Monday, 24 December 2012

A Very Festive Playlist

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a festive soundtrack to accompany all those new memories we make. At least, it wouldn't be for me.

I can't even imagine a Christmas without some cheesy festive tunes to set the mood. It just wouldn't feel the same. Christmas tunes make decorating the tree enjoyable; keep gatherings light-hearted and fun; and have the power to turn even the grumpiest of us in to excited kids again. It can also be all that stands between Christmas cheer and uncomfortable silences with distant relatives and acquaintances.

I admit I'm a music junkie, and listen to some every day. I have quite particular tastes, though, and I'm not normally a fan of cheesy pop music, but for some reason those standards go out the window when it comes to Christmas tunes.

I've put together a little post of some of my favourite Christmas songs. It's a given that I like all the old classics, songs by Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Wham, Slade, Mariah and so on. I've steered clear of the obvious ones... and I hope you enjoy the rest!

Boney M- Mary's Boy Child

I'm not religious in any way, but I've always enjoyed this song. It mostly reminds me of my childhood, but we still play it each Christmas (from the same album we've had since 1994).

Michael Buble- It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Ordinarily I'm not a Michael Buble fan, so I was ashamed of myself when this time last year I discovered that I actually liked his Christmas album. A lot. He has a pleasant voice for Christmas songs... like a modern day Bing Crosby or Dean Martin, I guess. I like the whole album (apart from his cringey intro to Jingle Bells), but this one is probably my favourite. I also like 'Christmas' a lot, too.

Chris de Burgh- A Spaceman Came Travelling

I've adored this song since my childhood. I've always liked how it's a little different than your average Christmas song. It's not overly cheerful and soppy, like most Christmas songs are, but just pleasant and chilled.

The Calling- Carol of the Bells

The Calling's version of one of my favourite carols gives me goosebumps. Alex Band has such a gorgeous voice, and I was so excited when I discovered this song on Livejournal a couple of years ago. Most people only know them for Wherever You Will Go, but I've had their two albums on regular rotation since my late teens. Even though they parted ways years ago, I know I'll still be playing their music when I'm old and grey.

Judy Garland- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I love most versions of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, from Luther Vandross to Ronan Keating, but the original version by Judy Garland will always be my favourite. It's so festive and beautiful. It's also from one of my favourite musical films: Meet Me in St. Louis, and if you love watching old films, it may be the film for you! Watch it!

Ronan Keating- It's Only Christmas

Ronan Keating's Christmas album 'Winter Songs' is played on repeat at this time of year. It's my favourite festive album. I could just listen to him sing all day (and believe me, I have). My favourite track is one of his own songs called 'It's Only Christmas'. It's a tune that gives me goosebumps every time I play it because it's so beautiful and haunting. I really love this version he sang with Kate Ceberano back in 2009.

Greg Lake- I Believe in Father Christmas

This song has been making my Christmases festive since the early nineties. It wouldn't be Christmas without it, and it's one of those songs that can instantly put me in the Christmas mood.

Brenda Lee- Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

I'm sure my love for this song came from watching Home Alone. Most great Christmas songs were. We never had this song on CD when I was little, though; we only had the Mel and Kim version, but it's definitely an essential Christmas song.

Jona Lewie- Stop The Cavalry

I'm not sure I can even put my finger on the reason I like this song, but it's been entertaining me every Christmas since the nineties! It's a classic.

Lieutenant Kije (London Symphony Orchestra)- Troika

Troika is one of the best pieces of festive music ever created. It can make me excited for Christmas no matter what time of year I play it. It's magical, it's fast and uptempo, and it's insanely Christmassy. I like to play it when I'm wrapping presents and decorating the tree.

Darlene Love- All Alone on Christmas

This is one of my ultimate favourites, and another song I found through Home Alone. You might also recognise it from the film Love Actually. I feel so festive whenever I hear this song, especially if played on Christmas Eve, and it's a great song to play whilst travelling to and from Christmas gatherings because it's so loud and uptempo.

Home Alone-Somewhere in my Memory

It's not Christmas until I've seen Home Alone, and I'm sure most of you eighties and nineties kids will agree with me on that. I have the soundtracks on my ipod and often listen to them at this time of year. I love the carols from the church scenes like Star of Bethlehem and Carol of the Bells, but it's the song 'Somewhere in my Memory' from the theme tune, that I find most festive and associate with Christmas. Who's with me on that?!

Paul McCartney- Wonderful Christmastime

I find Wonderful Christmas Time so cheerful! It reminds me of one December when my Sister and I went Christmas shopping in London. Oxford Street was swarming with crazy shoppers, the roads were closed to traffic and this song was booming out to put Christmas shoppers in the mood. Now I always think of that day whenever I hear it.

The Pogues- Fairy Tale of New York

Fairy Tale of New York is essential Christmas listening! I never get tired of this song. It's the perfect song to raise a drink (or ten) to and get a bit merry. It's probably one of the most realistic Christmas songs ever written; two people reminiscing about good and bad times, and bickering with each other. That's Christmas in my house...

Chris Rea- Driving Home For Christmas

Random choice, I know, but I really like this song. We'd always play this song on journeys home from our family gathering each Christmas Eve. The streets would be lit up with fairy lights and we'd all be feeling the Christmas spirit by then as we travelled home, so I still get that excited feeling each time I hear it.

She & Him- Sleigh Ride

I don't often like new Christmas music. In my opinion, covers of classic tunes from current pop acts are usually horrific and just make me cringe. I just don't get modern pop music. I do love She & Him's Christmas album, 'A Very She & Him Christmas', though. Although, their music is more folk that pop.

 Their Christmas album has such a retro festive charm to it. My favourite is probably 'Sleigh Ride', but I also love Baby It's Cold Outside and Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. It's the perfect album if you're looking for something a bit 'different' to Slade and Shakin Stevens! Does Zooey Deschanel ever have an off day?

I could continue sharing songs all night, but I will leave it there.

I hope you've enjoyed this little informal post, and I hope everyone reading this has a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Happy Christmas, guys!

Do we share any of the same favourite songs? Which is your favourite?


  1. Aw definitely some classics here! I know, why can't I be Zooey Deschanel!? xxx

    1. There are! I know; I wish I was Zooey Deschanel, too. Love her! Merry Christmas! xx


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