Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Little Sunday Inspiration

It's nine days until Christmas. The time is ticking away at a rapid speed. Chances are you're stressing over all the things you need to achieve before you wake up on Christmas morning. I myself still have to post all my cards, make Christmas crackers and wrap up some presents. There aren't enough hours in the day!

Sound familiar? Well, how about a five minute coffee break and a little Sunday inspiration to recharge the batteries??

These tights have narwhals on them! Narwhals! I'll take 200 pairs, please!

This print is adorable.

Would you look at this gorgeous tulle dress! It's so pretty, and the colour is amazing.

Loving this embellished skirt, too.

Another beautiful tulle skirt... I'm sensing a theme here... 

I just had to share this because that skirt is nothing short of stunning. Such a gorgeous colour, too. This is one of those moments that I wish I could find this in my size! I also love her Gothic make up.

This is really pretty.

These trainers are amazing. I haven't worn a pair of trainers since I was about fifteen, but I can't help thinking how cute, quirky, and retro they look.

I think these nine drawings of skirts through the ages are both accurate and interesting. The 1950s shape is definitely my favourite, followed by the 1940s style... but I knew that already.

Love this.

Your own opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. 

Wise words from plus size model, Tess Munster, which I completely agree with. I've known too many ladies (myself included) who put their lives and happiness on hold until they lose weight, and make themselves miserable in the process. Weight loss can take months and years, and for some a life time, and won't necessarily help you gain self-confidence and acceptance. The human mind is a complicated thing!  Be true to yourself, and love everything that makes you who you are! Don't put off living the life you want to live, or wearing the clothes you long to wear until you reach your 'goal/dream weight'. Do the things you want to do today, because who knows what may happen tomorrow. Life is too short.


Underneath we're all the same.


This sign pretty much sums up the last fifteen months of my life. My injuries have really changed my perspective on life and what's really worth stressing over. I can't believe what I used to get upset and stressed about; most of it wasn't worth it at all! Friends have stopped calling, but that's their loss. I needed to find the strength to adapt and get through each day without falling in to an abyss by myself. Nobody could do that for me, although their support does help so much. And you know what, I'm not giving up yet!


Isn't this what dreams are made of? A cinema in the back yard? Can you imagine sitting back on a balmy Summer's evening with friends and a few drinks, and watching a movie under the stars? It sounds heavenly to me.

A friend of mine once threw a leaving party for our boss in her back garden, and got a friend's folk band to play. The atmosphere was fantastic. I think this would bring a similar ambiance.

I think this photograph is beautiful. Although I wouldn't want to find out what would happen if you scratched his belly!

This man named Chito rescued a 17ft crocodile which had been shot in the eye by a farmer and nursed him back to health for months because he wanted the animal to feel loved and know that not all humans are bad. When the croc was well enough he released him in to a lake, but it got straight back out and followed him home! It's been 20 years since he rescued the animal, and it even goes to him when his name is called! The two play, wrestle, and hug on a daily basis.

It just goes to show that there are still some good, selfless people in the world. Although, I'm not sure if I'd be fearless enough to bring a croc home with me!

70 year old Hong Minshun brought traffic to a stop in the Chinese coastal city of Taizhou when he took his 5000 ducks for a walk to a nearby feeding pond. He gives the ducks regular exercise to keep them all fit and healthy!

 Can you imagine seeing something like this on the commute to work?!

It's like a water fowl game of 'Where's Wally'! 50 points if you can spot the odd one out!


None at all.


So simple, but yet so cute.

I adore these tattoos, although I'd want them some place I could see them easily. I'm 99% sure my next tattoo will involve birds and possibly cages, to represent freedom when/if I ever get mine back.


I found myself laughing at this someecard. Yes, I'm easily amused.

And finally... this tutorial on how to fix a broken nail is pure genius.

I hope you've enjoyed my little post of inspiration. Which image is your favourite?

What's been inspiring you this week?


  1. The Narwhals seriously made me laugh! I love that gothic look too with the raspberry tulle skirt, I saw it on Lookbook and thought she looks like she should be in a Tim Burton film, amazing! xxx

    1. Narwhals are amazing! I can't believe there are narwhal tights! I need to look in to that! Haha. That is exactly what I thought about that photo too!! She looks like someone he'd cast or base his animations on! Love her look, though xx

  2. tess munster is so fabulous - the tulle skirts are divine and i looove this post!! x

    1. I know she gets a lot of hate from others, but I think she's inspiring. She always looks fabulous. I could happily live in tulle skirts. Thanks Maria! xx

  3. I want the narwhal tights! I think a spot of googling will now need to take place so that I can find some.


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