Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bargain shopping with MUA to make Christmas a little more glamourous

At 5am this morning, still wide awake and trying desperately to fall off to sleep, I had an epiphany. I could make Christmas crackers and fill them with beauty products to add a bit of glamour to this year's Christmas dinner! I'm not sure why the idea never occurred to me sooner! 

When I awoke, I had another brain wave: to have a browse of MUA's website. I've heard so many good things about this brand, as every blogger and their pampered pooch is raving about them. I was thoroughly impressed with the first product I tried not so long ago, a navy nail polish, so it seemed like the right place to start looking for good products that wouldn't bankrupt me.

 The first image I stumbled upon? MUA are currently offering 35% off all orders of £10 and over, with free delivery, with the code MUA35 until the 23rd of November! Wahey!

I instantly knew what I was about to do... I swiftly made a bee line for their £1 nail polishes and added seven to my basket, before adding three eyeshadows to make up the order. I was only intending to buy four things for my Mum, my two sisters, and I, but for that price I really couldn't stop there.

These are the products I've just purchased...

All of these polishes and shadows retail for the bargain price of £1! Now I love my make up and am no stranger to spending upwards of £10 on one product, so the fact that all this came to just £10 had me gawping at the screen with my mouth agape. Once I'd added the promotion code and brought the total down to an even purse-friendlier £6.50, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. That's right, this little lot came to just £6.50! £6.50 for ten beauty products including delivery? Amazing!

Some of the nail polishes will go in to crackers with some chocolates, and I'll probably keep a polish or two and the eye shadows to try myself. Now I just need to think of something to add to a cracker that will appeal to my Dad...

I'll make sure to create a post when I put the crackers together, if you lovely lot would like me to? I think I may also put together another post on some of the MUA cosmetics that have caught my eye.

Have you shopped with MUA before?

Do you make/fill your own Christmas crackers, and have you ever created a beauty cracker before?


  1. such a good idea omg! wish it wasn't just me and my mum that were the girls in the family haha xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah! Haha! There are four of us girls in my family, if you count my older Sister who'll be here for Christmas this year. We like our nail polishes, so I think it'll go down well xx


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