already own, and trying new combinations together. I can't say if I'll succeed for long, or even at all, but I'm at least going to try.

I'm sure others have a much larger collection than I have- beauty bloggers, I'm looking at you! How big is your nail polish collection? Does yours put mine to shame?



  1. That's quite a collection you have there! Some lovely colours though. I have only in the past couple of months managing to stop biting my nails and so my collection is increasing now, I have a way to go before I get that many though! xx

    1. Thanks. I've gone a bit overboard in the last year, it seems. Oops. I used to be a nail biter, too, but now I love having colourful nails. I'm sure your collection will increase quickly now you've stopped biting them! It was such a novelty for me when I managed it! xx

  2. Holy moly that's quite a collection, I only have a handful of colours - as a sewist/general crafty lady I find I chip nail polish pretty easily so I'm reluctant to wear it. We all need our simple pleasures in life and if yours is nail polish - well it doesn't really cause any harm does it ;)

    1. I think my collection was only at about 15-20 before I injured my back, as mine would chip within 2 minutes of being at work (in retail). Dust, cardboard boxes, and constantly washing my hands made them chip and get brittle, so I can relate to this. It's just a waste of time if you're a creative person! I guess it's a novelty for me now my nails are stronger, and you're right, it's not harming anybody. xx

  3. Replies
    1. I know! I'm just as shocked as you are! Haha xx


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