Friday, 1 February 2013

This was no accident, this was a therapeutic chain of events

Morning lovelies,

Today I've got a little Instagram post for you. I know you're all probably sick to death of Instagram summary posts as every blogger and their parakeet shares their photos this way, but I don't. Not often. That's probably because I spend the majority of my time in bed and don't get the opportunity to take 'interesting' Instagram worthy photos. 

This last week I almost felt like I had a little bit of a life again. A reason to take photos on my iPod. My best friend visited from Edinburgh for a few days, we went to an amazing concert together, and I browsed around the outlet village 'Bicester Village' with my sister for an hour or so yesterday. I'm broken now, but I had a good week.

I saw these adorable hedgehog coin purses in Kate Spade. They remind me of the hedgehogs in the croquet match in Disney's Alice in Wonderland! I want the green one.

I then proceeded to fall in love with everything in the Lulu Guinness shop. I've wanted to own one of their lips clutch bags for years now, but for some reason it never occured to me to head to an outlet village for one. Some of them were priced as little as £125! I may have to save up and come back for one later in the year. The beautiful red one above was probably my favourite.

I love this book shaped clutch bag, too. It's so quirky.

I spent some time admiring these Lulu Guinness clutch bags. I love the classic style of them, and the clasps make me think of bunny ears.

I think this bag, which has a map of Manhattan as a design, was by Kate Spade. As a New York devotee, I couldn't help but love this print.

The Orla Kiely shop was quite small, but I still found plenty of beautiful things to admire. There were lots of lovely purses in brilliant pops of colour and patterns. I also checked out their wallpaper; one roll was £30... if that doesn't sound steep enough, the original price was £90! Eek!

I can never resist a good browse in any Cath Kidston shop I pass. They have so many amazing prints adorning almost anything you can imagine. I bought a few small items, and spent time contentedly admiring their kitchenware. The above photo shows some of their aprons.

We also had a quick look in the Emma Bridgewater shop as my sister wanted to see if any of their Christmas range was available. It wasn't. I think my favourite design was the blue stars. We sold some of their lines at work, but as I worked in the Children's department, I rarely got the opportunity to window shop in the kitchenware department.

While I was staying with my sister down south, we came across Patisserie Valerie, whose cakes looked like they came from a real French patisserie. We bought a couple of slices to share to celebrate my sister getting through to her third year of nursing. Would you believe the cakes on this plate are actually half slices? They were enormous. My sister and I shared so we could taste both, and they're probably some of the most delicious desserts I've ever eaten. I didn't manage both slices, though.

My best friend was staying for a few days last week, so we took a trip to the sweet shop which sells lots of American goodies and nostalgic sweets. We were like two kids in a.. oh, wait... I'm looking forward to trying the pineapple Fanta, and I couldn't believe they still made Chewits and Poppets! 

Anybody remember these? The skulls and white mice especially remind me of my childhood. My Mum would allow us 20 or 30 pence to spend on pick 'n' mix sweets once in a while when we were little, and I'd always buy some of these. I had to buy a little handful last weekend, and Angela and I ended up eating sweets in my bedroom whilst listening to some music... it was like we were twelve again. Haha.

And... my favourite part of this past week was when my best friend and I went to see Ronan Keating live on stage on Friday night. It was my first night out- my first proper outing out- in sixteen months, and I had a brilliant time, as I always do when I see this man live. It was painful on my back, but I wasn't going to miss it for the world, and I coped better than I was expecting to. I'm pleased I made it.

The concert was amazing. I've never heard Ronan sound as good as he did that night. His voice was stunning, and the show was very well put together with a great set list. He was also on top form, and looking rather hot, I must say. Those heavily tattooed arms get me every time!

My best friend and I have been going to see Boyzone and Ronan concerts together since we were eleven years old, and it's tradition for us to see at least one show together each tour... although ordinarily we'd go to a few as one show just isn't enough to calm those music cravings. Don't let the fact that we're twenty-seven now fool you; underneath we still revert back to hormonal teenagers when we go to their concerts! We feel no shame.

There are still several shows to go until the end of the tour, so try to go see him if you can! It's an amazing tour.

I hope you've enjoyed my random little Instagram post. Which photo did you like best?



  1. Those tea pots are soo cute !
    Love the lip purses too :)
    Launa xx

    1. They're gorgeous but so expensive! The lip clutches are so stunning. I want them all! Haha xx


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