Thursday, 27 June 2013

Three Little Birds

When the lovely Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion contacted me recently to ask if I wanted to review something for Three, the network provider for mobile phones , I of course said yes.

You see, living in our technology driven world, I'm very much attached to my mobile phone, like most people, and it's never far from my hand. I'd be lost without my faithful old phone as I use it for everything from social networking to taking photos, listening to music, to staying in touch with family and friends. I wouldn't function well without it! 

So when I was asked to review mobile phone accessories, it seemed like the perfect collaboration for me. I was given a few choices, but I chose a pair of ear phones as they suited my style and blog best, and I also thought you'd enjoy them, too.

  Lauren was such a sweetheart and had them gifted and shipped to me in less than two days, which was fantastic service, and I fell in love with them immediately.

I chose a pair of Accessorize's novelty Birdy earphones which are the most adorable earphones I've ever seen or owned. A colourful, tattoo-style Blue Tit embellishes each ear bud, and the wiring is pale pink and long enough to reach a trouser pocket.

They're designed to fit all standard mobile phones and mp3 players, so they fit both my Blackberry and my iPod; which is great as I love to listen to music from both.

I've not used anything other than Apple iPod earphones and Skullcandy headphones for years, and had never used ear buds before, so I was excited to try them out...

And what better place to try them than in the garden where the real birdies sing?

Aren't they lovely?

The birds are made from rubber, and sit on the back of the plastic and rubber ear buds so they can make a statement of your ears while you're listening to music!

It's hard to see in the sun day light, but I was listening to songs from Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' album, which is one of my all time favourites. Considering the album name, it's ironic that I find this album so uplifting, especially during the summer months!

As you can see, they go perfectly with my red Blackberry curve. They coordinate with the pink and lilac Cath Kidston case much better than iPod earphones do. (I broke the black Blackberry ones a year or so ago).

These ear buds are fantastic! I've used this in both the house and the garden so far, and find that they sit comfortably in the ear. As they sit much deeper in the ear than earphones and headphones, I found myself hearing the music far more clearly. I was discovering new sounds in songs I've been listening to regularly for years!

The other night I was listening to some mellow songs before I went to sleep and three hours later I was still awake as I was enjoying using the ear buds so much, and the quality of the music heard through them.

The ear buds are of brilliant quality, and reasonably priced at just £12 a pair; much cheaper than most on the market. I think they're a really cute design; the perfect pair for wearing with my dress collection. There are many more designs in the range, and I'm tempted to pick up another design or two to use with different outfits.

You came find the Birdy pair on Accessorize's website here, and if you want to find out more about Three mobile, you can find them here

*Please note that these ear buds were gifted to me in exchange for a review, but as always, all words, thoughts, and opinions are my own.


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