Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Favourites #36

Hey folks,

I have so many things I want to share with you today! This feature expands little by little every week, as I love putting these posts together and can't justify leaving the good stuff out. Next I'll be splitting Serendipity Sunday in to two parts, and posting one on Monday! But, I'll try not to.

Just be yourself.

Stunning eye make up.

I want to try this look.

The dress, tattoos, and hair are all perfect!

Aren't these blue roses beautiful?

I love this blue rose tattoo, too.

These tulle skirts are available on Etsy in a rainbow of colours, and they do custom sizes, too!

Still love the print of this dress.

I forget if I've posted this apple nail art before, but it's so cute.

I want to cut my fruit in to star shapes! So simple, but so cool.

I love this dress. This lady made it from her Mum's old curtains!! Amazing.

I want to try this hair crown braid.

I used to have nightmares about sinking in quick sand thanks to dramatic TV shows.

How cute are these cup cake boxes? They're can be purchased on Etsy to download! I know I'm tempted!

I wish I had a baking cupboard like this. Actually, I wish I had my own baking cupboard.

Cute kitchen.

Okay, I've never been on a picnic that looked like this. Why aren't I doing this?


These traditional beach huts are adorable.

Arbor is a rescue dog from Las Vegas, who now spend his time painting to raise money for local animal charities! Isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Love this tattoo

I don't know why this image amuses me so much.


At first glance these swings look like bus stop seating, (which would be the coolest thing ever), but it's actually an art installation in Montreal that plays music as you swing! I want a go!

I'm good at being me, and I'm proud of who I am.

Simple as that.

All things happen for a reason.

I'd love puppy cuddles with this litter of wrinkly Shar-pei puppies!

// Orphaned Pitbull Puppy Adopted By Mama Cat. These photos will warm your heart.

// I love the way The Frugal Closet has organised her make up drawers inspired by a tutorial on Youtube.

// Who's going to have a go at Miss Indie's Summer Photography Challenge? I might.

// I'm not sure I'd want to have this big pup sleeping at the foot of the bed... but what a beautiful animal.


Saturday, 29 June 2013

New Little Additions to My Cath Kidston Collection

Hey guys,

Just a quick post from me today. I thought you might like to see a couple of little travel accessories I picked up in Cath Kidston last weekend. 

My older sister, brother-in-law and I popped over to Bicester Village, which is a well known outlet village not far from where we live. The sister wanted to look for household accessories and I rarely turn down an invitation to go to Cath Kidston. Who does? The brother-in-law tagged along for waffles and gelato (from another vendor, obviously), which I guess was his reward for being subjected to some girlie outlet shopping. Thankfully, for him, and my back, we weren't there long.

Cath Kidston was rammed with bargains and bargain shoppers alike, and it was pretty difficult to negotiate our way around to browse. A lot of the S/S products had finally made their way in to the outlet shop, including the wild strawberry print, which I love. I had to force myself to be sensible, and just treated myself to a passport cover, and a travel card holder. Oh, and some cardboard folders to organise injury related paperwork.

So, I know I'm unable to go travelling at the moment, but I bought this passport cover as I adore the cute print, and my current passport cover doesn't fit in my CK travel wallet. My passport is my main source of ID, so it'll get used from time to time. It's slimline, sturdy, and also easy to keep clean, and was just £4 on sale, instead of £8! You can find it online here, currently for £5.

I also bought myself this ticket holder. I've needed something like it for years, as I don't like pulling my wallet out every two seconds when I'm travelling, and I always crease tickets or demagnetise them if I keep them in my pocket. I'm not sure what the name of this print is, but it's at least a few seasons old. The background is a camel colour, and it's covered in a floral and bird print. This is one CK print I didn't previously have in my collection

Trying to take a photo of the inside was tricky, but inside it has three clear compartments to make travelling that bit easier. It was £4 on sale instead of the £6 RRP. This one isn't online anymore, but there are different styles available here.

Are you off to do a bit of sale shopping today, or have you nabbed yourselves any good bargains recently?


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Three Little Birds

When the lovely Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion contacted me recently to ask if I wanted to review something for Three, the network provider for mobile phones , I of course said yes.

You see, living in our technology driven world, I'm very much attached to my mobile phone, like most people, and it's never far from my hand. I'd be lost without my faithful old phone as I use it for everything from social networking to taking photos, listening to music, to staying in touch with family and friends. I wouldn't function well without it! 

So when I was asked to review mobile phone accessories, it seemed like the perfect collaboration for me. I was given a few choices, but I chose a pair of ear phones as they suited my style and blog best, and I also thought you'd enjoy them, too.

  Lauren was such a sweetheart and had them gifted and shipped to me in less than two days, which was fantastic service, and I fell in love with them immediately.

I chose a pair of Accessorize's novelty Birdy earphones which are the most adorable earphones I've ever seen or owned. A colourful, tattoo-style Blue Tit embellishes each ear bud, and the wiring is pale pink and long enough to reach a trouser pocket.

They're designed to fit all standard mobile phones and mp3 players, so they fit both my Blackberry and my iPod; which is great as I love to listen to music from both.

I've not used anything other than Apple iPod earphones and Skullcandy headphones for years, and had never used ear buds before, so I was excited to try them out...

And what better place to try them than in the garden where the real birdies sing?

Aren't they lovely?

The birds are made from rubber, and sit on the back of the plastic and rubber ear buds so they can make a statement of your ears while you're listening to music!

It's hard to see in the sun day light, but I was listening to songs from Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' album, which is one of my all time favourites. Considering the album name, it's ironic that I find this album so uplifting, especially during the summer months!

As you can see, they go perfectly with my red Blackberry curve. They coordinate with the pink and lilac Cath Kidston case much better than iPod earphones do. (I broke the black Blackberry ones a year or so ago).

These ear buds are fantastic! I've used this in both the house and the garden so far, and find that they sit comfortably in the ear. As they sit much deeper in the ear than earphones and headphones, I found myself hearing the music far more clearly. I was discovering new sounds in songs I've been listening to regularly for years!

The other night I was listening to some mellow songs before I went to sleep and three hours later I was still awake as I was enjoying using the ear buds so much, and the quality of the music heard through them.

The ear buds are of brilliant quality, and reasonably priced at just £12 a pair; much cheaper than most on the market. I think they're a really cute design; the perfect pair for wearing with my dress collection. There are many more designs in the range, and I'm tempted to pick up another design or two to use with different outfits.

You came find the Birdy pair on Accessorize's website here, and if you want to find out more about Three mobile, you can find them here

*Please note that these ear buds were gifted to me in exchange for a review, but as always, all words, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Birthday Wednesday Wish List

With just under a week to go 'til my birthday, I've been thinking and day dreaming about all those items I've been coveting most lately. The pieces which I am desperate to own and would point out to family members should they ask for ideas, or would like to purchase to if I receive money as gifts from relatives, which I sometimes do. I don't ever expect gifts from anybody, so this is more of a dream list than anything else... and a reminder of the things I most hope to acquire before they go.

 My most wanted list is made up of a good variety of items and definitely highlights my love for colourful, patterned, quirky, kitsch, fun, and lady-like designs. My outfit posts may seem quite repetitive, but I do have quite eclectic tastes, and enjoy wearing a variety of  styles.

I would be over-joyed to own any of these things, but especially the kooky strawberry (3) and owl (12) shaped bags from Accessorize, which I adore, and all or any of the dresses. Besides Lauren's pink ice cream print dress (1), I can't stop thinking about the Aztec asymmetric New Look dress (6) with it's incredible striking dipped skirt; I think it looks so versatile. I've also not been able to get the Simply Be blazer in menthol (2) out of my head since I saw Hanna of The Wardrobe Challenge rocking it in her Fatshion Faceoff post last Wednesday. (Didn't all the FF ladies look amazing together in NYC?!) I love the colour and the pearl buttons, and can see it working so well with my yellow polka dot prom dress. It must be mine!

There may be extra pieces on this list by the time my birthday rolls around, but I do hope I can call a few of these beauties mine before they sell out. I don't object to treating myself to things around my birthday, so I wouldn't be surprised if I 'accidently' make a few cheeky purchases myself...


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Under the Green Umbrella Trees

Hey there, lovelies,

I've got a quick casual outfit to share with you this morning, which I wore to the hospital to be lectured and patronized by my physiotherapist yesterday morning. I'd go in to what happened, but I'd only start to rant about what she said.

The dress which I am wearing in this post is one of two frocks I purchased last week with a New Look voucher I won from Becky and Betty's joint blog giveaways. It was a lovely surprise to find out I'd won, and I was obviously excited to spend it as it's been a while since I've been able to afford new clothes for myself. So, thank you so much ladies! I purchased a cobalt blue chiffon dress, and this lovely denim number...

This lovely light-wash denim dress is so effortlessly wearable. It is the perfect dress to be worn casually in the day time for running errands, going to hospital appointments, and perhaps doing a spot of shopping. I think it could also work down the pub in the evening, at festivals and concerts, and perhaps even for nights out if the right accessories are used.

I was drawn to the dress online due to the pretty crochet collar detail which is shaped like sunflowers, but I also knew it would be the perfect casual piece to add to my rather dressy wardrobe. I don't have many casual pieces I can just throw on for a hospital appointment or for nipping to the supermarket. This dress certainly solves that problem perfectly.

The dress is made from a decent denim which isn't too heavy or too thin (although my leggings can be seen through the fabric). It'll be ideal for wearing all year round. I originally thought this was a prom dress style, but it actually has a modest asymmetric hem; although I really love that about it. (I'm still loving asymmetric skirts.) I did however, size up as I thought it had a fitted waist, but it turns out it's elasticated so it's rather loose on me- especially around the boobs... (However, this dress should be able to accommodate you ladies with ample chests). I cinched in the waist tightly at the back with the matching denim belt, which solves most of the over-sizing, and a cardigan disguises most of the looseness around the girls. I presume the denim isn't pre-shrunk, so I imagine it'll probably shrink a little in the wash, anyway, as I wear it. I just couldn't be bothered to return and reorder.

I'm smitten with this dress, and I'm so pleased I purchased it. It was a bargain at just £24.99, and I know it will be getting regular wear from now on. My only bug bear about it, is that it creases so easily, but that's a common issue with light-weight denim...

So, yesterday, I wore it with my basic purple Evans leggings, and a scalloped off white shrug by Lovedrobe. I wore my blue Havaianas flip flops as my toes are still recovering from operations and can't be enclosed, and used my pin stripe River Island satchel. I accessorised with a few pieces of jewellery which I'll show you below.

Here you can get a glimpse of the dress not hidden beneath a cardigan.

I love this beautiful neckline.

This is one of my favourite bags from my collection. I find the combination of colours, patterns, and textures interesting and aesthetically pleasing. It came from River Island about a year and a half ago, and it looks great with the dress.

I can't help but smile when I see daisies, and they're scattered all across our lawns now Summer has arrived.

And these are the accessories which I also wore. I won the double cameo necklace and the pearl bracelet with the flower charm from Rachel's blog giveaway a month or so ago, and I've barely taken them off since. I have a soft side for cameos and pearls, and I don't think I could love these two pieces more! I'm particularly crazy about the double necklace.The other two pearl bracelets are by Matalan, and the daisy earrings are a current line from River Island.

Outfit Details

Dress-New Look Inspire // Leggings-Evans // Shrug-Lovedrobe // Flip Flops-Havaianas // 
Satchel-River Island (ebay here)  // Daisy Earrings- River Island // Plain Pearl Bracelets-Matalan // Floral Charm Pearl Bracelet-Won in Rachel's giveaway // 
Cameo Necklace-Won in Rachel's giveaway //

This dress is definitely a winner, and I recommend it to all you denim loving ladies. It's available in sizes 18-28 on the New Look website, and if you're thinking of purchasing one, you should be fine with your normal size. Trust me, ladies, you need this dress. I'm certain you won't regret the purchase!

Do you like denim dresses? How would you style this dress?

I'm personally planning to restyle it with tan and brown accessories, along with a few thin braids in my hair.

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