Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Favourites #13

It's Sunday, and that means it's time for another batch of Sunday inspiration...

Well as you know, I'm a little obsessed with polka dots, and this dress is just divine. I love how this lady had brightened it up with pops of cobalt blue and mustard. She looks fantastic.

I have some serious dress envy over this stunning red polka dot number. That frock is basically my perfect dress, and Cara of I Like Pretty Clothes looks lovely in it. I don't think this lady ever wears a bad outfit. I would love her wardrobe.

What a beautiful retro dress!

I love the double polka dot look.

There should be more green dresses in the world! This one is a beauty.

This Domino Dollhouse galaxy dress is phenomenal. I want need it!

Pretty socks and shoes.

I adore those intricate gloves. Sometimes I wish women still wore dainty gloves every day. As much as I love them, wearing cosy Winter gloves just doesn't have the same elegant appeal.

Pretty gloves.

A great example of chic festive nails. I shall be attempting to recreate this look myself at some point.

This strawberry plant tattoo is so lovely. 

There's a cat in Russia that is currently nursing a brood of orphaned baby hedgehogs alongside her kitten! I think this may be my favourite image of the week. Amazing.

Look at those dumbo ears! So cute.

The fluffiest, most monster-shaped dog I've ever seen! I think I read that it's a  husky/chow-chow cross. It's so fluffy!! I bet it would give good cuddles.

This wolf and bear have been inseparable since they were cubs! Amazing!

If you click on the source, you will be led to lots more images of the two, including them now as a fully grown wolf and bear. They're still the best of friends. Aww!

A bird feeding a cat and dog! 

Essential! The old me went to a lot of concerts and I always had a tour fund on the go to pay for tickets and travel costs. Concerts are my favourite thing to do, so if I don't have the funds to buy tickets on sale day, I see it as the end of the world and can sulk and stress for weeks. That's why a concert fund is needed; to avoid disasters like that.

That is insane! There can't be that many restaurants, surely?

Make do and mend.

I completely agree.

The last thing children should be thinking about is their weight. They should be playing, exploring, and learning, not hating their bodies. Childhood should be carefree, not spent worrying and comparing their bodies with airbrushed pop stars. Kids need to be taught that all bodies are beautiful, and that their weight doesn't equal their worth, while they're still young and impressionable.

This is perfect.

There's probably a lot of truth to that.

I believe this may actually be quite true. I've changed so much over the last fifteen months, opened my eyes, seen things from a new perspective... I may be going through the most difficult time I've ever faced, but if injuring my back had never happened then I wouldn't have had a whole new outlook on life. I may never have learnt to accept myself for who I am.


  1. Amazing pictures... and I WANT THAT DOG! xxx

    1. The dog is amazing! Like a big cuddly teddy bear! xx


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