Sunday, 4 November 2012

Style It Up Saturday: Pretty Paisley

I was browsing the ASOS website a little earlier this evening in an attempt to kill the boredom that was driving me crazy. I was thinking about putting together a post on my favourite motif jumpers, when I stumbled up on this beautiful paisley skater dress...

It was love at first sight.

 Just look at that gorgeous paisley pattern! It's one of the prettiest dresses I've seen in a very long time. I have a soft spot for paisley- although I don't think I own anything but a wash bag with a paisley pattern- and I find all these colours so sweet and appealing.

The  colours seem more suited to Spring and Summer than Autumn, but I think with the right pieces, it could be worn this season, too.

It costs a little more than I generally spend on a dress, at £55, but I would happily cut back a little to make this dress mine. If I get any Christmas money this year, this may well be my investment, or otherwise I'll have to hope it's still available in the new year.

It's also quite short on the model, but going by her height, and the fact ASOS dresses usually tend to be much longer than they appear on line, I imagine this would rest just above my knees.

I decided to put together a little collage of how I might wear it for Autumn/Winter...

This look is very feminine, which is just one side of my style. I picked out the pink from the dress, and used dusky pinks, greys, lilac, and taupe to build up this look. I personally think these colours compliment each other perfectly. I'd often see these colours in one garment or look when working with high end Children's fashion, but I see no reason why adults should miss out on the fun!

I love the over sized boyfriend cardigan- it just looks so warm and cosy. I'd layer it over the dress with the pink belt to define my waist. I think my favourite piece in the look, apart from the dress, is the cut off gloves. The bag is girlier than I usually go for, but it works well with the look. I'd use the shoulder strap it comes with and wear it cross-body.

I might also wear this dress with a neutral biker jacket, a studded bag, and studded slippers. Or with a long winter coat and boots (knee high, or ankle). And when the weather is warm, it could be worn with bare legs, or cropped white leggings, and a cropped cardigan. The possibilities are endless.


  1. It sounds like love to me I'm sure you will be making the dress your shortly xx

    1. It's love for sure! Fingers crossed I'm able to xx

  2. aw! i love this dress, and it's styled beautifully. do love paisley! xxx

  3. can`t believe i missed that dress. o.o
    my eyes must have been totally crossed
    when i checked asos the other night.
    oh was about 4am so might explain it. XD
    lovely choice <3
    totally adore the ear muffs ^^d

    1. I think it's just landed online as I hadn't seen it before either. Thanks lovely xx


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