Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wednesday Wish List

It's that time of the week again... time for a Wednesday Wish List. 

This week I'm particularly lusting after Accessorize accessories, and dresses in reds and oranges.

I fell in love with this Per Una cardigan when I was in store recently. The fabric is super soft cotton, and it's absolutely perfect. It's striped, it's polka dotted, and it has an unusual bunting print; isn't it amazing?! This cardigan is exactly my style, and would merge in perfectly with my wardrobe. At £35.00 it's not cheap, but I may have convinced my sister to buy me it for my birthday!

I find the burnt sienna shade of this dress a bit unusual for this time of year; it's a colour I'd associate more with Autumn, but it has a fantastic elephant print all over it, which I love. And at just £16.99, it won't break the bank!

One of the best things about summer is being able to wear maxi dresses, and this one is a beauty. The kaleidoscope pattern, and the warm colours are both so pretty and stylish.

I'm also intrigued by this gypsy-style maxi dress. With the right accessories, I think this multi-patterned dress could be turned in to a fabulous outfit.

I've never worn a bralet before, but I've long admired the trend, and now New Look Inspire are making them accessible for plus sizes! I'm not sure how I'd make it work with my wardrobe, but I adore the floral print, and design.

I'm loving all the colourful bohemian bags and accessories Accessorize have in this season. They're fantastic to add some interest to any summer outfit. This clutch is amazing, and the little mirrored circles remind me of a waistcoat my sister wore in the nineties with similar detailing! Looking back I think 'what were you thinking?', but at the time I loved that waist coat of hers.

Who doesn't want a camel shaped pendant in their necklace collection?? Nobody I can think of! I must own one!

This gold and turquoise bracelet is gorgeous, and would look lovely worn with patterned maxi dresses during the summer.

I'm still in love with this strawberry shaped bag. It's so cute, and would go perfectly with so much of my wardrobe.

Which one is your favourite?

Before I go, I just want to mention that I did a spot of guest blogging over on Hannah's blog, Daisies and Dr Martens, yesterday where I shared some of my summer holiday essentials. If you want to pop on over for a read you can do so here. Thanks guys.



  1. You've chosen such gorgeous things! Love them all too but especially the cardigan, and the elephant print dress...and the camel..and the beaded bag...ALL OF IT! x


    1. Thank you! Those are my favourites, too :) x

  2. I agree with Gail, love all of them but especially for me the elephant print dress.

    1. The elephant dress is a stunner! It's definitely one of my favourites this week, too xx

  3. I love the elephant dress and the strawberry bag so cute! Xx

    1. They're my favourites, too. I must have that bag! xx


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