Friday, 7 June 2013

Oranges and Lemons

Morning guys,

I'm sorry that it's been a couple of weeks since my last outfit of the day post, but I have something resembling one for you today.

I've just returned home from a two week stay with my sister at her home in Portsmouth. I mostly spent the time resting from the sofa or from bed, engrossed with old episodes of The Hairy Bikers (I love them!), and The Vicar of Dibley, but I was able to get out a little here and there.

On Saturday, we popped in to Gunwharf Quays, which is Portsmouth's outlet village. What's lovely about shopping there, apart from the great shops, is that it's situated right on the harbour, so it makes a scenic, relaxing environment to shop in. It's just a couple of miles from my sister's home, or I should say was as my sister and brother in law are moving today; so it was a journey I could physically cope with. We popped in quickly to pick up a couple of gifts; but that morphed in to dawdling along the water front with an ice cream, and somehow resulted in taking a short boat trip around the harbour.

We had no interest in seeing the Navy vessels or various other boats and ships dotted around the small bit of coast line; we both just liked the idea of being out on the sea in the scorching sunshine. It was a gorgeous hot day. I decided to push my pain tolerance to the limit to go on it, although I hadn't considered the fact the boat would have stairs. Somehow I managed it, and I enjoyed being out on the water with the sun on my skin. I couldn't move for twelve hours when I got home, but it was worth the pain.

So, what did I wear?

I wore my sunshine yellow polka dot dress from AX Paris which you've seen a couple of times over the last year. It's one of my favourite dresses, and one I always have the urge to wear when the sun is shining. The colour is so uplifting! This was actually the first time I've worn it out in public, and probably the only time I've worn bright yellow in public without feeling self-conscious! I think that just shows how far I've come along the road to self-acceptance.

I usually wear this dress with white and turquoise pieces, but on this occasion I had the urge to try it with coral... and I really liked the result! The colour combination is so pretty. 

I'm sorry I haven't got any full-length outfit photos to share with you. I wasn't happy with any of them- a wind-swept Louise with no make up and a swollen irritated eye is not a pretty sight! I didn't think it was far to subject you to that!

The shrug came from Lovedrobe last summer, which I love for the scalloped edging. I have this shrug in black and off-white, too, and they're perfect summer cardigans. I wish they'd came in other colours, too.

The cropped leggings are ruched at the sides, and came from New Look about two years ago. They're great for wearing under summer frocks for that extra bit of comfort and reassurance, if, like me, you're not comfortable with completely exposing your legs.

I'm still unable to wear any footwear other than flip flops at the moment, so I was wearing my battered pink Havaianas. Hopefully I'll be back in pretty shoes by Autumn.

 The saddle bag was from Accessorize, which I'm afraid is another old piece;  it's without a doubt one of my best summer day bags. 

I bought the skunk cameo necklace from Life's Big Canvas earlier this year (and extended the chain with some ribbon), and the daisy studs are by River Island which I recently picked up for the purse-friendly sum of two pounds.

I love this little skunk!

Don't you think the daisies are just the friendliest flower?

Oh, and I had a couple of coats of Barry M's Gelly Paint in Mango on my nails to complete the fiery look.

Outfit Details

Dress-AX Paris // Leggings-New Look (size 16 on eBay here) // Shrug- Lovedrobe // 
Saddle Bag-Accessorize // Necklace-Life's Big Canvas // Earrings-River Island // 
Flip Flops-Havaianas // Glasses- Roxy // Nail Polish-Barry M Gelly in Mango

Who knew an industrial English harbour could look so pretty?

If you're ever along the south coast of England, and are looking for somewhere lovely to shop, grab a drink, or eat out, make sure you check out Gunwharf Quays. I personally recommend you do!



  1. I looove this dress on you at the best of times, and it's gorgeous with the coral accents! The bag and the daisy earrings go perfectly, aw! xxx

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Hannah. You really are lovely. xx

  2. one of my favourite dresses on you, the swift sea air can be a menace to a full skirt! the earrings are just gorgeous, they remind me of my auntie who had massive daisy earrings (she was a glamour-puss)x

    1. Aw thank you, Maria! The sea was a menace to the skirt, I had to tuck it under my thighs to pin it down! Lol. I do love the earrings; I'm a sucker for daisies xx

  3. I love how in the first picture, most people around you are wearing basic/neutral colors and there you are in the middle, a happy pop of color ^-^ so cute! Makes me want to add more yellow to my wardrobe, you look great it in, especially with your hair!

    This looks like such a lovely day from what you described in the post, the harbour is so pretty! :D

    1. I didn't actually realise that until you pointed it out! I'm usually a rare bit of colour wherever I go (although my sister was also wearing a colourful outfit)! I just love colour so much! I think you'd look wonderful in yellow, especially with your gorgeous dark hair. Aw thank you.

      It was so hot and sunny, and the water was just beautiful. I love how the outlet village, and restaurants and bars are set right on the harbour. xx

  4. It look so pretty :) it great you got out for a while and had a fab time. You look lovely xx

    1. It was really pretty. Aw thank you, you're so lovely xx

  5. Wow! I would never have thought of wearing those two colours together but they look so good. I want to try it. I'm sorry you were in so much pain afterwards but glad you had a good day. x x

    1. It's surprising what colours actually work with yellow. I also love to wear yellow with hot pink, and purple (seperately). I think you'd look fab in yellow! Thanks hun. It was worth it xx


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