Monday, 3 December 2012

It's About Time I Checked

Would you guys believe that I have another outfit post for you today? No, me neither, but it's true! Two outfit posts in the space of a couple of days? I don't know what happened either.

Well, I tell a lie; I do know. My older Sister and Brother-in-law came up to visit for a short while on Friday, and I thought I'd try to look like a civilised human being for an hour or so. I was also uncharacteristically awake before noon for the second day in a row. I was feeling rather unwell from all the pain (mouth, back, toes) and was shuffling about like a little old lady, but I wanted to take advantage of the daylight so quickly took a few photos. Please excuse my appearance, I look so tired and puffy...

It's not often that I wear shirts. It's not that I have anything against those smart button-down tops, it's just that we don't often see eye to eye. Shirts are cheeky little buggers that like to rebel, that is a well known fact. They want to expose some bra, while we look down at the gaping shirt and tell ourselves we are not going out dressed like that, and make do with something less likely to pop open and take someone's eye out.

Shirts usually gape on me. I don't have the largest of chests, but I am broad shouldered which causes the issue; I'm also curvy-hipped, so it makes it difficult to find a great fitting shirt. For that reason I abhor shopping for them- almost as much as I loathe hunting for the perfect jeans. Sizing up a couple of sizes might solve the gaping issue, but the shirt would then be ridiculously loose elsewhere. I just can't win. 

However, a couple of years ago I was shopping in Dorothy Perkins when a red and black chequered boyfriend shirt caught my eye. I was besotted with it, and optimistically went to the changing rooms to try it on. Not only did this shirt fit perfectly, but it also didn't gape! I don't think I could have legged it to the till faster.

 I used to wear this shirt almost exclusively with black skinny jeans and jeggings. Until now I'd never worn it with a skirt, but for the last couple of weeks I've been wondering if the two pieces might work together. Today I decided to find out...

I actually really love the two together! The black and red compliment each other well. I like how the feminine skirt and the masculine shirt contradict each other. I don't know why but I quite enjoy clashing patterns together that really shouldn't mix. I'm also breaking another rule by wearing red with red hair. I don't think I've worn this shirt since I dyed my hair red about a year and a half ago, but I wasn't going to let my hair colour stop me.

The shirt is made of a thick cotton. It's so warm! It's like wearing a thick sweater. It has full length sleeves, but they can be rolled up- even past the elbow where they can be secured with a button.

This hummingbird print skirt is still one of my favourite garments. I'm quite obsessed with it and would happily wear it all the time. I've only ever loved one skirt as much, perhaps a little more, but it's probably in a land fill by now as a member of my family 'accidently' threw it out. I was devastated. I love the print, the fit, and the shape of this skirt, though, so it consoles me over the skirt that got away. It's also given me the confidence to bare my legs in public a couple of times.

My Mum doesn't like this skirt on me, and thinks it's more suited to her age group, not mine. Am I crazy for loving it?

 This outfit would work outside in the cold with a pair of thick tights, boots, and a jacket. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this outfit again.

Outfit Details

Skirt and Shirt: both Dorothy Perkins
Bow hair clip (just visible): New Look

Do you struggle to find shirts that fit you well?


  1. I really like that shirt with the skirt! :) (I swear I went to comment on this post yesterday and it had disappeared haha am I going mad?!) xxx

    1. Thank you :). No you're not going mad. I accidently published it instead of clicking save. If I had brains I'd be dangerous... haha xx

  2. I love that shirt on you! I think you look great - even if perhaps you don't feel it in these photos xoxo

    1. Aw thank you! You're too nice. I like the outfit on me, just not my face. Haha. But it's really kind of you to say so xx


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