Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Day Fourteen: Ten Things Which Make Me Happy

We've reached day fourteen of the Blog Every Day In May Challenge, and the topic of the day is 'ten things that make you really happy.' 

In no particular order, just in the order they came to mind...

1. My friends.

I'll be honest; a lot of people have stopped calling or interacting with me on Facebook since I injured my back; and while that initially hurt, there have been three ladies who've always been there for me. My best friend, and two close friends. 

Those three ladies are wonderful friends, and they always make me laugh so much, even on those bleakest of days. They're always there for me, even at times when I don't deserve them, or I haven't been in touch for a while... they're always there. They're lovely ladies with the best sense of humours, and whenever we meet up, we always have so much fun together. I miss them all so much, and I'm lucky to call them my friends.

2. Music.

I've loved music since I was about eight or nine years old, and it's one of life's little pleasures. It doesn't matter what mood I'm in; all I have to do is play my favourite songs and albums and I'm miraculously happier in seconds. I've never understood people who don't listen to music regularly; I can't imagine not listening to some every day. It makes me so happy, and I've good memories attached to so many great songs, which never fail to make me smile as I remember the good times.

Some of the songs in my 'favourites' playlist

3. Concerts and gigs.

There is one thing in this world I enjoy doing more than anything else, and that is going to a concert or gig. If I could go to one every night of the week, I would. And believe me, I've tried. 

Concerts make me feel so blissfully happy. There's something so addictive about the way live shows make me feel; the feeling of adrenaline from watching my favourite bands perform live; from hearing my favourite songs live; from being part of a crowd who are all on the same wave-length; having fun with good friends; and the possibility of interacting with my idols if I'm in the first few rows. There aren't words to describe how much I adore going to concerts with my friends; and I've been lucky enough to make a ton of amazing memories, and some friends for life through doing so. I'm not well enough to go to shows currently, and you've no idea how much that kills me. It's the one and only thing I resent about my back injuries.

Linkin Park in Nov 2010

4. Dresses.

I know you will not have seen this one coming at all, but dresses make me really happy. Stop the presses! It may sound a little materialistic, but they do. It was not long after finding myself bed-bound in 2011 that I realised how much wearing my dresses were improving my mood, and day-to-day happiness, which led me to start this blog. There's just something about wearing a pretty dress which makes me feel content. I love looking in to my ever-growing collection, and from time to time, if you happened to be eavesdropping, you'd catch me sighing contentedly as I gaze.

One of my favourite dresses

5. Getting letters and parcels in the post.

I'm sure many of you will agree that receiving a hand-written letter, or a parcel of goodies in the post is one of the best things in life. It's not a regular occurrence these days, not now that email and social networking have taken over, and put the humble hand-written letter in the shade, but I'm always excited when I receive something personal. I also enjoy receiving parcels of things I've bought myself. I'm not fussy.

6. Reading a good book.

I'm a girl who still loves the simple things in life. I enjoy curling up with a good book, and shutting the world out for an hour or two, or better still a whole day. It doesn't matter if I'm reading from my Kindle, or a real-life book, reading has always been one of my favourite pastimes.

Current Read

7. Shopping.

I can't lie, I love shopping. It's been a long time since I've been able to hit the high street for long, and I do miss being able to go out for day-long shopping sprees, but I'm happy shopping online, too. There's just something good about finding something beautiful online, hitting the purchase button, and waiting for it to be delivered. 

8. Animals.

 This is where I would normally say 'my pets', but the last of my fur-babies died earlier this year, and I now only have a fish tank. I miss my old bunnies, and my sister's German Shepherd who also passed away this year. I find life rather empty without four-legged animals around.

 I am one of those people who loves to be around animals. If I'm honest, I prefer animals to most people. I don't know where my love and fascination of animals came from, as growing up we never had pets, but from a young age I was obsessed with animals, and being around them still makes me smile today. I'm the person who pets strange cats and dogs in the street, enjoys walking around zoos, and often pins images of cute critters on Pinterest. I especially love tapirs, giraffes, skunks, bunnies, and dogs. 

Brown Bear at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park

9. The sea.

Being by the sea may possibly make me even happier than I am at a concert. I love being near the sea; it's a shame I'm about a hundred miles from the nearest coast! I don't know why the sea makes me feel so happy, but I'm instantly euphoric as soon as I so much as smell that sea air. The aroma of sea weed, salt water, and algae is as heavenly to me as freshly mown grass; and the sight of the sea captivates me. I much prefer being in the sea to sunbathing on the sand. I've always been a water baby who favours frolicking in the waves with a body board and manipulating waves for her enjoyment, or standing in the surf feeling the pull of the tides around her feet. If I lived by the sea, I would learn how to surf. I'd love to be a surfer! 

Perranporth Beach in Cornwall

10. Blogging
Blogging here at Polka Spots and Freckle Dots also gives me a lot of joy. I can't express just how much I love blogging, how much I love seeing your comments, and how much I love being part of a community of lovely, friendly, beautiful, inspirational women. This blog has not only given me a purpose during a difficult time of my life, but it's enabled me to grow and gain so much confidence in my body and myself which I don't think I would ever have achieved if I hadn't started blogging. I don't think I could have gotten through the last fourteen months if it weren't for this blog to distract and occupy me, and the support of so many of you, either. So thank you! I love this little page.

And if you've made it to the end, thanks for sticking with me!

What makes you happy in life?



  1. the sea! i love it too, when i'm stressed i gravitate towards it and living in liverpool means i'm never more than 40 mins away - and yes to fur babies too, i have 2 bunnies and 2 cats who give enormous pleasure, and are part of our family - great post hon x

    1. You're so lucky to live close to the sea. I never knew you lived in Liverpool; my Grandad and my Dad's side of the family are Liverpudlians! I've only been there once, though. I see pets as family members, too. It's nice to know somebody who feels the same! xx

  2. Great post lady. I love the sea too, it's one of the things I miss most about the North East x

    1. Thank, Linz. My Mum's side are from the North East (Sunderland), and I always liked the novelty of being near the sea when visiting my Nana and Grandad. We'd occasionally end up on Roker beach. xx

  3. Lots of those things make me happy too xx

  4. Great things, love music too! And cute dress

    1. Music and dresses are the best things in life! Thanks for commenting :)


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