Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Teal, purple, and red

When putting together this week's Wednesday Wish List post, I realised I haven't really been coveting many new pieces this week. That's probably because I'm still obsessing over several pieces I've featured in wish lists over the last month or two. I've been penniless for a month, and am so desperate to own some things I could burst with anticipation. Hopefully when the clock strikes midnight some funds will magically appear in my bank and I'll be able to order them. Fingers crossed.
I'm desperate for the tartan River Island flatforms, ASOS textured collar, mustard ASOS knit dress, a green heart print River Island snood, some nail pens, and a pair of Accessorize gloves to name but a few.
That's not to say I haven't been admiring lots of other beautiful Autumnal clothes, shoes, and accessories...
I may have featured this blouse a month or two ago, but I still love it, along with the teal and black variations. There's something so regal about the colour and the high lace neckline, but it's also equally Gothic. I see this as a very versatile piece, and for £15 it's such a reasonably priced top. I fell in love with it even more after seeing how Nita styled hers (in black).
One of the best collars I've come across in ages. It's so intricate, and a perfect mix of girlie and edgy.
I don't really have the head for hats, but I think this one is pretty, and a little different with it's pearl detailing. Being an angora/lambswool blend I'd imagine it would be incredibly soft.
The colour drew me in. I love this rich shade of purple, and could see myself wearing these to death.
Maxi skirts are something I usually reserve for the warmer months, but I'd like to learn how to style them for A/W, too. When browsing River Island earlier today, I came across a few skirts in gorgeous teals, and reds; the perfect colours to set them apart from the Summer skirts. The colours are so wearable, and the perfect colour palette for my skin tone.
I've fallen in love with the cute owl print. I have a soft spot for owls, but I don't actually have any owl print clothes. Surely a good enough reason to buy this one? Yeah, I think so, too.
This shirt has so many great qualities. I adore the colour, floral pattern, sheer sleeves, and collar. Definitely suitable for wearing with just about anything, and would even work underneath a sleeveless dress.
It's no secret that I'm fast becoming obsessed with all things oxblood, and I keep returning to take another peek at this dress. The colour is so decadent, and so Gothic teamed with lace. I do like my lace.
I've been lusting after these all afternoon, and when I returned to grab the link I've seen they're now out of stock... so, so gutted. They're gorgeous, and if they'd of fit my feet, I know I would have lived in them.
Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe, but I only own one coloured pair. I want to pick up a few other colours this A/W to add some colour to black outfits, and this red pair is high on the list. I think I have an oxblood problem.
I haven't worn trainers since the nineties- just Converse, but I have a thing for Fairisle, and have become smitten with this pair. I'll be taking part in another pain rehabilitation class from November, and have been told to wear comfortable clothes 'such as a tracksuit and trainers'. No chance of me ever wearing a track suit (seriously, this isn't the eighties, and I'm not a back up dancer for LMFAO), but perhaps I've got a good excuse to buy these hi-tops?
I need a new snood, and the polka dots and colour attracted me to this one. I still think I prefer the River Island one I have my eye on, though.
A great pair of ankle boots, which could be worn with anything and would help transform my dresses in to a boho look. They're also a bargain considering they're now on sale.
I'm not usually a fan of diamante or bling at all, but these are subtle and the brooch is cute. It's very Robin Hood!
Schwarzkopf have finally released their new ultra brights hair dyes! I've been excited about these for the last month! They're only semi-permanent, lasting for about 6-8 washes, but I want to give the red one a try to see if it'll turn my red hair any brighter without having to resort to bleaching.
I'm also tempted to try this seriously amazing bright pink, too. It's such a fabulous colour.
Which piece is your favourite?
Are any of them on your own wish lists?



  1. More amazing stuff. I am definitely on a spending ban this month so I am not even looking online, I'll just lust after your wants instead :)

    1. I find other blogs with all their outfits, purchases, and wish lists way too tempting, so you must be stronger than I am! xx

  2. Oh my GOD that Topshop collar is divine! Might have to purchase...

    1. It really is. I think it's a neccessary purchase!

  3. Im loving the dress number 8! Lace and mulberry colour, divine!



    1. I agree; it's absolutely stunning. I need to get my hands on it pronto! xx

  4. Replies
    1. I thought you would! It's so cute xx


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