Monday, 5 November 2012

Why Do You Love Make Up?

Hey guys,

Today I've got a tagged post for you all. I found this challenge over on Sian's blog last week, and decided to have a go at it, too. As you know, I love my make up, especially if it involves colourful eye shadows, so I had to take part!

When did you begin loving make up?

As far as I can remember I was eleven. The year was 1996. I'd just started secondary school, and had hit puberty. I developed early. I was the tallest in my form. I was extremely shy, and self conscious, and to top it all of I wore glasses and was covered in a million freckles. I felt that I stood out, so I made an effort to look the best I could every day to draw less attention to myself. 

Make up gave me more confidence in my appearance, and I soon realised I loved wearing it, and experimenting with it. I'd use my pocket money to buy cheap make up from Collection 2000, Rimmel, Boots 17, and Avon. I was the girl who wore electric blue mascara, coloured eye make up (lilac was my favourite), iridescent lip sticks, and streaks of coloured hair mascara in my hair (remember those)? Looking back, it all sounds awful, but I assure you they were all in style at the time. (1996-2000). I loved to do my friends' make up, too, probably a little inspired by Cher from Clueless and her love of fashion and make overs.

How do you feel without make up?

Naked! I feel make up is as much a part of my identity as the clothes I wear. 

I have no issues leaving the house fresh-faced if I'm just popping to the supermarket or somewhere where I don't expect to run in to anyone I know, but if I'm spending time with people outside my immediate family I have to apply my face first. I feel naked, rough, frumpy, and less confident without at least a coat of mascara to enhance my eyes. In nine years of working for the same employer I only went to work without make up once, and I was repeatedly asked if I was ill.

What do you love about make up?

I love how make up can easily change or update a look. I love how it can enhance my favourite features (lashes), and conceal my "imperfections" (dark circles). I love how such a simple routine and a few lotions and powders can give me that little bit of extra confidence, and make me feel ready to face the day. I love having the freedom to express myself and my personality with a whole spectrum of colours, and how different looks and trends are accessible to everybody no matter their size or shape. I love that colourful eye make up has become my signature look, and how it shows my personality, and that I used to leave people guessing what colour I'd wear the next day.

Three holy-grail items:

These are the best eye shadows I've ever used... well, apart from Bnevertoobusytobebeautiful's (they went in to administration a couple of years ago). Inglot have a fantastic system: they sell a variety of different sized palettes separately from their extensive range of eye shadows, which means you're able to customise your perfect palette with your favourite colours! Let's face it, most palettes available usually have a couple of shades we never use, so Inglot's are perfect. I own 22 of their shadows, and I swear by them. The colours are highly pigmented, and have great staying power. It's rare to need to reapply them as the shadows remain in place and vibrant all day. My favourites are the greens and turquoises, and their fantastic range of colours is heaven for a colour loving junkie like me! They're also really reasonably priced and when a colour it used up all one has to do is order a refill to take it's place!

Basically this is a slightly cheaper dupe of YSL Touche Eclat. It works on under eye circles, and other imperfections, and can also be used for a bit of highlighting. I've always had dark circles under my eyes and this product works wonders on them. It masks those pesky shadows, and leaves my skin looking dewy, and my eyes awake. It's like a good night's sleep in a pen!

I was convinced to buy this when I visited Macy's in New York last year. The consultant convinced my Sister to try it, and I was amazed by the results. The brush is designed to coat every lash, even those little short hairs in the inner corners, and adds noticeable length to my lashes without using an eye lash curler. It's a  
pricey mascara, but it really gives noticeable results, and as I always wore mascara every day the cost per wear could justify a luxury brand.

And a fourth for luck...

I can't live without mascara, and this one is perfect for every day use. It really thickens my lashes, and adds a little length, too. The mascara is a really dark black which enhances my brown eyes, and it's waterproof, which is always a contributing factor when I'm shopping for mascaras. I find this one stays put all day, and I rarely have issues with it smudging- even in the rain, or if there are a few tears. It's affordable, too, and doesn't break the bank. If I only had time to apply one product before rushing out the door, it would probably be this.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my journey with make up. Feel free to snag this challenge and have a go yourselves!


  1. I love maybaline mascara I think it makes lashes look so long! I don't wear make up that often I got to work most day without any make up on at all xx

    1. I find it makes mine really long, too. There are quite a few great ones in their collections. I wish I had that confidence to go fresh-faced to work. It used to take me ages to get ready in the morning xx


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