Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Favourites #12

This week's post of inspiration is jam packed with images and quotes I just had to show you, so I'll jump straight in to it and quit all the rambling!

I love everything about this dress... well, you know me and polka dots... Her tattoos and hair-do are amazing, too.

This lady's style is flawless. The tattoos, the dress, the hair, the hair scarf, the glasses, the make up... <3

So much love for that beautiful skirt!

And I think I like this one even more! So many layers! I'm feeling this smokey blue-grey colour a lot right now.

The polka dots and pearl combination are pretty damn fabulous!


Her hair colour is gorgeous!

And I've fallen in love with these sea green tresses. I'd love to have hair like this.

This plait is amazing, although I would never manage to recreate it myself. It looks complicated.

Dream hair /\

I want need this dinosaur necklace! It's phenomenal.

So much love for this image.



Fairisle nails. May have to give these a go this Christmas.

I want something similar to this along my collar bone area when I get my freedom back.

This swan tattoo is a piece of art. It's stunning.

This burrowing owl tattoos is pure art, too!

I know, outrageous of me, right?! <3

I love this idea. Maybe I'll give it a go.


Never give up, no matter what happens.

We all need to feel like we're not alone in life.

It's good to know I'm not the only person that this happens to! When I had really long brown hair this used to happen all the time! I'd jump our of my skin and give myself a mini heart attack.

Pretty Christmas decorations.


I love the relaxed vibe this image gives me. It looks so welcoming and elegant, and the blinds are lovely.

I love the mix of colours here, and the bird cages on the walls are a great touch.

Again, I'm attracted to these wintery colours as they're some of my favourites. The bed looks so comfy, and the two tone decor to the walls is gorgeous.

I couldn't say how safe it is to turn an old computer in to a fish tank... or if the fish tank is indeed just surrounded by the screen, but it does look quite funky.


Unlikely friends...

The fox and the hound cat. These two critters have been regularly spotted playing together for over a year. How cute is that? Click on the source link to see more photos of them together.


And finally... the big bunny! This is the world's biggest bunny; a continental giant called Darius that weighs three and a half stone (that's 49lbs) and is 4 foot and 4 inches long! What a beauty! Can I adopt this rabbit please?


  1. Wow! I really feel inspired now. " I am fat and I have this radical idea that I'm allowed to exist" is just the best thing ever. It's what I'm trying to tell people through my blog and my actions.
    And I loved the idea of putting your blessings in a jar. I will most definitely do that.
    Thank you so much for sharing these. Made my day a lot better.:)
    Diana from

    1. I think that image is brilliant, too, and it's exactly what I try to show through blogging, too. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, I just wish everyone could accept that.

      Aw, I'm happy to share the inspiration :)

  2. omg that rabbit is huge x) the tattoos are stunning too, stop making me want more ink! :P lol :) and i love that hair plait! looking at it, it just looks like three smaller plaits that are plaited into one big one. i wish i could try this but i don't think i have enough hair, and mine is thick :S xxx

    1. It is! And I want one! Haha, I'm intent on sharing the tattoo fever! I'm itching for more tattoos; they're addictive. I think you're right about the plait, actually. I'd never manage it with my hair either as it's layered, but I do love plaits xx

  3. The plait is actually not too hard it is two 3 strand plaits on left and one on right then all three plaited together. but I will say it looks much better with really long hair

    1. Thank you. I eventually came to the same conclusion; it's far less complicated than I first thought. I used to plait my hair a lot when I had really long hair, but it doesn't work so well on layered hair like mine is now.


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