Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Favourites #22

Good morning!

It's time for another Serendipity Sunday; a post crammed full of wonderful images and quotes to (hopefully) inspire you a little. Enjoy...

I would never have thought about lining the inside of a wedding dress, but this looks incredible!

What a fabulous skirt!

This dress is amazing! I wish I had her wardrobe!

Love this look.

I wear what I like regardless of what other people think about me negatively.

Love these green triangular nails.

This /\

It really doesn't! You're so much more than the number on the scales.

I adore this yellow and green eye make up look. I used to do something similar regularly, but it's been a while, so I may just have to start recreating it for Spring/Summer.

This peacock feather tattoo is amazing.

This little piece of art work is brilliant. I wear make up because I enjoy wearing it, and I like experimenting with colour. I've never worn make up for other people, or because I've felt like I've had to wear it to be accepted in society.

The canopy of fairy lights looks so magical, and relaxing.

These are images from a Muppets themed wedding! Aren't they amazing? The wedding party were all dressed in bright colours, with felt Muppet inspired corsages and bouquets, and Muppets worked in to the day for everything from the cake to the entertainment. It has to be the best themed wedding I've ever seen. Follow the source and you can see for yourself.

Beautiful simple things.

This dog eating an ice lolly, and getting brain freeze is so funny!

I LOVE this tutorial for turning a book in to a clutch bag! And I also love Nita's post about her book clutch, which you can see here. As a book lover, this is just perfect. I would love to give this a try with one of those cloth bound penguin classics- perhaps the Alice in Wonderland one with the flamingo cover.

Be yourself and be proud of who you are!

And here are a few links to some other great things.

// These GIFs of Loki the Hedgehog are adorable. 

// I was incredibly moved by this GIF showing a man jumping in to the path of an incoming train, and another man desperately rushing in vain across the platform to save him... His reaction when the train hits the other man... there are no words...

// These GIFS of a gorgeous Labrador puppy with a broken leg are both sad and utterly cute. Mostly cute!

and finally...

// These Disney themed Engagement photos are amazing. The Up theme is my favourite.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Serendipity Sunday. Which part has been favourite?



  1. Loved the wedding dress idea.Thanks for sharing!:)

    Diana from

    1. The wedding dress idea has to be one of my favourite images this week. Glad you liked it. And you're welcome :)


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