Thursday, 21 March 2013

Instagram Round Up

Morning lovelies,

Today, I've put together a post of some of the photos I've been Instagram-ing lately, since it's been a long time since I last did one... which is probably since I never go anywhere. 

I've been staying with my sister for the last week, and she's been trying to get me out of the house for half an hour every day no matter how much pain I'm in, and we generally find ourselves in a shop or supermarket to browse at pretty things.

Most of today's photos are of lovely things I've been admiring in such shops... nothing really interesting, but things which have caught my eye... enjoy...

I'm loving Cath Kidston's wild strawberry print. Isn't this travel bag lovely?

I really love the little clasp purse.

Pretty Cath Kidston mugs.

A rainbow of Fossil satchels.

I really love this swan print Fossil make up case. I already have one of these make up cases with a key print, and they're fantastic. They're pretty, they're sturdy, they fit a generous amount, and they also have a mirror inside them. What's not to love? I'm tempted to put one of these away for somebody for Christmas. I think it was only £16.99 in an outlet branch.

I allowed myself to buy this swan print gadget case, as I was seriously lusting after the cute swan print. Isn't it adorable? It was £9.99 in an outlet shop, which is brilliant for a piece of Fossil, whose bags and accessories I adore. I think I'll use this case for either my camera or my iPod.

Now, would you just look at this amazing charm my Sister and I discovered in Fossil? I wonder how many of you know and remember what it is... For those of you who are too young to remember or were just living in a cave in the eighties and nineties, this charm is a contraption called a View Master. It was a children's toy you looked in to to view slides. And it was awesome.

A little haul of bargains I treated myself to in Cath Kidston and Fossil with some eBay money.

I saw this bag in Topshop. It's kinda cute.

Drooling over the huge Barry M selection in Superdrug.

Barry M heaven! Best nail polish brand ever.

I had never stumbled across Sally Hansen nail polishes anywhere in a shop before, but I was wowed over by the bold colours. Something to look in to later, perhaps?

I was also intrigued by these beautyuk nail polish sets. I've never heard of them before, so have no idea if they're any good, but the colours are lovely, and a set of 5 is just £4.99 in Superdrug.

Spring is on the way...

I saw this sign in my sister's local chip shop; I think it's brilliant!

And finally, a couple of books which I recently bought myself, making my reading list a mile long.  Instructions for a Heat Wave by Maggie O' Farrell, and The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan. I also bought myself Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks this week, as I really enjoyed the film which I saw a few weeks ago.

 I'm determined to start reading more again, and to turn the laptop off for longer than I do. I've always enjoyed reading, but my blog can take up a considerable amount of my time as I always have so many blog ideas and things I want to do or write about. I'm currently reading Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz, slowly but surely, and can't wait to get stuck in to this little lot.

Do you have an Instagram? What do you usually find yourself taking photos of?

Thanks for reading,


  1. I love the topshop bag and all the goodies you bought ! The sign from the chip shop made me chuckle xx

    1. The Topshop bag is really cute! We did laugh when we first saw it. Think it's brilliant! xx

  2. We have Sally Hansen nail polishes here in the states and they're very good. Pretty colors, not expensive and they last a long time.
    Hugs, Susan

    1. I've finally ordered a couple online, so I'm really looking forward to trying them. I've only heard good things about them over the years, and your thoughts have made me excited to try them x

  3. Those colorful tulips are lovely!

    1. They're really pretty, have definitely brightened up my sister's house :)


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