Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Glamourous Nails

Evening lovelies,

If you read the British version of Glamour Magazine, you may very well have seen that the December issue comes with a free Nails Inc nail polish!

I read Glamour almost religiously, but I was naturally excited to pick up this month's issue when I saw the nail polish free with it. Nails Inc nail polishes retail around the £11 mark, so to get one free with a £2 magazine is fantastic. You get a great read, and can give yourself a pretty manicure for less than the price of your daily coffee fix. What's not to love?

I intentionally picked up a copy that had a bottle of the bright red nail polish.

The nail polish is a full sized 10ml bottle and the colour is called St James, It's a beautiful bright, cheery tomato red, which is my favourite nail colour to wear, so I was excited to try it.

I used this polish on my nails last night, and it was a positive experience. The brush was easy to work with, and the colour went on smoothly, and dried in the blink of an eye. I normally apply three coats of most polishes, but I found two coats was more than adequate with St James.

I love this nail polish!

It's the perfect classic red nail colour; a shade that works with almost any outfit, and is great with very fair skin tones like my own. I imagine this shade would work with most skin colours, though, but don't quote me on that. The colour is a bold tomato red, just like it appears in the bottle, and it's identical to my favourite nail polish, Barry M's Bright Red.

The photo below has captured the colour quite accurately.

I'm very impressed with this polish. I can't think of anything negative about it at all! What a great freebie!

£11 is more than I'd usually spend on a nail polish, but I'd certainly consider treating myself to a few when I can afford to.

There are four different shades to collect with Glamour which alone would cost £44, but if you bought four copies of the magazine, they'll come to just £8. I know which I'd choose.

I'm intending to buy another copy or two if I can get my hands on them.

Have you bought Glamour this month? Which nail polish(es) did you get?

Have you used Nail Inc polishes before? Any colour recommendations?


  1. I love your nail shape. I wish I could pull off your look. I'm forever stuck with squoval tips.

    1. Thank you! I'm still trying to teach myself how to file my nails properly, so they're really uneven. Squoval nails look great though! I used this website when trying to work out how to file mine in to a more feminine shape http://www.nailsmag.com/article/474/Getting-Nails-Into-Shape. Hope that helps!

  2. I love mag freebies!!
    The shape of your nails is flawless! Mine always break :(

    1. It's great getting something good for free!
      Aw thank you. This is the first year I've ever had strong nails. Mine always used to break from working in retail six days a week :s


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