Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Little Bit of Bargain Shopping

A couple of days ago, I shared my Accessorize haul with you. Well, whilst I was in town we also had a quick browse in Evans.

Now I don't often shop with Evans. The local stores to me are usually filled with boring basics in neutral colours, jeans, and very little else. Apparently their market locally is the older lady. I know they do sell some really beautiful clothes from time to time, but as the leading British plus size brand, I just find them a little uninspiring. They have so much potential, but they seem to play it really safe.

Although, that's not to say I don't find some really lovely pieces from them. I usually go in for tights, leggings, and shoes. On the weekend, I came home with a few accessories...

Would you like to see what I bought?

Everything I purchased was on sale. I bought a pair of coloured tights, a bracelet, and two collars and only spent a tenner! 

First up is the gunmetal grey beaded collar which has been made from lots of tiny grey beads woven together. I don't know if this would have been made by man or machine, but there is so much detail and precision to it. It's quite a heavy collar, which seems to help it stay in place when worn. For those wondering about sizing, it fits comfortably around my neck, although I use the extender chain for added comfort. It was originally either £16.50 or £15.00 (I'm not sure which as I cut the tags off both collars without making a note), but it was on sale for the brilliant price of just £3!

The other collar I bought was this peter pan collar covered in beads and pearls. It's lined on the back, and has a generous length of ribbon on either side to tie around the neck, so I'd imagine it would fit almost anyone. This collar is much lighter than the other, and looks lovely layered over dresses and cardigans. Again, it was either £16.50 or £15.00, but on sale for only £3!

I then found this beaded bracelet to add to my purchases. I thought it was quite cute and different to anything I already owned. The bracelet can be pulled gently wider to slip it over the hand and on to the wrist, and it fastens by magnetic beads which line the cuffs. This bracelet was originally £8.50 and was marked down to £2. When I got to the till, however, it was only £1! Now that's what I call a bargain!

And finally, I picked up a pair of the 70 denier berry coloured tights. I've been wearing their coloured tights for over a year now and they're fantastic. The quality is brilliant, they actually stay in place, and they colours are lovely, too. I find a size 2 a perfect fit; size 1 are far too short for my 5'6'' height. They only seem to sell coloured tights in A/W, so their berry ones were on sale half price for just £3.

So, overall I only parted with £10, and I'm really pleased with my purchases. None of these items appear to be online any more, but it's worth going in to your local store to see if you can get your hands on them.

Which one is your favourite?

Have you picked up any bargains recently?


  1. luvly finds ^^<3 bargain shopping is the best ^^v


    1. Thank you! It is indeed :) xx

  2. the collars are so cute!
    i wanted some tights in that colour too :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

    1. Thank you! I'd recommend these tights. They're fantastic :)


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