Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Favourites #10

It doesn't feel like it's been a full seven days since my last post of inspiring wonderfulness. I'm not sure exactly where the time has gone this week for me.

I've found some really great images through Tumblr and Pinterest this week, and here are some of this weeks' gems... enjoy! 

Classic red and white polka dot nails.

Pretty purple floral nails.

Sparkly Autumn nails.

Elegant emerald and black lips. I would never try this look myself, but I find this image so striking. There's something so regal about the colours.

Dita looking absolutely stunning in a pretty floral frock and sandals. Her style is so flawless. I wonder if she ever wears a bad outfit... I doubt it!

I saw this photo on Tumblr last night, and thought how perfect the outfit was, and how very similar her style was to my own. When I retrieved the link, I discovered she has her own blog, Miss Indie. That's what I love about Tumblr: it leads me to awesome new blogs to follow.

This lady's outfit is so beautiful. I love the pleated skirt, and the combination of pink and grey mixed with a bit of sparkle. The little details really pulls the look together.

I've been following Ali Buttons Tumblr blog for a couple of weeks, and she always wears such pretty and quirky outfits. I love how she's styled this awesome Domino Dollhouse dress. She also has her own Etsy shop where she sells skirts and jewellery, which I'm very tempted to purchase when I next have some spare pennies.

I adore this Autumnal colour palette, and the double polka dot look. It's an outfit I can see myself wearing. I particularly love the skirt.

A beautiful circle dress, with a rockabilly edge.

How perfect is this aquatic looking floral dress? I need it in my wardrobe!

The brooch this girl is wearing looks just like the vintage 50s/60s one my Mum bought not that long ago and gave to me. I really love this retro look.

This dress was made for twirling and singing songs from The Sound of Music up on a green mountain side. Or at least that's what I'd do if I was wearing this dress...

Delicate lace and chiffon dresses make a great point of interest displayed on bedroom walls.

Times Square earlier this week. Deserted as a result of hurricane Sandy. It's so eerie to see one of the busiest, most iconic places in the world so quiet.

The people who have been effected by the devastation of the storm are the true inspiration this week. I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose everything you own and love as a result of floods, storms, and/or fire, and my heart goes out to everybody effected. I hope electricity, food, water, and fuel supplies are resolved soon so some normality can return to your lives. 

This image shows how much the New York skyline has changed since 1876. As a person with a slight obsession with NYC, I found these images fascinating. I'd never seen images of the city from the 19th century before.

This sign is perfect.

Small parrot food: a free parrot in every box while stocks last!

This photo made me giggle. When I sourced the link, I discovered there's a whole Tumblr blog dedicated to this mischievous little dude.

Cute little cosy gremlins bats.

Beautiful photo of  a red fox in the snow. I like foxes.

And finally, these GIFs of a lioness quite intent on having human for supper. Amazing.

 I know there's glass in the way, but I'm amazed that one the baby doesn't seem at all bothered, and two that nobody was in a hurry to move him away. I'd of been scared the glass would break from all that clawing!

I hope you've enjoyed these images. I know I have.

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