Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wednesday Wish List: Dorothy Perkins Dresses

Dorothy Perkins has been one of my favourite clothing brands for well over a decade.

In the days before plus size fashion began progressing a few years ago and more brands began introducing plus size ranges, or selling larger sizes, I always knew that clothes in Dorothy Perkins would fit me. Their clothing not only catered for my size, but their clothes were fashionable, and colourful, and I could always count on them for polka dots and dresses.

It's not difficult to find fashionable clothing for the lower end of the plus size spectrum in the UK these days, but I still count Dorothy Perkins as one of my most favourite places to shop. I still find their clothes fashionable, colourful, and generously dotty! Their clothes are also so pretty, of good quality, and moderately priced.

They carry UK sizes 6-22, and also have tall, petite, and maternity ranges. I only wish they extended their sizes to cater to more of you lovely plus size ladies!

I'm currently lusting over so many of their beautiful dresses, and thought I'd share some of my favourites with you today. I've not been asked to promote this brand; I'm just genuinely passionate about their dresses!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

Don't listen to those 'rules' that say curvy and plus size women should never wear stripes. Stripes can look good on anyone!  Stripes are classic and never go out of style... you're almost guaranteed that the nautical look will be big every summer, and any of these dresses would help you achieve such a look. Just add red and white accessories. I can't actually choose which of these dresses I love best- they're all so beautiful!

5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //

Dorothy Perkins has a good selection of polka dot dresses at the moment. Polka dots are another timeless classic which you can keep wearing year after year. Whether you go for ditsy dots, or large spots, polka dots look good on everyone! I'm personally in love with the polka dot and heart print prom dress (numero six).

9 // 10 // 11 // 12 //

Florals for Spring? Ground breaking!

Florals may be predictable Spring attire, but there's no denying how lovely a floral dress can be. They can be worn femininely with a cardigan, tights / bare legs, and pearls, or edged up with a biker jacket, studs, and a pair of Doc Martans. There are a wide range of patterns in delicate ditsy flowers, and bold large blooms. I really love numbers 9 and 10... and 12, as well.

13 // 14 // 15 // 16 //

They also have a great selection of bold and block colour dresses at the moment ranging from tomato red, to coral, to teal, and black. I'd say every wardrobe should have some bold colour in it, but I know it's not to everyone's taste. I, though, LOVE colour, and these dresses are just up my street. Number 13 is my favourite, in fact, I ordered it on the weekend when it was on promotion for just £12.00! It's not been delivered as yet, but I hope it's just as nice in the flesh.

17 // 18 // 19 // 20 //

And finally, my favourite Dorothy Perkins maxi dresses. They have a beautiful collection of maxis at the moment in a wide range of patterns. Maxi dresses are virtually effortlessly chic; just add sandals, a cropped cardi or a denim jacket, a pair of shades, and a few bangles and you've got yourself an outfit! They're comfortable in the summer heat, and are great for days when you've no time to shave your legs before rushing out the house. I really love 17, 18, and 20.

Dorothy Perkins have over a 1000 dresses online right now, and they do a wide range of styles I haven't touched on in this post including peplums, body-con, pencil, and shorter hems for you ladies who are comfortable baring your pins! I also know that the code 'DPBDAY' gives 15% off dresses, and it appears to have an unlimited use!!

Which dresses are your favourites? Do you own any of these?



  1. Great selection :)

    You really picked out great different styles matching the current trends :D

    I like 4,6,11,13 :D

    Kisses !

    1. Thank you! Those are all some of my favourites, too, Janice! I have 13 now, and it's lovely!

  2. Such cute dresses I wish dp gave more boob room tho :( xx

    1. They are. They really don't seem to consider ladies with boobs bigger than a D cup, do they?! Their fitted dresses can be snug on top on me, and I'm not huge on top xx

  3. I love dp, they do some really nice dresses. I think 10 is my favourite :)

    1. They really do! It's one of my favourite places to find dresses. 10 is beautiful :)


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