Friday, 14 December 2012

So Many Parties, So Little Time

Whether you're a social butterfly, or prefer a quieter lifestyle, most of us have diaries filled with social events at this time of year. It's the season to get glammed up, let our hair down, and spend time with the people we love... (and some we don't but have to tolerate once a year), whether we're enthusiast about it, or not.

With our extra hectic work schedules and every waking second allocated to Christmas preparations and parties, deciding what to wear to all those events can be stressful.

I've created three outfits to show you how I might dress for each gathering, although this year I'll only be celebrating at home due to the situation with my back. 

1. Dorothy Perkins ink burnout circle dress £42.00
2. Evans black 70 denier opaque tights £6.00
3. Lovedrobe black sequin rose jacket £56.00
4. Ted Baker pave floppy bow bracelet £55.00
5. OPI cuckoo for this colour £11.00
6. Land by Land navy odille triple frilled alice band £67.00
7. Religion black interweave crown studded box clutch £44.99
8. Irregular choice iced gem Abigail ank sequin boots £80.00

The work Christmas party is the perfect time to go all out and show your colleagues how well you scrub up out of work attire. However, unless you work in a really informal environment, you'll probably want to avoid anything too tacky or revealing -and anything which may show the company up. One drunken mistake later and you may find you're out of a job by New Year's, or at least too mortified to show your face in the office again.

I love how decadent this velvet brocade dress is. Velvet is so elegant, and the perfect Christmas fabric.The short length keeps the dress young, but it's still modest enough with opaque tights for the work party, and bang on trend. I would add a little sparkle in the form of those amazing Irregular Choice boots, and Lovedrobe blazer, although the blazer would spend the evening acquainting itself with the chair. I'd keep my accessories quite simple with a box clutch, bow bracelet (well, it is Christmas, after all), and a hairband. This Land by Land Alice band goes perfectly with the dress, and is so pretty.

Although, I also love this one...

ASOS hanging chain hairband  £12.00

How fabulous is this ASOS hair band? It's a real statement piece and would look amazing with the velvet dress. My hair is just about long enough again to wear it.

1. Sienna Couture black stud shoulder blazer £40.00
2. New Look Inspire navy polka dot side tie blouse £19.99
3. New Look Inspire dark green skinny jeans £16.99
4. Accessorize carved rose and diamante leaf ring £4.00
5. River Island (similar)
6. New Look wide fit studded slipper shoes £17.99
7. Maggie Angus stag's head necklace £24.00
8. Essie fall collection in stylnomics £9.95

Whether you're meeting up with old friends, or just escaping the chaos at home with your partner or relative, Christmas drinks down the local doesn't usually require anything too formal. I still like to look my best, so I would wear something smart-casual like coloured jeans with a pretty top and a blazer. I'd wear flats, like the studded slipper, which are still everywhere right now and are comfortable for the walk home. A cross body bag leaves hands free for carrying drinks from bar to table; particularly recommended for the accident prone.  I would keep my jewellery simple, but still show my personality with a quirky piece like this Maggie Angus stag's head necklace. As it almost looks like a reindeer, I think it looks quite festive. And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a green nail.

9. Barry M glitter nail polish in gold mine £2.99

Family gatherings are usually informal events, but if you're like me, you still like to dress up for Christmas. Whether I'm going to our annual family gathering a few days before Christmas, or celebrating Christmas day at home with my immediate family, I always make the effort to dress up. At the same time, the outfit needs to be comfortable with room to breathe after indulging in too much festive food and drink.

This year, I'm planning on wearing this New Look velvet skater skirt, which I purchased a few days ago and am completely in love with. The fabric is so luxurious and the sparkles make it the perfect Christmas piece. I'd dress it with a chunky knit, or a peter pan collared top, with tights, ballet pumps, and a floral headband like the the Crown and Glory 'Not a Lotta Rosie' which I adore. This outfit is all about the texture.

If I was visiting family, I'd use the ASOS horse clutch, although at home it's not necessary. I'll also admit I'm more likely to be found wearing cosy slippers than shoes at home on December 25th.

Have you got lots of Christmas parties coming up?

How would you dress for each occasion?


  1. I love these :) I will be wearing pj's and then when I visit my mum just leggings and a tshirt as the dogs loose a lot of hair and are very jumpy so it's the most sensible option xx

    1. Thank you :). Sounds like perfect attire to me; it's good being comfy on Christmas day. I'll be in my pjs until about 11am before dressing up. Which will get covered in dog hair as my Sister and her dog are staying with us xx

  2. OMG those Irregular Choice boots!! <333 I love the stag head necklace too. Wow these outfits are amazing and I want them all! The hairband is beautiful, but I have a habit of pulling all my hair forward so I'd probably just have loads of random sparkly bits dangling at the back which might look a bit strange ahaha xxx

    1. Aren't they amazing?! I LOVE them. I'm actually the same with my hair. I like to cover my ears and play with my hair when I'm nervous. So I doubt my hair would stay like this either! No hope for either of us! The hairband is amazing, though! xx


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