Friday, 24 May 2013

Day Twenty Two: A Rant

So, the day before yesterday, I was supposed to rant about something for day twenty-two of the May blogging challenge, only my brain simply refused to function. I had a case of the old writer's block, and no ideas or words would  translate from my hollow little brain to the blank white box on my laptop screen.

I'd like to say that this is because I just don't get angry about the world around me; that I don't rant at all, but that wouldn't be true. I rant regularly. I'm opinionated; and my patience and temper can be short at times. The world- namely other people- pisses me off sometimes. I may be too polite to rant at most for their actions, but I will rant to somebody close to me afterwards to vent.

Day Twenty-Two: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (A pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbour or boss does that really ticks you off). 

Let's talk about a subject which I'm sure many of you will be able to relate to in one way or another:


Facebook is a place which irritates me on an almost daily basis, and on occasion, makes my blood boil.

Like most social networking websites, Facebook has both it's good and bad parts. It allows us to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away (good), but it's also a place where people's true colours can emerge, which can lead us to dislike them (bad). Friends' statuses can swiftly change my opinion of that person, and have me hiding their statuses, or unfriending them. To be honest, if it wasn't for a couple of good friends, I would've deleted my Facebook account a long time ago, and freed myself from the mayhem.

There are several things which annoy me about Facebook.

Firstly, there are the vague statuses which are 'discreetly' aimed at a particular person, but are anything but discreet. It's always obvious to everybody, including the target, who they're ranting about, yet they pretend they're 'too polite' to reveal who they're moaning about, or to say it to that person's face. It's so childish and rude, and not to mention, unnecessary. I loath any type of bitching, trolling or bullying, online and off screen.

Equally, people who use Facebook to moan about the most trivial little things on a regular basis can be so irritating. I know I've been guilty of being this person in the past myself, and I realise how hypocritical that makes me, but people moan about the silliest little things that aren't even worth whining about. I've reached that realisation that life is too short, and the little details aren't worth getting upset about.

Oh, and I'm afraid I'm that person who gets annoyed by the lack of basic spelling, and grammar on Facebook, and the over use of exclamation marks. I don't know why this infuriates me so much, but it bothers me something chronic! It's difficult to work out what people are trying to say when they post a paragraph-sized jumble of words in text-speak written as one sentence, with no basic grammar, or punctuation to break it down. I'm by no means a fantastic writer, and I make mistakes myself, but a capital letter and a full stop here and there never go amiss... I'm sorry if this makes me sound like a horrible, horrible person. I would never call people on their writing style or ability.

Then there are the people who feel the need to update the whole world with a play by play account of their baby's every movement, with statuses, photos, videos, pie charts, essays, and paper mache diagrams to 'entertain' us five hundred and eighty-three times a day.

 I'm not referring to all the regular run of the mill parents who post a couple of statuses and photos of their kids every day; that's perfectly fine, and justified. I mean the people who average five posts an hour dedicated to their little rug rat alone. The ones who include the details nobody else would ever want to know. Nobody cares if your baby has just eaten a Wotsit, used the potty, or burped. I know you're just being a doting parent, and that's admirable, but for the love of God, stop and think before you share! Surely some thoughts would be best kept for family and close friends' eyes only? I'm sure your son or daughter would also thank you in the years to come.

One topic I am seeing more and more of on my Facebook feed is racism. It's something which angers me to the core. I can't stand racist people. I struggle to comprehend how a person can be so narrow-minded about another human being- that they've usually never even met- just because they're from a different country, or have a different skin colour to them.

One person I know regularly has something racist to say. She rants about 'foreigners' and immigrants scrounging benefits, council houses, and jobs in colourful racist language... while she lives that way herself. I have to force myself to log off before I say something to her that I'll regret. Her racist attitude is appalling.

After the horrific murder of that poor service man in London yesterday afternoon, the volume of racist comments I read on my feed relating to the two terrorists was disgusting. They may have used their religion and race as an excuse for the barbaric slaughter they carried out, but we cannot tar a whole race or religion with the same brush because of the savage actions of two very disturbed terrorists and murderers. It's awful that instead of blaming the two murderers, people are blaming an entire religion / race for what happened yesterday. We don't go around blaming all Caucasians when a white man commits murder; we blame the lone psychopath. I'm horrified by what happened in London on Wednesday afternoon, and I hope the murderers rot in hell... but I don't agree with the racism which has erupted in light of what happened.

And although Facebook is a networking site which I have limited patience with, at the end of the day, I still keep a personal Facebook account for keeping in touch with friends and family. I check my friends' list repeatedly throughout the day, and do my best to tolerate the people I described above.

I swear I'm not a nasty person, but when I rant, boy, can I rant for England! 

Let's stay friends?



  1. I saw some horrible things on Facebook and Twitter too. I blocked a guy on Twitter and wrote a long status on Facebook as I was shocked that people I'd PREVIOUSLY respected had jumped in and started believing all the racist crap. Two bad people does not mean Islam is evil!

    The baby posters, oh Lord. I swear some people post every time their child has a crap. I really do NOT need to know that! :)

    I hardly use it now, except to play Candy Crush! x

    1. It's disgusting the way so many people have reacted to it, and I'm horrified that people really hate those different to them so much. When will people realise that one person doesn't represent millions of people with the same faith or heritage?? It's awful.

      Some people do! And it's far too much information!

      I've not even tried Candy Crush, but everybody appears to be obsessed with it! x

  2. I absolutely and thoroughly agree with you. Particularly about the Facebook racist stuff, in the light of recent events. I couldn't believe the opinions of some people who I thought were better than that. Disgusting. I seriously agree with your post! xxx

    1. I was really suirprised when people I thought I knew were being so racist and narrow minded. It's horrible that one tragic incident brings out the worst in people. xx


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