Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Haul | Last Minute Christmas Shopping Haul

On Saturday, I finally managed to finish my Christmas shopping! Hurrah!

 Ordinarily, I'm usually finished by mid-November so this is unusual for me. I'm one of those super-irritating people who prefers to be organised well in advance. I just don't like how stressed I feel when there's still so much to be done before I can sit back and enjoy the festivities. I'm determined to get everything wrapped, and written, and sent in the next day or two to get that weight off my shoulders.

Anyway, who would like to see what I purchased over the weekend? Friends and family, please stop reading NOW! Especially if your name is Jac or Ros!!

My Sister and I were ladies on a mission. We visited the American sweet shop in our town, popped over to Thorntons, and then drove to a garden centre which has a fantastic farm shop, and a fairly good gift/homeware department. It's certainly not the best in the county by any means, but we enjoyed browsing through the beauty products, yankee candles, and pretty kitchenware. Man, I must be getting old!

I bought two fresh handmade soaps, two festive bath melts, and some American M&Ms to pop in to Christmas boxes.

I couldn't resist adding a couple of the Bomb Cosmetics 'Ho Ho Hollybush Bath Mallows' in to my basket. They caught my eye the second I laid eyes on the extensive selection on display. They're so cute and festive! I personally think the fragrance of them is very discreet, and not at all overpowering, at least not on the surface. They're said to be jam packed full of fragrances- cinnamon and orange essential oils; pure cocoa and shea butters to moisturise; festive fragrances of plum, oranges, and papaya; lily, jasmine blossom, and exotic amber; and creamy vanilla, caramel, patchouli and musk. That's utterly overwhelming to read back! They sound incredible, so hopefully the aromas will come to life when they're used for a relaxing post-Christmas soak in the tub. These were a few pounds each, although online they're just £2.09.

The main reason I wanted to go in to the garden centre, was to pick up some of the Bomb Cosmetics soaps for presents. This vibrant green soap is called Lime and Dandy, and as you might have guessed, smells of lime, and also lemon and grapefruit. It has a refreshing zesty smell, and is a generous size for just £1.99. I discovered just today that you can buy Bomb Cosmetics products online, and you'll find these soaps online for £2.49 each.

This bold purple Bomb Cosmetics soap is Berry the Hatchet. It has a strong blackcurrant/blackberry scent, and according to the description hints of strawberry and raspberry, too. This soap also contains cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils. The fragrance reminds me of the blackcurrant squash I used to love when I was little.

I bought American M&Ms in four different flavours, which aren't readily available in the UK. I bought the peanut butter, pretzel, coconut, and mint flavours, which will be added to little parcels.

My Sister and I got a little carried away smelling all the Yankee candles, and we discovered the Red Velvet, which I'd never seen before. It's incredible but they actually do smell just like homemade cakes. I treated myself to a little one to make my room smell delicious this Christmas, and bought another to pop in my best friend's Christmas parcel.

In Thorntons I bought a selection of little chocolates to pop in to Christmas crackers and as little extra gifts. I want to send up a special cracker for my best friend and her son to open together.

Aren't these little Christmas pudding chocolates gorgeous? I'll be putting one of these in my Dad's Christmas cracker... well, I don't think he'll appreciate a nail polish quite so much...

And one little treat I allowed myself recently was a pack of Paul & Joe blotting papers. I've always intended to try blotting papers, as my nose is often quite oily, and I have awful blackheads which pressed powder just enhance and clog. I found these on ASOS (surprise, surprise!) on promotion for something ridiculous like £2.50- they're usually £4.00, and found myself smitten with the adorable whale print packaging. No surprises there!

 The pack has 100 papers and they work like a dream removing excess oil and shine. They leave my skin feeling so soft and silky, and work a hundred times better at controlling oil and shine than any powder ever has. I'm definitely going to keep one of these on me at all times. These blotting papers are now one of my daily essentials, which will be added to the shopping list each time I run out.

And, that's my little weekend haul.

Have you used any of these beauty products before?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet, or will you be braving the chaos to buy last minute gifts this week?

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