Friday, 15 February 2013

Dorothy Perkins Star Sequined Collar

Just after Christmas, I was spending a few days with my sister down South, when we quickly popped in to town to run a few errands. Whilst in Dorothy Perkins paying a balance off my store card, I found two star sequined collars in their January sales. They were the classic shirt collar shape, of the softest fabric, covered in star sequins and tied at the neck with ribbon.

Exactly what I'd been looking for. They were so beautiful, and made my heart squeal. I had been searching for gorgeous collars which could fit around my neck, and liven up some old outfits.

Well, the collars were just £5 each instead of their original price of about £15 or so each. I forget their original price. My sister just so happened to owe me a tenner, so I quickly sent her to the till to buy me the two collars instead of returning the money to my pocket.

The edges are lined with tiny little beads, and the stars are not only sewn on securely, but embellished with tiny beads, too.

I bought the collars in this beautiful taupe colour, and also one in black. Although I've misplaced the black collar (which is why there is a lack of photos of it). I'm not sure if I've lost it at home, or have actually lost it for good, as I can't seem to find it anywhere. I can't for the life or me remember if I took it to my sister's or stowed it safely away at home with all the travelling I've done back and forth between our homes recently. I'm a little bummed as I have so many outfit ideas for the black version!

I'm tempted to pop in to Dorothy Perkins to see if I can find another.

The collars are no longer available online, but I'd recommend keeping your eyes open for them in your local stores if collars are your thing, as they really are stunning.

Do you like the collar trend? Do you own many?

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  1. I do like them, but I've been kind of struggling with how to wear them. I also keep seeing cute ones (like this) and thinking "i could make that". But then I never get around to it.

    1. Collars look great over dresses, t-shirts, tops... they're really versatile! They can work with plain or patterned clothes, colour or neutrals... I think they work best with necklines that are close to the shoulders/neck, they can look a bit odd with lower necklines. I'd imagine collars would be fairly easy to make if you've got the right skills... I sadly don't, but would if I could, so go for it!

  2. cute collars! look forward to your stylings x

    1. Thanks Maria. Coming to an OOTD soon xx


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