Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Last Sunday Inspiration Post of 2012

Evening lovelies,

I've got a quick post of inspiration for you tonight. These posts are always jam-packed, so I'll skip all the rambling and just jump right in to it...

I'm in love with the colour and design to these nails. Perhaps something to attempt later in the year after a little more practise at nail art?

I found this helpful since I'm pretty useless when it comes to shaping my nails. I think my first real attempt at shaping my nails this year were probably closest to the almond shape, which I didn't even know existed as a nail shape name. I'm definitely a fan of the almond, rounded, and oval nails when my nails grow past my finger tips.

After a life time of staying away from velvet for fear of the texture, this A/W I've been so in love with the fabric. I adore this green number this lady is wearing. It looks great with her gorgeous red hair. If only that dress would magically appear in my wardrobe... 

This outfit is so pretty. I can see Nita rocking this look perfectly.

This outfit is perfect. I love the mix of polka dots, lace (crochet?), and red together. I really need to add a blue polka dot skirt and red cardigan in to my wardrobe next year. 

I think I've added a lady in a tulle skirt to every Sunday Inspiration post in recent weeks (or months), but I really, really want one! 

How incredible are the greens and texture of this dress? It's stunning. I also love her hair, but the main reason I added this photo is because I think her leopard print tattoos are amazing.

Love this lady's outfit! Her tattoos are awesome, too.

This dress has been on my wish list all year. I love that print!

Amazing dress, amazing hair!

Perfection in a frock.

I love her hair colour. And this makes me miss my really long hair, too.

This tattoo is amazing.

I love this! So much great advice in one image.

Take it one day at a time. That's all anybody can do!

All you need is time. Keep working at it. You will get there when you're ready! I'm twenty-seven and it's only been over the last year or two that I really began to be a little more self-assured.

It's not a solution to cure all unhappiness, but when you stop comparing yourself to every other person in the world and live life the way that's best for you, life will seem brighter. It can feel like a weight has lifted from your shoulders when you find that sense of peace.

 A celebrity may seem like they have the dream life or body, or a Facebook friend may have achieved those life goals ahead of you, but the thing about social media is that you only get to see what they want to you to see. Behind closed doors they're probably sitting at home alone in their pyjamas with unwashed hair, exhausted from working a fifty hour week, with a partner who never picks up after himself, and the housework piling up... just like you! Nobody's life is perfect, but there's no right or wrong way to look or live your life... everybody has different goals, likes, dislikes... we're all different, and that's a great thing!

Women come in all shapes and sizes! It would be a very boring world if we all looked the same.

"Fat people who love themselves scare the shit out of people who don't love themselves. Even fat people who are TRYING to love themselves scare the shit out of people who can't do the same. We force people to have to look at why they hate their bodies because we are "supposed" to hate ours and we don't. ANd sometimes they have no idea what to do with that, so they act like assholes."

— Tigress Osborn (via queerencia)

This above quote is so true. I'll never quite understand why people who haven't learnt to accept themselves sometimes channel their fear and jealousy in to hatred and take it out on others, but the reality is self-loathing and low self-esteem are often the foundation for bullying.

Somebody out there gets it! This is a pretty accurate definition of anxiety, at least for me personally, anyway.

This banner is brilliant. 

Frost the Arctic Ocean. I've never seen anything like these before, but apparently they're formed from imperfections in surface ice when the temperatures drop below -22c. They house microorganisms more densely than the water around them, so they're actually temporary ecosystems not unlike coral reefs! So pretty.

How amazing would it be to swim with sharks and tropical fish without the fear of getting eaten?! I wish my local pool was like this!

I hoped you've enjoyed and perhaps been inspired by this week's post. Which image or quote is your favourite?

I've got a few posts planned for the next few days, so I'll be back tomorrow with a 'proper' post for you! Until then...

That's all folks!


  1. I love these inspiration posts, they always inspire me so much. Amazing picks as always, and yes I want her velvet dress and her tulle skirt! xxx

    1. Thanks, Hannah :). That velvet dress and the tulle skirt are amazing! xx

  2. Love the pics the swimming pool 1 is at aquatica in Florida me and the mr went for our honeymoon it's fantastic! It's a shame it will be years before we go again xx

    1. Wow, I bet you had a blast there! I hope you get to go back soon xx

  3. I've always loved your inspiration posts, so full of wisdom and depth but at the same time, so much pretty stuff^^

    Glad to hear you've given velvet a chance^^ - it's one of my faves, I had to think of you whenever I came across something velvet, thinking "Louise would hate it"

    and YES, I would totally wear that if I could :D

    1. Thank you! I think it's nice to reflect and share pretty things from time to time.

      Well, I've loved how velvet looks on everyone this season, especially you and Hannah. I've always liked how it looks but could never get past the texture, but I've found myself beginning to work past that recently! I even got myself a velvet skater skirt! Velvet always makes me think of you and our velvet conversation! Haha.

      I thought you would! xx


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