Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wednesday Wish List

I think you're going to like this week's selection. I seem to have succeeded in compiling the most adorable selection of clothes and accessories- and completely by accident, too!  This wish list is probably the cutest one I've created to date, and I hope you enjoy it.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 //

Fashion has really developed a sense of humour this season; everywhere I look I can find something quirky and fun, and that's just the way I like my style to be.

Modcloth is definitely a brand who are never short of original, cute, and kitsch designs. There are bags shaped like boxing gloves, ladybirds, beavers, and more. They have earrings shaped like cheese, and rings inspired by koalas. Shoes with foxes and owls on the toes, and clothes with the most beautiful prints and designs adorning them. 

I've not yet shopped with Modcloth, though I regularly browse the website and fall in love with everything. They have an extensive plus size range which is loud and colourful, and always on the ball with fashionable designs. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm a little more financially stable so I can begin shopping with them, as it's all to die for. While we're on the subject, can anyone tell me if you get taxed if you order from England? The whole tax malarkey to parcels still confuses me; you'd think those charges would be covered in the retail price!

This wishlist is just a portion of the pieces I've been lusting after this week. I'm particularly smitten with the red polka dot fox pumps, like you wouldn't believe! What I wouldn't give to have them in my collection. I also have a soft spot for the cheese studs, the boxing glove and beaver bags, the Russian doll print scarf, the gingham dress, and the two jackets, but in an ideal world I'd take them all!

Which pieces are your favourite?


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Zatchels Classic Satchel Review

A couple of weeks ago, I became the proud owner of a beautiful Zatchels satchel after winning a Facebook competition. I enter giveaways on a fairly regular basis never believing I'll ever win, so to say I was surprised and elated to find out I'd won is an understatement! I still cannot quite believe I won such a wonderful prize, but I guess luck was just on my side that day.

Two days after I was notified by the competition holder, a large cardboard box appeared on my doorstep. I'd assumed (for some reason) it would be the smallest satchel in the range, but the satchel concealed within a black drawstring dust-bag looked enormous. I soon learnt I'd won this 14.5 inch Classic red satchel!

I thought I'd review the bag for you, since it's so beautiful, and also because I know some people aren't sure what to think of Zatchels after being disappointed by the length of time they had to wait for orders from their birthday sale back in April. I personally had to wait ten weeks to receive my heart print barrel bag, but I discovered it was worth the wait. And this one would have been, too. I should add, this is NOT a sponsored post or a condition of the competition; this is solely a review of a product I am pleased with.

Zatchels's Classic satchels have to be my favourite out of the eighteen collections they currently have to their name (closely followed by the Love Hearts and Polka Dots collections, naturally). I've been coveting a simple block-colour leather satchel for many years; there's just something so effortlessly stylish about this style of satchel. A simple, unspoiled design based on those from the past. It's the style many people would associate with school bags of days gone by, although sadly growing up in the eighties and nineties my school bags were never so chic.

My Classic red satchel is made of matte leather of the finest quality I've probably ever seen, which can really be felt when you pick it up or run a hand across it. It's a heavy weight, thick, and so sturdy. It's so perfectly put together, with the neatest stitching and not a single defect. I'm truly impressed by how beautifully made it is; especially knowing that it's been hand made! Zatchels make all of their bags by hand, using a small team of expert craftsmen, and I really believe that to be true. The satchel has been made with true skill, far superior to the quality of anything you find on the high street. It's a work of art!

If I had chosen the colour myself, I would have gone with either navy or red, so you can imagine how thrilled I am to own a satchel in a colour I've lusted after for years. The red is a beautiful deep dark red, darker than these photos suggest. The best comparison I can make is to liken it to the colour of a deep red apple. It's a very Autumnal shade; it's classic; it's professional... something I can imagine using for a job interview in the future.

The satchel features two silver nickel buckles which need to be unfastened and fastened by hand. This is in my opinion, a little inconvenient, but on the other hand, it helps to keep the contents of the bag secure from pick-pocketers.

Inside, the bag has two compartments, a large main section with tons of room for those daily essentials and
 wide enough to hold A4 items, and a smaller section at the front with plenty of room for keys, your phone, and other items you need to grab quickly. It's a large day bag, and great if you're like me and like to bring the kitchen sink with you when you're out for the day.

Something which I'm particular with when it comes to bags is the length of the strap. I like cross body bags to be long enough to sit on the hip, but they're often far shorter. This satchel, however, can sit beyond the hip on the longest notch, which I am thrilled about! It has a 150cm long strap which can be adjusted to several different lengths to cater to different needs and preferences. Perfect!

The Classic leather satchels come in five different sizes from 11.5 inch to 17.5 inch in width, starting at £86. I was given the medium size, 14.5 inch, which is £92 before adding in extras such as a handle, strap slider, and / or personalisation. My satchel was given a handle which would cost an additional £8, bringing this beauty to £100. I'm pleased it has a handle as I personally prefer the way it looks with one, and I like having the option of carrying it by hand. It's an extremely sturdy handle, and I can't imagine it losing shape over time. This bag also has a card holder on the front, which seems to be part of the basic design for satchels over 13 inches... although, I'm not sure if I'll ever make use of it.

So, I'm completely impressed and in love with my Zatchels satchel, and I've yet to find a fault in it. It's high quality, beautifully made, and has all the features a good day bag should have. I can see this satchel complimenting a variety of different outfits, and I'm especially looking forward to accessorising my Autumn outfits with it. I'd happily have paid good money for this satchel, and I'm likely to collect others in the future. I have my heart set on buying a violet pastel polka dot bag one day.

I'd recommend this satchel if you're thinking of purchasing a leather satchel, and to my knowledge, Zatchels currently have a pop up outlet shop at Bicester Village, and a factory shop in Leicester, if you're looking to grab a bargain!

Do you own a Zatchels satchel? What do you think about them?


Monday, 29 July 2013

In a Heartbeat

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, and I spent the little bit of birthday money I was given on dresses. My, aren't you guys stunned by that revelation?! You've never heard of me buying dresses before; no sir, not once! Ahem...

One of the dresses which I had been returning to time and time again over the past months was a navy and cream heart print prom dress from ASOS Curve. I literally had it saved in my 'saved list' for several months. It looked like a beautiful dress in the prom dress style I love best, but the price tag of £50 was a bit out of my budget. So, when I saw it had gone in to the summer sale at the beginning of the month, and was reduced to just £15, I didn't hesitate to make my purchase. 

And voila! 

Now, when this dress turned up about a week later, I was quite surprised with the dress I tore out of the packaging. It seems I really hadn't bothered to read the item description properly. In my head I was expecting a light-weight, cotton or viscose fit and flare prom dress, not unlike my yellow polka dot AX Paris dress; something simple and fluid with no layers beneath it.

 So, I was really surprised to see this dress had a huge pleated skirt with tulle beneath it on both hips to create a big full skirt!

It was a surprise, but not a bad one. Who would be disappointed to find out a dress which cost them just £15 had a beautiful fifties style skirt shaped with tulle? Not me, even though I'm not quite sure where I'd wear it. Even if it never gets worn somewhere, it's still fun to dress up in around the house.

So... the dress is lined, and the skirt is also lined with tulle; although this is only around the hips and not the entire circumference of the skirt. If it had been added all the way around, this skirt would be ginormous. It's already much wider than my hips by a couple of inches on either side.

The dress from the waist down is fitted really nicely, but as you can see, on top it's far too big on me. I would normally be able to hide that with a cardigan, but I thought I'd show you a true review of this dress instead of dressing it in to an outfit. I'd say it's at least two sizes too big on top; my chest area begins about an inch or so in on either side. It's baggy around my boobs, shoulders, and arms, but I plan to get it altered to fit me properly. I don't have the largest of chests but anybody that does will probably find this dress a much better fit. It's certainly got plenty of room to accommodate ample bra sizes.

I should add, this frock has a zip to the side, and a fitted waist band in case anybody wants to know.

The dress is made of polyester, but it's a good thick fabric and fairly heavy, too. It doesn't feel like cheap, nasty polyester at all; it's actually quite soft to the touch. The fabric is navy, with cream hearts all over the front and back. The hearts are small around the bust and waist, and are gradually larger and larger as you follow the dress down to the hem, which I imagine was designed to draw the eyes to the waist and make it look smaller. Regardless of whether you care about making your figure look smaller, I think the print is pretty and fun, without looking tacky and childish. It's nice to see a dress with a heart print which isn't pink or red!

This is the print from the bottom end of the dress. Isn't it cute?

Since I was wearing a dressy prom dress, I dug out my pearl corsage bracelet, which I think I bought in Dorothy Perkins a few years ago. Although, It may have been from Accessorize. Either way, I think it's so pretty.

I can't help noticing how many new freckles I've gained on my hands and arms over the last couple of weeks. The annoying thing is, I've caught more on my left side than my right from being a passenger in the car, so while my left arm has larger, darker freckles from the sun, my right arm still has mostly delicate winter freckles. Oops.

I was also wearing my double cameo necklace which I won in Rachel's giveaway a couple of months ago. I adore it!

Outfit Details

Dress-ASOS Curve // Bracelet-Accessorize or Dorothy Perkins // Necklace-From a giveaway

So, overall I'm happy with this dress. It's beautiful, fun, and a real bargain!

You can find the dress still on sale for £15 on ASOS's website here, where sizes 20-26 UK are still available.

Make sure you stop by tomorrow when I'll be reviewing my new Zatchels satchel!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Favourites #40

Happy Sunday folks!

Are you ready for a little Sunday inspiration? If so, read on!


These delicate feather tattoos are so simple yet so pretty.


Isn't this leg piece beautiful?

I love the use of pastel eyeshadows in this look; they work so well together.

This pastel make up look is also lovely. It would be great for a summer wedding!

How does Dita always look so perfectly dressed and glamorous? This dress is a beauty. What I wouldn't give to raid her wardrobe.

This braided bohemian updo looks like the perfect summer updo. I'm going to give this one a try really soon as my long hair is driving me insane, and proving almost suffocating on hot, humid days.

Loving this watercolour nail look.

Ally of Now That's Pretty hand painted these toucans on her dress with acrylic paints, and doesn't it look amazing?! It may in fact be the best dress I've ever seen! I want a toucan print dress!! I'm now inspired to create my own prints... the only problem is most of my clothes are already patterned.


These confetti adorned walls are so eye catching. There's just something about pops of colour on a white background that I love.


This tropical rainbow eye make up look is stunning. It's definitely been added to my to-try list.


Can I have this bathroom, please? Oh, that bath!


Ignoring the creepy image in the background, this tattoo sleeve is seriously beautiful. The shading is incredible.


This is brilliant.



This pony's best friend is a giant teddy bear, and isn't that just the most adorable thing ever?


I'd love to relax on the beach in style like this!


I stumbled upon a Tumblr blog called (check it out!) and fell in love with this beautiful outfit. Isn't that dress stunning?


This photo of an elephant swimming under water makes me smile. It looks so happy!


I also discovered another great new plus size fashion and body positivity blog called  and couldn't help sharing this OOTD. So much love for that galaxy dress.

Love this watermelon manicure.

This cake is so beautifully decorated! I want to decorate everything in pansies / violas... except I'd be sad to behead them when they could be brightening up a flower bed.


The Isle of Skye lush in purple heather. Absolutely stunning. I'd love to visit it someday. I've been as far north as Inverness, but that was only for a day for a concert.




These two divers got a bit of a shock when two forty-ton humpback whales broke through the water to feed on masses of fish they'd been hunting! I don't think whales tend to feast on humans, but I bet the experience was both terrifying and amazing. It was captured on camera; click through and watch the video!


If you're a movie buff you might enjoy this one- Child Stars, Now and Then. I personally think the biggest shock was seeing how Peter Ostrum aka Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory's Charlie Bucket looks now!


Appreciate the present.


A little piglet to make you smile.

And here's a few other things which might interest you...

// The Very Best of Yahoo Answers... there are no words. What are kids being taught these days?!

// Stuff You Hoped You'd Have in Your Twenties VS. What You Actually Have. This is pretty accurate.

// 32 of the world's most beautiful places. I want to visit them all.

// Water, Most Amazing Element in Nature. Some truly beautiful places.

// 52 Totally Feasible Ways to Organise Your Entire Home. Helpful ideas for organising your home.

// 15 Useful Internet Tricks. These are pretty handy.

And finally, I stumbled up on this great Tumblr blog called Colorful Happiness / Have a Great Day which is a blog of inspiring, positive and supportive quotes and images that could help anybody going through a tough time in their lives. I've been inspired by so many of the quotes myself, and I think anybody who loves beautifully designed quotes will enjoy the blog, too.

Have a great day.

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