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Christmas Gift Ideas: Nightwear

Following on from Monday's gift guide on slippers, today I'm featuring nightwear. 

Whether you open your presents in your pyjamas on Christmas morning, or you stay in them all day Boxing Day nursing a Christmas hangover, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some warm cosy PJs. They can make great gifts, providing you know the size and tastes of the intended recipient, and of course, treating yourself to a pair of cosy new jim jams in the process never hurt anyone!

I searched across the Internet, hoping to do a post on a variety of brands, but it was slim pickings. The pieces were either not to my taste, or not in my size. Cartoon characters and tacky motifs are generally not to my taste, but they seem to dominate most ranges.

 However, there is one brand that never lets me down, and that's Dorothy Perkins! They've been my go-to brand for sleepwear for years, as every Autumn/Winter they stock lovely good quality nightwear in tasteful styles, which are also affordable, and accommodating to plus sizes up to a size 22. I love the prints and patterns on the clothes; they're pretty and fun without being trashy, perhaps a little more grown up than most on the high street. I rarely use any other brand for PJs these days.

I've not been sponsored to do this post at all; I'm just genuinely passionate about their nightwear!

1. Dorothy Perkins cream cat printed robe £28.00
2. Dorothy Perkins wine bunny print robe £28.00
5. Dorothy Perkins fig feather printed robe £28.00

First of all, I can confirm Dorothy Perkins dressing gowns are as soft and cosy as they look; I own two from previous seasons, and snuggle in to them on frosty evenings. I'd prescribe one of these for a Winter cold! I adore the bunny print robe most, which I hope to own, and predictably, my next choice would be the polka dot design. Rachel, when I saw the cat print robe I thought of you!

10. Dorothy Perkins navy vest and star pant set £20.00

I can never get enough of the pyjama bottoms. After a few wears as a set, I tend to end up wearing the bottoms with an old t-shirt. I'm not sure why I do that, but I'm set in my ways. The trousers last for years, and I literally wear them until they fall apart. My favourites are 6,8, and 10; reindeer, tartan, and stars. 

13. Dorothy Perkins grey swallow jersey pant £12.00

Dotty P's also sell separates so you can mix and match, which is great if you're different sizes on top and bottom. These are a bargain at just £12 each. I'd love to find any of these under the tree this Christmas.

14. Dorothy Perkins navy spot shorts set £18.00
15. Dorothy Perkins snails pace set £18.00
16. Dorothy Perkins blue printed cami and shorts £18.00

If full length PJs aren't your thing, there is a good selection of shorts and vest sets to choose from. I personally find this time of year too chilly for them and would save these 'til Spring, but if you have someone to snuggle up to, or just live in a warm climate, these might be perfect for you!

19. Dorothy Perkins oatmeal bunny sleep tee £15.00
20. Dorothy Perkins spot penguin sleep tee £15.00

Sleep shirts remind me of the nineties. I seem to remember having a couple of checked bed shirts when I was growing up and they were so comfortable. I'm in love with the two chequered shirts. I actually purchased the bunny sleep tee, as the bunny with the wonky ears reminded me of my old bunny Tigerlily. It's really comfortable and is still a little over sized on my figure! I'd quite like to get the penguin tee now, too!

Which ones are your favourites?

Do you shop at Dorothy Perkins for sleepwear, or do you have another go-to brand?

I used to find some great PJs in Primark, although I can't get to one right now, and Matalan seem to have a nice selection of affordable pieces up to a size 22.

Oh, and I couldn't go without sharing these two...

Topshop Moomins PJ Set £26.00
Topshop Labyrinth Top and Short PJ Set £18.00

These two Topshop PJ sets are amazing! When I little, one of my favourite cartoons was The Moomins, and one of my favourite films was Labyrinth! I was a little obsessed with both if truth be told. They both still have a place in my heart now, so I found myself gazing at these with adoration. It's hit or miss whether they'd actually fit me since they're from Topshop; I'd have to try them on to find out, but I couldn't deny you slimmer ladies the opportunity to see these!

 This is one of those times when I really do wish Topshop would extend their sizes...

But I doubt that's ever going to happen...

Come on Topshop, sort it out!


  1. Aw they have some really cute sleepwear! I want a nice new dressing gown :) However more than anything the Labyrinth pyjamas MUST be mine... xxx

    1. They do! I want it all. The Labyrinth pyjamas are the best pyjamas ever! So much love for that film! You have to get them xx

  2. Replies
    1. Few things better in my opinion! Especially at Christmas xx

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! Another Moomins fan! xx


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